Shipping from Turkey to Nigeria Nairaland

Shipping from Turkey to Nigeria Nairaland…. best tips to do

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Shipping from Turkey to Nigeria Nairaland

Are you ready for Shipping from Turkey to Nigeria Nairaland ? Will you want to know the best products to import from Turkey? Are you looking for wholesale suppliers and online shopping in Turkey? You will find out all what you need to know through importing house platform. Please take care of our tips and enjoy your wholesaling buying experience.

Shipping from Turkey to Nigeria

Turkey is one of the largest exporting countries of Turkish home-made products, which has increased demand due to its quality and good prices, making it a good competitor in the worldwide export market. Many young Arabs prefer the experience of importing Turkish goods, as they have currently gained great success and revenue.

Since many importers around the world bought and still buy various products from Turkey, import from Turkey was and continues to be gateway to wealth, the Turkish markets has seen a remarkable recovery in the import and export market over the past few years, attracting investors from traders and manufacturers to set up their companies in Turkey in search of participation in the market with great profits and returns if you are seeking for Shipping from Turkey to Nigeria Nairaland.

The Turkey-Nigeria business council was established in 2011 with the aim of promoting the potential for cooperation between Turkey and Nigeria and of improving bilateral trade between them. This year the council held its meeting between 13 and 14 January in the presence of the Turkish trade minister, the agenda of the meeting reflected the possibility of increasing and expanding joint economic projects. Turkish-African ties are based on variety of areas of growth and strategic development especially as the volume of trade between Turkey and Africa increased to 32.5$b billion in 2018 and Turkish ministerial presence exist in 42 African countries in addition to Turkish airlines organizing trips to certain 37 countries on the continent.

Currently, the shipping cost for 1kg of goods is $3.8 and the clearing is N700/kg. This guesstimate is usually not stable due to market fluctuations in the exchange rate. That does not mean that any item you buy is 1 kg. Total shipping and clearing cost are calculated by adding the total number of kg and multiplying by 3.8, the same amount as clearing. It is essential to factor shipping and clearing costs when planning the purchase of Turkey products. Some people would wonder how they would cover these costs. It’s totally. Take for example, a Turkish gown bought, say, $40 (N18,800) at the cost of N470/USD.

import from Turkey
import from Turkey


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Mini importation from Turkey to Nigeria

Yeah sure! In 2018 alone, $400 million worth of metal goods, electrical equipment, interior design and apparel topping the cats are imported from Turkey to Nigeria. This is total of N188 Billion Naira! Fashion account for just over 10%of the overall manufactured products. Business is matter of number. If you can estimate the total numbers of middle-income earners in Nigeria’s almost 200 million populations, say 5%. There are 10 million Nigerians between the ages of 25 and 55. This means the mostly at unusual online stores. These stores are the best Turkey online store and offer high quality clothing.

Since they are high quality fans, they also buy a lot of Turkish high end fashion pieces such as shoes and sneakers, bags, wrist watches, skirts, t-shirts, jeans, Turkish gowns, jackets, and kiddie’s wear. They also buy interior decoration items such as sofas, all sorts of wall designs, bedding like duvets, etc…

You know the most oil and gas service companies in Nigeria import most of their technical parts from Turkey. Gas stations prefer gas tanks and accessories made by Turkey to any other country. There are many other items, such as steel doors, bathroom fittings, farm machinery, wiring and electrical appliances, and many more. If you can find a niche and concentrate on it in Turkey’s mini-import sector, you can be recognized for it.

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Best products to import from Turkey

When it comes to wine, France comes to mind first. When olive oil is said to have been made, Italy is the best without dispute. India is the number one place to find a range of unique and delicious spices. What about Turkey? There should be large items coming from this intercontinental region. So, what are Turkey’s special products? Some would say baklava, some might say kebab. Yet these items are being created and eaten by people in the eastern Mediterranean region. However, there are distinguishing products that relates to Turkey if you are looking for Shipping from Turkey to Nigeria Nairaland.

Best products to import from Turkey
Best products to import from Turkey
  • “Apparel and home Textile”

In Turkey, the textile industry is one of the most advanced sectors, making it a big part of Turkey’s export volume. This is not coincidence, of course, as the Turkish textile industry has supplied high-quality clothes and fabrics to many multinational brands such as H&M, Zara and Nike. Quality and craft are very distinguished, so that these global brands choose wholesale clothing made in Turkey.

 Turkish textiles are top quality, so this is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about goods to be imported from Turkey. Turkey is not only the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality garments and accessories, but also known for its home-made textile products, such as carpets, rugs and towels. Carpet is more than home textiles in Turkey. It is considered an art and is an integral part of Turkish culture. Turkish carpet prices are suitable to all people. When you see and touch a meticulously woven carpet of wool, you will understand what we mean.

  • “Marble tiles and ceramic”

  • Beside marble tiles, Turkey has rich ceramic and earthenware tools. That’s why Turkish pottery is fashionable and used as decoration in millions of homes.
  • Turkey also has many title resources, and some of the most exquisite titles such as mosaic, marble and ceramic have been exported. Its beauty and quality are so well known that many homeowners in America have chosen it.

Turkey is one of world’s leading exporters of premium leather goods. As you have guessed, leather can be used for a range of items, such as coats, bags, luggage, shoes and accessories. And the leather market has intense competition, particularly between the Turkish and Far East Asian countries, so being distinctive is crucial to the survival and development of this industry. Turkish leather is so excellent that multinational brands such as Prada, Mulberry and other fashion companies are importing from Turkey instead of other cost-effective countries.

  • “Nuts and dry fruit”

Turkey is a major supplier of hazelnuts, walnuts, figs and apricots to some of the largest food suppliers. Beside their abundance, they are also the most delicious in their choice. For example, Turkey independently supplies about 70% of world’s demand for hazelnuts. Of course, these items are not only for food on their own, but have also been used in a number of food products. In Turkey, Pistachio is another main fine. Turkey is also famous for its dried fruits, especially figs and apricots. Dry fruits represent a large number of Turkish exports. Nowadays, both dry fruits and nuts can easily find on the market shelves, as Turkish nuts and dried fruit are not only delicious, but are also a great part of a balanced diet.


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Sites to import from Turkey to Nigeria

The internet has provided on room to ignore something, everybody can do whatever they want while they are at home, and shopping on the internet is easy and convenient, and through it you will get amazing offers that you can believe can’t believe you are going to get.

  • Turkopt:

Turkopt offers the latest and most up-to date men’s, women’s and one of children’s clothing wholesale suppliers Turkey reach out to international shoppers. Turkopt has a range of delivery and payment solutions for your convenience, including English speaking sales consultant.

  • Fimka :

Fimka is one of the best Turkey online store and characterized by class women wear. The Fimka group is a wholesale women’s apparel business with more than 30 years of experience and one of the most famous and known in the area of women’s clothes and wholesale hijab suppliers. It includes another leading brand, JOYMISS. The group has 5 independent production and distribution business, including a chain of stores in Turkey and abroad. Fimka provides live support via chat line, safe online shopping and an impeccable tract record for processing and delivery time. Fimka provides a fashion inspired application with the new arrivals and the exclusivity to keep Fimka committed to its customers.

  • Wow-Wholesale:

If you are looking to buy wholesale apparel for your e-shop, boutique or any other established clothing business or organization, then Wow apparel wholesale is here for you they are selling wholesale all over the world.


  • Turkish exporter:

Turkish exporter is Turkey’s main export portal. Their mission is to put together businesses and goods around the world with more export-oriented operations. The organization is funded by billions of dollars traded in foreign business. Online shopping experience is perfect with daily updates and a live stream of information on new items that are constantly evolving in our ever-expanding market. This website is one of the most famous Istanbul wholesale online markets, and filled with vendors from all over the world selling their best merchandise with specifications and valuable contact information.


  • Turkish Exportal:

Turkish Exporal is a global destination for purchasers and Turkish wholesale firms, exchanging and supporting business partners in a directory of different categories. Buyers have access to goods and resources to promote their business by online marketing to improve foreign trade.

These categories include wholesale clothing made in Turkey, agriculture, health and beauty, electronics, car and transport, gifts, sports, house, tools, vessels, etc…. with more than 5300 categories, 35,000 goods, 1200 Turkish seller in 214 countries, Turkish exports have it all.

Finally, we have provided you with all information you may need to know about shipping from Turkey to Nigeria and the relation between the two countries. You can now start your project or your own work and deal easily with the online websites and direct with dealers you need to deal with we have mentioned in the article. We have provided you with information about all products you can import from Turkey and best Turkey suppliers.

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