wholesale in turkey clothes

wholesale in turkey clothes … amazing models and prices from 8  places

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  importing Wholesale clothes from turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

wholesale in turkey clothes

Turkey specializes in the best types of clothes and their high-quality materials. Traders and investors are looking for the best brands and wholesale in turkey clothes , which aim to obtain the best and most quality raw materials at the best prices, so there are many stores and brands that provide what you want.


clothes wholesale in turkey

Here are some famous Turkey Brands that you should have a look at if you love trying new fashion trends or open new business, as well as the best turkish clothes wholesale that will skyrocket your sales:


turkish clothes wholesale
turkish clothes wholesale



It is one of the famous wholesale in turkey clothes sites and one of the best wholesale clothing sites, through which you import from turkey a variety of women’s clothing. The best thing about this site is that it is known to have a range of clothes from all brands, and the prices of products are relatively lower than other websites, so you will get through them the best clothing prices in Turkey in Lira.


WOW-Wholesale: wow wholesale

is a distributor of wholesale in turkey clothes for your store, store or e-commerce project. It distributes the chief quality and original brand products. Also wow clothing brand have many categories to shop including women’s mixed wear, dresses, blouses, jackets, coats and much more. It also has a separate men’s category that includes menswear mix, jackets, shirts and pants.


is one of a Turkish women’s shopping site and women’s clothing online turkey that offer a range of wonderful women’s clothing and accessories, the store is distinguished by being available in both English and Turkish, which makes the shopping process easier and is characterized by the very attractive prices offered, as we find that the prices of clothes start from 19 Turkish lira.

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price in turkey for clothes 2020

Wholesale prices of clothes in Turkey are incredible, due to their cheapness compared to the quality of the fabrics that are used, and the final finishing of the pieces. Whether from turkish female clothes or men’s clothes or even children, in addition to being the most distinguished in terms of designs, and its great diversity, so it satisfies all tastes, as for prices It varies between wholesale in turkey clothes offices and factories, but it does not increase much, so the small merchants who begin to deal in the clothing trade resort to the Turkish markets that sell at wholesale prices to ensure large profit margins. In Turkey, many turkish clothes for sale, where prices range from 20 to 300 Turkish liras, and the price increases or decreases depending on the chosen piece, and you can find women’s jackets and blouses ranging from 200to 350 liras, while you find cotton sweatshirts ranging from 50 to 350 liras.


price in turkey for clothes 2020
price in turkey for clothes 2020


cheapest clothing stores in turkey

There are many famous stores in Turkey that sell wholesale in turkey clothes at a cheap price, including:

Koton: Founded in 1988 in Istanbul, it has expanded in shopping clothing turkey online to more than 430 stores in 28 countries around the world and employs about 8500 employees. Cotton Company is one of most prands amot  the other brands of women’s clothing in particular, and children’s and men’s clothing in general.

Defacto: one of the most important brands of economical clothing, offering men’s, women’s and children’s clothes at competitive prices. Its wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul especially for the middle-income group. Almost every home in Turkey does not contain any of the products of the brand whether clothes, shoes, or accessories.

Clup Fashion is one of the fastest growing turkish fashion clothes wholesale stores in Turkey. The company’s focus is on providing an excellent experience and better services to the customers. They have collaborated with top brands in Turkey like Stella, Marisa’s and Sirius. They work with 30 factories all over Turkey, offering a range of categories.

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clothing wholesale market in turkey

The wholesale clothing market in Istanbul is one of the most imperative markets in the world and the best clothes shopping destinations in Turkey as:

Lali Market

Lali Market is located in the old city of Istanbul, and it contains many of the best Turkish clothing stores in Istanbul that sell wholesale and spare parts, and it is considered one of the most Istanbul wholesale clothing marketplace where there are Arabs. And the market is an administrative subsidiary of the Faith sector, and it includes thousands of exhibitions that offer local brands and some world famous brands.

Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street dates back to the era of the Ottomans, and is considered one of the most famous wholesale clothing places in Istanbul, as it includes many local and international clothing stores, in addition to the presence of many small commercial buildings for shopping.

In the end, we recommend that you import wholesale in turkey clothes, as there are many places of shops and companies at cheap prices.

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