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Turkish clothing wholesale in Istanbul .. the best stores you can find anything you need

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 Turkish clothing wholesale in Istanbul

Import clothes from turkey increased time by time, because the goods from turkey have a popular around the world, so we decided to talk about turkish clothing wholesale in istanbul and show everything related to this field specially Modest Islamic clothes.

Turkish clothing suppliers

when you look for the best suppliers on the Internet you find a lot of them which make you can’t decided which one you will work with, so we present for you suppliers you can make a deal with them, to import from turkey without travelling like Whocit store that store offer you a big opportunity to purchase their clothes and they offer a low price for huge quantity what make you saving a lot of money to invest in another field.

 to communicate with them you have to register yourself in their website and enjoy with big deals and book any quantity you need and ship for your country, hepsiburada in this store you find turkey wears online what facilitate buying progress from turkey and continue in this field without travel to turkey and buy your goods after that select the good company to ship your products for your country, that store save your time because once you buy your goods directly prepare all things to ship for your country and calculate shipment, so if you are busy you can use this store.

N11.com this name is not popular and doesn’t have sound even like a shopping site, but this store has a lot of visitors around the world choice them to make a deal, they have wide selection of products like turkish women’s clothing for sale, trust us that store is one of the most established turkey online shopping around the world so don’t forget to make a deal with this site.


turkish clothing wholesale in Istanbul
Turkish clothing wholesale in Istanbul


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Turkish fashion companies

there are many fashion companies in turkey some of them turkey and the other come out from different countries, turkish clothing modanisa is very famous as one of the best fashions, if you need high fashion clothes you must put modanisa first on your list, Istanbul become popular in fashion because the most famous fashion designers from the whole world come to Istanbul to present their fashion products or know the last trend in clothes which attract customers more because turkey export millons of clothes for the world, you can find turkish clothing Instagram that mean the popular turkish clothes how distribute and have this attraction, DDFS is fashion store you can’t ignore thier visiting because this store present different category of clothing like men’s clothes, women’s, kids and some accessories you can buy.


 turkish clothing wholesale in Istanbul
Turkish clothing wholesale in Istanbul

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Turkish clothing manufacturing companies

if you are looking for best manufacturing companies in turkey then you can find different companies in our site, lc Waikiki a turkish colthing company it is so popular in middle East you can find a lot of branches in one country, because they attract many people to their designers and their goods is suitable for hijab of Arab especially muslims so if you are from middle east you must put lc Waikiki first in your list, for me I love lc Waikiki and their fashion, they present women’s wear, men’s wear, kids’ wear, some accessories, and collections of shoes, so you can find all kind of clothes you need.

Breshka one of popular turkish clothing brands you have never seen before like their designers, they have high quality products for you, you can buy from them and sure that you have a good quality you can sell for the customer, and they also have a lot of branches in middle east especially Egypt, and they create a wide spectrum ranging from casual to sport wear to the more fashionable items which make their products look very different than another products, their head office located in Istanbul.


turkish clothing wholesale in Istanbul
Turkish clothing wholesale in Istanbul


Cost of clothes in turkey

when you come to Istanbul you can find, thousands of clothes to shop from, because Istanbul has many brands which compete to sell a lot of clothes more than the other brands, but what is the cost of clothes outlets in turkey? it is not expensive as you think, but it is very cheap, because the products from turkey have two main reasons to distribute one of them the low cost and the other is high quality so you find clothes from turkey attract many customers to buy it, and if someone test this clothes, he will return to buy, and modern turkish clothing online has very low cost so you can buy from them to save a lot of money, and invest it in marketing your boutique or your store, and if you buy alot of category from one store they will offer you a big sale.

Investment in clothes is very good and can provide you more experience and a lot of money, but the good choice of country which import from is the main reason to achieve success, so turkey is the best choice for you.

Clothing wholesalers in Istanbul

The clothing market in Turkey is one of the largest in the world, so Turkey is known as a center for the manufacture of fashion, as there are 59,000 companies in the manufacture of clothes and various other industries. Turkish clothing manufacturers there produce the best types of cotton fabrics as Turkey has an abundance of cotton as a cotton-producing country and this wide growth of cotton A major feature of the textile sector is through the continuous supply of high-quality cotton required for textile industries, Turkey has a long history in the clothing industry and has recently flourished more, as exports of textiles and clothing have more than doubled. Turkey is the sixth largest clothing supplier in the world, and the market area in Turkey is distinguished as Not only to buy clothes wholesale, but it is also the most popular destination for tourists, as there are famous tourist attractions next to these markets. In this article, we will show you the most famous markets in Turkey, as well as the most famous websites for the wholesale sale of clothes that facilitated the process of importing from Turkey and are shipped at reasonable prices and fast delivery, as it saves you time and effort, as you do not need to travel to Turkey when you want to buy wholesale clothing.

1- Al-Fateh market:

It is one of the most distinctive wholesale markets in Istanbul and it is called the Wednesday Market, as it is held on Wednesday only every week and includes the finest types of clothes, shoes, vegetables and others at reasonable prices. It is not only a wholesale market, but also a tourist attraction, as it is located next to the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul such as the Grand Bazaar and Al-Fateh Mosque.

2- Osmanbey Market:

It is one of the most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul and it is dedicated more to women’s products as it has many clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, evening dresses, etc. you find a cheaper goods from A-to-Z dollars. This market is located near Taksim Square that is full of tourists, and you will find shopping and tourism fun together.

3-Lalali Market

One of the most popular markets in Istanbul Where you can find many women’s and men’s clothes and children’s wear at reasonable prices and high quality. It includes all brands of clothing in one store so it is impossible not to find your order there, it is located in the Lalali area, which is a vital and most visited area in Istanbul and is very popular, where many locals and foreign tourists go to it.

4-Marter market:

One of the most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul among the Arabs, as it has many veiled, children and men clothes with high quality and very cheap prices. This market includes more than 2000 exhibitions for the sale of Turkish products and this market is characterized by that it contains companies specialized in customs clearance, which helps merchants with the task of buying and shipping at the lowest cost and effort, if you are an importer, this market is your best destination.

5- whocit:

One of the best wholesale sites on the Internet and the most important thing that distinguishes this site is that it contains a set of clothes from all international brands where you can get all high-quality clothes. You can buy clothing cheap online compared to other sites, which helps you to order large quantities. All you have to register yourself on the site then start ordering.

6-wow- wholesale:

It is another great site for ordering clothes in large quantities in Turkey. There are many clothing types, not only that, but also shoes and accessories

7-fimka store:

This site has all the modern clothes that you can get, from dresses to party clothes at a reasonable price, and this site offers various discounts to its customers.

8- clup fashion:

This is a great site for clothing bulk vendors through which you can get all the famous brands and the latest fashion and the best thing that distinguishes this site is that they have their own mobile application. You can open it directly from the mobile. Once you enter the site, you will know everything

Clothing stores in turkey
Clothing stores in turkey

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Clothing stores in turkey

Turkey is full of many clothing stores, it is famous for manufacturing the best fashion, so you can enjoy shopping in the streets of Istanbul and get the best brands for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing In all sizes according to the clothes size chart

  • Fimka 3
  • Turkey menswear
  • Dikmen tekstil
  • Baran club
  • Brooks brothers
  • Prada
  • Ulcer baby
  • Lc Waikiki
  • Nike store
  • Gucci

Turkish fashion brands

We all want to wear luxurious modern clothes and appear fit, Turkey is the place where high-end fashion addicts go, where clothing manufacturers in Turkey have emerged in the clothing industry as a force to be reckoned with, so if you want to buy high-end fashion and follow the fashion of celebrities, then you should go to Istanbul, the fashion houses have and luxury Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul in everywhere.

  • Defacto: It was opened since 2005 and now it has 324 stores in Turkey and 123 stores in other countries specializing in clothes and fashions for all family members.
  • Lc Waikiki: Founded in 1988, it has 880 stores in 38 countries offering women, men and children clothing at reasonable prices.
  • Mavi brand: It has 440 stores in 35 countries and has a distinctive jeans clothing line.
  • Vakko: It was its first store in Taksim, which specializes in youth clothing for men and women, and has a special section for weddings.
  • Roman: It focuses on high quality clothing and is now one of the best leading brands in Turkey. Its products range from every day wear to party and evening dresses.
  • Koton: They have 480 stores overseas which started as a woman swear brand and then expanded into jeans and kids wear.
  • Desa: One of the big names in the fashion industry in Turkey and has categories of women’s clothing that include leather jackets, leather coats, fur coats and leather skirts.

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