What can I import from Turkey to Nigeria

What can I import from Turkey to Nigeria? … top items you can buy in Turkey

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What can I import from Turkey to Nigeria

These days, and by speaking about What can I import from Turkey to Nigeria Turkey is the centre of trade with high-quality goods for the European market, like Split air conditioners, copper pipes and ammaflex insulation materials, home textiles, furnishing fabrics, bed linen, Turkey towel manufacturers, bathrobes, knitting yarns, outdoor plastic furniture, electrical and telecommunications cables, marble and travertine, carpets and center rugs & PVC flooring, kitchen furniture, fitted bathroom furniture, wooden doors, wedding dresses from Turkey, restoration and decoration work. For more information if you want to import any of the materials mentioned from Turkey to Nigeria, read this article in importing house

What to import from Turkey to Nigeria?

Nigerians are searching for fast-selling products to import from China, India, Dubai, Turkey, the United States and the United Kingdom to Nigeria each year. We have found the top 19 goods from our experience that are imported into Nigeria on a regular basis. This article is for you if this is your first time or you’re really curious what you should import. Let’s take a look at some of the common goods in Nigeria that you can import from abroad and sell.

  1. Modern equipment, such as rice processing plants, palm oil processing plants, sugar processing plants, machines for agro-processing, etc.
  2. Electronics (Used and New), Air Conditioners and Fridges. Some dealers, importers and distributors expect these goods to be completely constructed. The essence of bringing them as CKD (Complete Knocked Down) is to build local jobs for our people and as such, attract lower duty rates while attracting higher duty rates while completely installed.
  3. Car parts and motors (Used and New)
importing from Turkey to Sierra Leone
importing from Turkey to Sierra Leone
    1. Office furniture manufacturers in Turkey (Complete knocked down i.e., in parts) Imported completely assembled furniture is contraband that is responsible for seizure
    2. Electrical Equipment
    3. Machines for Heavy Duty
    4. Musical machinery
    5. Tele networking machinery
    6. Equipment to produce electricity
    7. Mining machinery
    8. Hospitals/Medical supplies (Hospital equipment are duty free, while medical equipment such as, syringes, hand cloves, cotton wool, surgical blades etc. attract 5 percent tax.
    9. Raw materials of any sort

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  1. Construction materials, such as bricks, sheets for roofing, sanitary products, etc.
  2. Parts and engines of air craft.
  3. Literature, textbooks, and other religious items, such as bibles, magazines, tracts, etc.
  4. Generators of any size.
  5. Drugs and medicinal drugs (Approved route are strictly by air freight)

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Sites to import from Turkey to Nigeria

Turkey is one of the world’s largest industrialized countries, which has increased the demand for Turkish products in recent times, and one of these very popular products is marble, and this is due to the great progress that Turkey has made in the field of marble production while preserving the high quality of the product, and now we will show you everything about importing

Online importing

It is considered to be one of the most popular and easiest ways to import goods from Turkey online, where you can pick products and stuff and buy Turkish goods by searching online for goods made in Turkey or visiting Turkish websites or purchasing cheap goods online, as you agree with the shoe companies and how to ship on the internet, but one of its disadvantages is that you cannot be sure of the quality of the goods so you can easy get Turkish goods online .

Others resort to importing clothing offices from Turkey in order to get Turkish-made clothes because of their high quality and simple price relative to other counterparts of the same shapes and styles, so that merchant’s resort to those offices to get clothes at low prices compared to their size, so the project of importing clothes from Turkey is easy to start without any hassle And you have some pages here,

Marter’s Istanbul Market

The Marter market in Istanbul is one of the cheapest and largest wholesale markets, which at very competitive prices includes all kinds of products, particularly clothing that satisfies all tastes. This business has a strong reputation, so it is said that once you enter it you cannot go out until you have found what you want, and it is recognized that it has many men’s clothing showrooms that make it one of the best Turkey wholesale market online or online turkey clothing stores.

The Fatih market

It is one of the largest turkey wholesale markets, as it provides all types of products, particularly Turkish Islamic clothes, and we have to admit that this market has all the supply and demand success factors, making it one of the markets that consumers enjoy all the time.

Osman Bey Istanbul Market

Osman bye must be listed as one of the largest wholesale markets in the country, speaking of the largest wholesale market in Istanbul, and it is well-known that it appears to specialize in some way in Turkish hijab clothing, which gives it a strong reputation in Turkish wholesale clothing.

Istanbul’s Lalali Market

This industry is popular with foreign tourists and even locals because it includes the finest varieties of wholesale garments for the rest of the markets with fabrics and affordable prices. You can find all types of wholesale clothing for sale in this market, and thatmakes it easier and more useful for you to find the best wholesale shopping in Istanbul and wholesale clothes Istanbul.

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Best products to import from Turkey

Are you looking for what to import from Turkey? Do you want to know the best goods that you can buy from Turkey and trade in them for profit? Are you asking about the most famous and cheapest goods that you can import from Turkey and trade in with ease here you are Turkish goods wholesale if you are asking yourself what can I import from Turkey to Nigeria? Do not worry, we will now show you the most famous and finest goods that you can import from Turkey and trade in them for profit, follow us:

  • Turkish clothes, particularly women’s clothes and Turkish abayas, distinguished by their high quality and manufacturing precision, are among the most important goods that you can import from Turkey, which will earn you a lot of money, so you can buy turkey goods.
  • Household appliances are highly sought after by Arab families, as well as home electrical appliances, for their wonderful designs that vary from local tools, or you can import plastic from plastic bag manufacturers in Turkey.
  • Turkish furnishings are among the Turkish goods that have been in great demand for their distinct taste and good materials in the last century, you can burst turkey wholesale goods.
  • Due to their good quality and average prices, shoes are still considered a profitable company today, also you can import liquid filling machines.

Istanbul Africa Trade Corporation, by specialist exchange administrations, strengthens economic ties between Turkey and African countries. Their company is a wholesaler in the Sub-Saharan African market sectors of 16 large Turkish firms. Their accomplice companies have a creation zone of over 150,000 square metres, 1,500+ employees, and annual sales of $120 million. In the fields of equipment, plastics, additives, manufacturing, textiles and FMCG, we are emphatically dynamic.

By speaking about importing from Turkey we lead standard exchange visits for new business advancement and exchange related exercises. We work intimately with African financial managers to meet their market needs. We have the following selection of products with trade advantages. The following products are shipped by their clients from Turkey:

Turkey clothing suppliers South Africa
Turkey clothing suppliers South Africa


  • Strong Stone Making and Machines Paver
  • Smashers & Screeners
  • Manufacturers of tea filling packaging devices
  • Concrete Farms for Batching
  • Solid Pipe Making Machines
  • Mechanical Boilers, Burners and Fans
  • Street Machines for Building and Asphalt
  • Portable Crane •
  • Biogas and biodiesel installations
  • Food Equipment for Processing and Packaging
  • Machines for mechanical automation
  • CNC Machines


Purchaser Goods and cheapest courier from Turkey :

  • Child Diapers
  • Sterile Pads
  • Moist disposable clothes
  • Detergant
  • Cleanser
  • Makeup
  • wedding dresses from turkey
  • .           Cleanser
  • Driven Bulbs
  • Pasta
  • Olive Oil
  • Flavor Variarities
  • Dried Fruit
  • Frozen Food


Building Materials:

  • PVC and PPRC Pipes and Fittings
  • plastic extrusion machine manufacturers in Turkey
  • Bowl Mixers and Shower Sets
  • Sun powered Water Heating Systems
  • Water Purifiers
  • Sun powered Lighting Systems
  • Development Iron
  • Turkish Tiles
  • .         Turkish kilim pillows wholesale
  • Marble

Rural Machinery:

  • Gas and Diesel Tractors
  • tobacco filling machine
  • Soil Preparation Machinery
  • Mechanical Seeders
  • Pneumatic Planters
  • Manure Spreader
  • Drum Mower
  • Vegetable Harvester

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Shipping goods from Turkey to Nigeria

International trade was never easier than that. Your private venture has a long range of reasons to buy and sell internationally, with basic worldwide wire movement stages such as Veem and civic partnerships focused solely on facilitating trade and best Turkish wholesale suppliers Turkey is an exceptional place to start. In spite of the fact that Turkey is essentially known for the price of cars and gold, it is still an integral part of the architecture industry. Here’s mysteries or Turkey shipping agents that your business can use to fly by the opposition and locate the ideal Turkey wholesale suppliers in Turkey.

  • Career expos and FairsTurkey-conderence

The proven technique for discovering providers, exchange fairs permit you to meet various makers all under one rooftop. These occasions are very mainstream, which implies that you may end up in a stuffed assembly room with occupied providers that don’t have the opportunity to arrange. Ensure you plan a meeting with expected providers ahead of time. That way, you can have ensured quality opportunity to talk business terms with makers.

  • Purchasing Agents and OfficesTurkey-distribution center and wholesale suppliers from Turkey.

Purchasing specialists should be the best option for those that are new to worldwide exchange. Specialists have set up associations with providers and can without much of a stretch interface you with makers dependent on your ideal items. This was all you may need to import from Turkey and to know what should you do. We hope we had answered your question what can I import from Turkey to Nigeria

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