rug manufacturer turkey

Rug manufacturer turkey… 6 factories for best deals

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in prayer rug manufacturer turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

rug manufacturer turkey

Turkey is one of the most famous carpet-producing countries, and for this you find many traders wanting to know the most important rug manufacturer turkey, in this article we present to you the importing-house platform the most important Turkish carpet companies.

Rug manufacturers in turkey 

We aim to give you information about the best carpet brands and various carpet models on this site about the carpet, which is as old as the history of humanity. The names of the carpet brands in this list are not listed according to any criteria. The top carpet brand does not mean the best carpet brand.

rugs made in turkey wholesale
rugs made in turkey wholesale
  1. Ikea

Best rug companies in turkey. Ikea is the world famous home decoration product vendor that almost everyone knows about. Ikea, which does not produce any product it sells except for some furniture models, works with different manufacturers for modern carpet models. Its best rug manufacturer turkey However, ikea carpet models ensure that they are among the best carpet brands with their quality and designs.

Ikea rug making in turkey models:

  • Oversized Rugs.
  • Small Size Rugs.
  • Ikea Children’s Carpet.
  • Baby room carpet.
  • Mats.

Ikea carpet types can be purchased both at ikea stores and on the ikea website. Ikea has a wide range of rugs in terms of carpet prices, such as ikea rug models, ikea runners, and ikea mats.

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  1. Merino

Founded in 1970, the Merinos Carpets, Turkey’s biggest and best-known carpet brands takes place in the first row. Nowadays, merino turkish rugs, which reach almost every home, come to mind for those who are looking for carpets with their quality and beauty. Due to the wide dealer network throughout the country, merino carpet models and prices may differ from dealer to dealer. In addition, merino carpet varieties are also available on many e-commerce marketplace sites.

rug manufacturer turkey Merinos runner and merino children’s carpet models are among the most admired products of this brand. INFORMATION: In order to prevent the dust accumulating on the carpet from settling between the pile threads and on the floor, maintenance should be done by vacuuming it at regular intervals. Although the prices of Merino carpets are very diverse, you can find carpets suitable for every budget from cheap to expensive.

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Rug supplier turkey

  1. Palace Carpet

Founded in 1972, the palace carpet, the carpet is among the best brands in Turkey. With high production capacity of approximately 1,000 dealers to sell carpets in Turkey and exporting carpets to 50 countries.Buy rugs direct from turkey from Palace carpet. Its models are home to many types, especially children’s rugs and living room carpets. Thanks to the fact that palace carpet prices are suitable for every budget, palace carpet products can be seen in every home.

Buy rugs direct from turkey
Buy rugs direct from turkey
  1. Dinar

rug manufacturer turkey Dinarsu is a carpet company established in Istanbul in 1955. Dinarsu produces wall-to-wall carpet models, living room carpets and runner models. Its exactly where to buy turkish rugs in Istanbul? When called from wall to wall carpeting in all the carpet brands that come to mind first in Turkey it has Dinars. Although it is among the best in this regard, the prices of dinars wall-to-wall carpets are within reach of everyone.

You can also from this company buy furniture from turkey online. Dinarsu Halı also produces artificial turf carpet models. Dinarsu carpet models that you can find in both dinar water stores and many shopping sites;

  • Dinarsu Runner and Mat.
  • Garden Synthetic Grass Carpet.
  • Hall Carpet.
  • Wall to Wall Carpet.

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Rug factory in turkey

  1. Enza Home

rug manufacturer turkey Enza Home is the home textile products brand of Enza, the furniture brand of Yataş. Since Enza home carpet models are produced in suitable styles and concepts with Enza furniture products, you can choose from enza carpet models with peace of mind if you have an enza furniture in your home. buy turkish rugs online from Enza carpet. It`s models include models such as patchwork carpets, living room carpets and kilim carpets. INFORMATION: Carpets should be kept away from stoves and similar heat devices.

  1. Mudo

The Mudo brand is also basically a brand that sells home furniture. However, it has become very common for companies that sell household products such as Ikea and Enza to also sell carpets. The Mudo brand sells home products other than furniture in Mudo Concept stores. Mudo carpet models, like other mudo products, consist of collections suitable for different styles. This is enough for the mudo brand to be among the best carpet brands. You can purchase mudo carpet, rug and runner models both in Mudo’s physical stores and online store.

  1. Evidea

Evidea is a wholesale markets in turkey and an e-commerce site that has been serving in the home products category since 2011. Evidea, which started to open physical stores as of 2019, has 7 stores in Istanbul and Tekirdağ as of 2020. Since it is not a carpet manufacturer, Evidea carpet models include carpet models of many brands in this high school. In other words, you also have the chance to buy carpets of other brands from the Evidea website or store. Major evidea carpet models;

  • evidea carpet.
  • evidea rug.
  • evidea runner.
  • evidea kitchen rug models.

Now you can import from turkey from rug manufacturer turkey.

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Turkish carpet companies

There are many Turkish carpet manufacturers to import from turkey and companies rugs who have become international manufacturers and exporters of the finest types of carpets including:

  1. Alas Home Textile:

They are the manufacturer company in home textile sector from Turkey.

Alasevtekstil is their web site that you may find further details about them, their carpet Turkish products are very suitable for marketing. As they are manufacturer company, they hope that their price is affordable and contribute your sales activity.

Their products are also very suitable for retail supermarket chains as they have great experience to work with them. If you interested in to buy, inquiry or work with them, don’t hesitate to contact them.


They are a rug company designing and producing Rugs are inspired by eclectic mix of designs from the East combined with the European archives by Turkish artists and designers. This beautiful combination of contemporary and the historic past gives rich flavors to their collections.

Their carpet weaving represents a traditional art, dating back to 6th centuries BC, with excellent weaving in symmetric knots and elaborate pictorial design.

Kets’ they specially developed weave structures with the finest quality recycle cotton and acrylic chenille yarns makes their rugs sturdy and more refined quality.

Kets diverse collections are hand finished by Turkish craftsmen who descend from a tradition that is centuries old in their Istanbul studio.

Woven in a fashionable flatweave construction all their rugs have reinforced corners and anti-slip layer for a secure fit.

High twist yarns are used to make their rugs more compact with superior softness and more compatible with their new stain release technology.

They also offer huge variety of color options to their customers. So Kets designer rugs can be combined with any collections that are curated for various style, comfort and function designed for chic rooms.

 You will definitely find whatever you need in their latest rug collection that best suits to your interiors.

Turkish carpet prices
Turkish carpet prices

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Turkish carpet prices

Turkish rug prices are not necessarily based on size. Turkey is famous for its Turkish carpets’ prices are somewhat high, but when buying wholesale and choosing the factory that sells at an affordable price works to reduce the price of carpets, but there are a number of factors that lead to the change in the price of carpets:

  • The raw materials used in the manufacture of carpets from Turkey, whether from silk, wool or other, and the types of Turkish carpets that are widespread in the market are divided into salon carpets, silk carpets, corridor carpets, kilims and rugs and others.
  • The size of the carpet causes a change in the price.
  • When dealing with the name of another company, the price is differentiated
  • Handcrafted rugs are more expensive than carpets that factories produce.

Typically, you can find carpet Istanbul which silk carpets hold 400 knots per inch, the price depends upon quality, your own knowledge of what the rug might cost (give you an idea of what you might be willing to pay), your ability to bargain.

Many of the reputable carpet dealers are very aware of pricing, and will go high expensive price, there’s a great range of quality of carpets, and the more you know, the better off you are.

They aren’t knowledgeable about carpets, did some minimal research and just went with their gut with something that they liked. They bought a good-quality kilim in Konya (the area is known for kilims) and bought it for $375.

They all felt like we did great by the sale.

If you wanted to find a carpet turkey for $50, you surely can; but you could easily pay a few amounts of money too. you know you learning what makes a quality rug will help you in looking at them, because there are countless rug dealers everywhere you go in Turkey specially in Istanbul.

Best place to buy carpet in turkey

Where to buy a rug if you looking for best place to buy carpet in turkey then you’ll find a street with Turkish Rug wholesales, who usually sell in quantities to large overseas companies and many supplies the shops in the Grand Bazaar. It’s easy to get to if you have Google Maps, about 5 or 6km, but there’s more, and the best service and the best prices for Turkish Rugs Istanbul are at a place called Saruki Hali.

This is a small little shop, introducing to you this shop by a much larger shop across the road buying carpets in Istanbul, but there’s some cooperation between them. As an example, for a 3×4 carpet, Saruki Hali’s final cost was almost half what various and plenty of other shops started with, there were a couple of other Turkish Rugs shops that were in the same ball park, but this was the cheapest.

You can take smaller rugs home, about 11kg though and are rather bulky.

They’ll really take care of you when you go there and although the shop is small, they have a very excellent selection of all kind of Turkish Rugs and carpets from Afghanistan and a few other places.

As a guide to what the prices are like compared to buying Turkish rugs in Hong Kong, a similar rug here would have been almost double the cost, carpet for sale that would be at a 50% discount, we are talking about a rug shop in Horizon Plaza who sells “discounted rugs”.

The shop in Horizon Plaza is alright, the guys are friendly enough and the prices aren’t unbelievable, if you’re in Istanbul and looking for Turkish Rugs, Saruki Hali is the place we recommend to you.

Also, if you want to shop for carpets near the Grand Bazaar, you can choose Punto Carpet. Nuruosmaniye Gate, when you take the Grand Bazaar behind you and cross the courtyard, you’ll go to Nuruosmaniye Street. In this street decorated with beautiful shops and cafes, there is a coffee shop called Kahve Dunyasi. When you enter the street, you can find Punto Carpet in a few steps.

Punto is a shop recommended in buying wool, cotton and silk Turkish rugs in Punto, which has a very wide collection of Turkish carpets and rugs.

how to start a rug business

  • Step One: Plan your Business.

Ask yourself kind of those question to reach excellent answers:

– What are the costs involved in opening a carpet store?

-Who is the target market?

-How does a carpet store work to make money?

-How much can you gain customers and their trust?

-How much profit can a carpet business make to you?

  • Step Two: Form a legal entity.

Establishing a legal business entity such as a corporation protects you from being held personally liable if your carpet store is sued.

  • Step Three: Register for basic taxes.
  • Step Four: Open a business bank account and credit card.
  • Step Five: Set up business accounting.
  • Step Six: Obtain necessary permits and licenses.
  • Step Seven: Get Business Insurance.
  • STEP Eight: Define your brand.
  • STEP Nine: Establish your Web Presence.

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