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 Tube filling machine price

Are you searching the latest tubes filling and welding machines “plastic or metal” and know what is Tube filling machine price ? The latest models and technologies of machines, lines and raw materials for packaging, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and factory equipment for packing various materials, shapes and sizes of packages, models, speeds and sizes of multiple machines (automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation)… so this article is for you.

tube filling machine for sale

The main usage of the machine and how it works : the tube is fed into the plastic base, if there is an error in the position of the tube is detected with the presence of a photocell in addition to the technique (no tube – no filling) so that the filling process does not take place unless the existence of a tube is verified so that contamination of the machine and waste of materials are avoided.

tube filling machine for sale
tube filling machine for sale

  The tube filling small machine performs the four steps, namely:  volumetric filling via a volumetric press, welding and cutting, printing the date or production number (batch number), terminating (delivering) the finished tube fully automatically. Filling process is done with high precision and no leakage or dripping is ensured through the linear speed regulator. So we will show you best manufacturers and places that you can import from turkey tube filling machine .

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Semi automatic tube filling machine price

This machine is easy to operate and complete the operations (filling, sealing) all at the same time. Made in turkey products is one the best products in the market these machines are also solve the problem of dripping and leakage at the end of the tube, which is one of the most common problems in such machines, so if you looking for best Tube filling machine price here it is:

Made in turkey products
Made in turkey products
  1. .Alibaba: in this site you can find semi-automatic, automatic, and manual tube filling machine

Starting from 5800 $ per semi-automatic machine

Tube material Customizable
Machine Size 1130*750*1680mm L*W*H
Machine Weight 3000kg
Power                110/220/380V







Filling Volume
Filling Speed 25-45 Tubes per min
Filling Material Paste,adhesives, AB glue, epoxy glue, skin cream, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste etc.


food and chemical ,Pharmacy, cosmetic, etc.
Application Field
Sealing Type 3/4 folding sealing
Control Schneider Button+PLC
Additional Function  1. Date/Batch number printing


2. Air-Blow cutting

3. Filling weight adjustment

4. Auto tube loading system

*Even can design two loading system


2.  Automatic machine starting from 8499 $ per automatic machine

These are some of Turkish products wholesale .

Model No. DR-2018T
Ultrasonic Power 2000W
Ultrasonic Frequency 20KHz
Power Supply AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Delay Time/Weld Time/Seal Time 0.01-9.99S
Driven Mode Pneumatic
Stroke 75MM
Working Pressure 0.4-0.7Mpa
Tube Diameter Range 10-50MM
Tube Height Range 50-250MM
Filling Volume Range A: 5-60 ml B: 10-120 ml C: 25-250 ml D: 50-500 ml


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Tube filling machine manufacturers

  1. Tin containers have come a long way in packing food since Nicholas Appert, in 1809 A.H., succeeded in making preserved foods, and containers have many functions with reasonable Tube filling machine price. Protection differs from one commodity to another. Rather, it differs with respect to one commodity according to the conditions of its storage, transport and sale like cosmetic tube filling machine is different from sanitary medicine tube filling machine or food tube filling machine.

Protection is divided into: –

A- Mechanical protection: meaning that the commodity arrives intact to the consumer.

B – Natural protection: meaning that if there are odors or gases that affect the contents The packaging must be prevented from these effects.

C- Chemical protection: in the sense of preventing interaction between the package and the packed substance. Here are some manufacturing companies which exporting from turkey :


you can manage and get a high quality Turkish exportal machines from these manufacturers in turkey.

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Single head tube filling machine:

The automatic sterile plastic tube filling machine is designed to do ampoule blowing, filling, and welding of the tube neck, all by using an automatic blow molding machine, the machine can deal with most heat-treatable plastic materials that can be blow molded such as LDPE, polyethylene. High-density HDPE and polypropylene for producing vacuum plastic containers in large quantities (containers, vials, ampoules, containers, droppers, soft bags),

tube filling sealing machine is equipped with a linear filling system depending on time / pressure, which allows filling of various types of low viscosity and high viscosity liquids, as the production line does not require a large area, and is characterized by efficiency, low cost, versatility and adaptability as it eliminates the need for prepackages. Manufacture and all related expenses (purchasing, transportation, storage …).

The automatic single head plastic tube filling machine for the production of tubes provides a reduction in production costs by reducing the costs of purchasing materials and eliminating the packaging phase. The machine can be used to produce 10 ml plastic bottles, and the package shape can be easily changed by simply changing the used mold, and the production capacity varies according to the desired package specifications (shape, size …), plastic material and number of mold gaps, and the same machine can be used To produce same size packages, besides, filter tube filling machine can be added.

In this article we give you all information about Tube filling machine price and best company to import from.


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