carpet factories in turkey

carpet factories in turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in carpet in turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

carpet factories in turkey

Turkish carpets are distinguished by the beauty of the design that combines the consistency of colors and beautiful graphics, as well as the quality of the materials, so we will nominate some names of carpet factories in turkey to choose from among them what suits you and your money.


carpet companies in turkey

Turkish carpets are one of the most comfortable types of carpets for the eye, as they are suitable for small houses and also luxurious palaces, and can satisfy any homeowner with its great diversity, so if you want to work in the carpet market and win this large audience for this product, you must know the names of carpet factories in Turkey.

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Ninova carpet company

It is one of the most famous companies specialized in manufacturing Turkish carpets and has been operating since 1989 in Gaziantep, Turkey. This company offers customers all kinds of turkish carpet design that you can imagine in all sizes as well, and it has polypropylene PCF carpets, thermal carpets, frieze carpets, shaggy carpets, acrylic carpets, Viscon carpets, and it is also making rugs and has been able to expand and spread to become The largest industrial company that has its products mainly carries out international trade and exports abroad.

The company is distinguished by its infrastructure that makes it manufacture and produce an excellent area of ​​quality and of all sizes and different sizes suitable for furnishing all spaces. During the industry, the company relies on the use of a mixture of traditional and modern tools, and modern machines in different stages of finishing such as design, weaving, dying and cutting in order to reach distinctive shapes and designs that vary between modern, modern, classic and elegant traditional, to find a great diversity of shapes that enables you to import and sell all Patterned carpets in all shapes and colors.

Yasin Kaplancarpe Factory

You will hear about this factory a lot because it is the best carpet manufacturer in Turkey, and one of the leading places in the carpet industry, which was founded in 1983, and since its inception the company has sought to be the best turkish carpet modern factory in Turkey, and through the support and encouragement of the volunteer work team, it has already become so. The company also always seeks to know the reactions of its customers about the carpets it produces in order to satisfy them and to bear the responsibility towards customers and suppliers.

Yassin Kaplan Carpet has developed over the past 30 years to become one of the leading carpet made in turkey of high-quality carpets in Turkey, and one of the most important factors in this development is product development by having 12 designers in the R&D department to develop new products and designs and 25 designers for coloring and sizing.

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turkish carpet design
turkish carpet design

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carpet suppliers in turkey

The city of Gaziantep is the sixth largest city in Turkey, which has many carpet tiles manufacturers in turkey factories, and companies, which number about 350 carpet and carpet factories, and it is an industrial city with many varied and different factories and there are very large factories for carpets and rugs in this city, so the size of large factories reaches to 70 and 80 machines and small factories between 5 to 15 machines.

carpet industry in turkey

The city of Trabzon is one of the most beautiful tourist cities with a picturesque nature in Turkey, to which tourists come from everywhere, but its beauty does not stop there, so you find the most beautiful workshops and laboratories for the carpet industry, and Turkish carpet companies that you can buy turkish products wholesale The city of Trabzon in Turkey is one of the most exporting cities for carpets. What made Turkey as a result of the popularity of carpet cities in it to become the largest source of carpets in the world due to the availability of raw materials for the manufacture of carpets.

in addition to the efficiency of workers in the city of carpets in carpet weaving and technicians who work on carpet machines and Turkey is close to export markets, and most carpets are sold to Arab countries and Saudi Arabia, the United States and Kazakhstan are keen to import from turkey, where the variety of carpets and the beauty of carpets made in Turkey are among the most important popular exports.

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carpet price in turkey

One of the most important pieces of carpet information you should know is the material, which is the reason and the main in the different and the high price of carpets. There are many types of turkish carpets local Turkish carpets Raw materials such as silk, cotton, wool and viscose. You may find another carpet made of wool only and other Made of wool and cotton, you may find it only made of silk or silk, wool, and other Species. At the end, we hope you got all the details you want to know before importing very important turkey goods like carpets.

Do you want to know carpet factories in Turkey? Turkey is a leader in the world of carpets. You can find out the most important companies here. Are you moving to a new house and want to buy new carpets from the most famous carpet factories? On following lines, we will continue with you the most important Turkish companies that export the most luxurious types of carpets.

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Carpetmanufacturer in Turkey

The top carpet brand does not mean the best carpet factories in Turkey. Each of the unique Turkishkilim rugs that appear on hand looms is a work of art, but there is not enough production to meet the industrial demand. At this point, Turkey’s Most Famous Brands of Carpet comes in and they beautify our homes with wide range of products they offer.

The names of some provinces and districts in our country are associated with carpet weaving. When it comes to ‘Hereke’, the first thing that comes to mind is carpet and carpet weaving. While you cannot find the elegance of a wholesale rug suppliersin any other product, it is very difficult to match the authenticity of a hand woven wool carpet. Carpet is one of the building blocks of Anatolian culture.

Throughout history, cultural symbols have been embroidered on carpets and passed down from generation to generation. There are many narratives hidden in traditional carpet and rug patterns, and as you look at your carpet sitting and standing on the floor, those patterns take you on a historical journey. The fame of theTurkish rugs wholesale, which blended the cultures of different societies that lived in Anatolia for thousands of years, was not limited to Anatolia but spread all over the world. Even the richest people in the world, members of the royal family, and collectors come to Istanbul just to buy these unique carpets and pay small fortunes for hand-woven carpets.

rugs turkey manufacturers
rugs turkey manufacturers

Turkish carpet wholesalers

Of course, all carpets were produced on hand looms in the past, but population growth and the resulting increase in demand required the birth of the carpet industry and mass production of carpets. At this point, carpets, previously known by the names of masters, have become defined by the names of carpet brands that have managed to blend traditional techniques with industrial advantages.

Where to buy cheap rugs

 Turkey’s Most Famous Brands of Carpet, provides products are also being recognized in the world market and abroad. The carpet market is so large that and Turkey’s Most Famous Brands of Carpet in that competition to become shareholders in these markets, carpets, televisions premium to the existence in time advertising spots is one of the few product groups. This is triggered by Turkey’s most famous brand of carpet continuously provide both technological and conceptual innovations. In addition to the traditional Anatolian patterned carpets, rugs shaped modern design and is also no longer change the parts of the collection’s most famous brand carpet of Turkey.

Buyrugs online, which is one of the first home products that every married couple and those who want to change their home look for, is one of the most important complementary parts of home decoration. The variety of products in the carpet world, which has its own internal dynamics and fashion trends, is at a level that makes it difficult for the consumer to choose. We offer this diversity to Turkey’s most famous carpet brought together some of the brand and we have listed them for you. No other product can provide the warmth that a carpet you reveal adds to the living room or lounge. What are the best new Turkish rugs brands;

  1. Merino
  2. Gümüşsuyu
  3. Palace Carpet
  4. Royal Carpet
  5. Dinar

Turkey carpet market

Where to buy the cheapest carpet in Istanbul? Where to buy the cheapest house in Istanbul? However, which brands should be preferred. The cheapest gold should almost be bought from there so that there is not much money out of pocket. Where can we find the best and quality products. It is possible to find evening dresses at very affordable prices in Osmanbey.

 Your carpet online shopping site anywhere.Their products in the SarayHalı outlet online store are absolutely not flawed. Where can we buy the most affordable and cheapest bicycle or bicycle supplies? In the housing sales figures announced by Tuik, it is stated by the citizens that the regions that we can describe as the cheapest districts of Istanbul take the first place.

Carpets are bought from us everywhere, and carpets are bought everywhere from us. Where to buy cheap rugsin Istanbul, be the first to be informed about special discounts and campaigns on social media. Although Osmanbey and Nişantaşı are two very close locations, they differ in terms of dress types and target audiences. When it comes to where to buy wholesale rugsin Istanbul, perhaps the first Nişantaşı comes to mind. This means more money with more gold, which brings the question of where to buy the cheapest gold. You may need to have a gold account in that bank and use internet banking to purchase gold prices that vary between banks.

Therefore, if you want to buy kilim rugs for sale, there are two places in Istanbul. For this reason, you should pay attention to the quality while researching where to buy the cheapest carpet.

Importing from Turkey makes buying rugs from carpet factories in Turkey easier.


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