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Importing clothes from turkey.. Your guide to the best import process

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Importing clothes from Turkey

The project of importing clothes from turkey is one of the best and greatest business ideas, and certainly it is one of the most important investment decisions that you may take in your working life, as clothes are one of the basic products and are required of everyone, and Turkish products in particular are the most appropriate in terms of high quality, low import price and a high profit margin, this In addition to the good reputation that Turkish clothing enjoys in the local markets; Therefore, if you intend to enter the world of import, the idea is the most appropriate idea in terms of risk ratio, ease of distribution, and most importantly, high profitability and other factors.


Exporting clothes from turkey

Elements of success in the clothing business

First: You must study the market well to find out which items are in greater demand than others, and you should take the appropriate time for that study.

Second: You must determine the item or items that will be imported and determine the clothes factory in turkey and appropriate budget based on the previous study of the market.

Third: Creating a marketing plan based on the size of competition and competitors in the market.


Importing clothes from Turkey
Importing clothes from Turkey


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How to order clothes from turkey?

Not long ago, the only option and way to import from Turkey was only to travel to Turkey, as there were no alternative options, but with the tremendous development in the means of communication and the wide spread of social media, and the development of transportation terribly, and the most important of all is the development of secure electronic payment methods. Which helped in the emergence of other ways to import from Turkey and import in general. Another way to import from Turkey has also appeared, which is importing through an intermediary, where the method of importing appeared via the Internet, especially after the emergence of private transcontinental shipping companies.


Importing clothes from Turkey
Importing clothes from Turkey


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Import from turkey

Advantages and disadvantages of importing methods from Turkey

First: Importing through traveling to Turkey is one of the best ways where you can make a comparison on the ground between many companies and markets, the type and quality of materials and prices, and you can also choose the appropriate designs for the target market more precisely, which makes you finally able to buy the best products at the lowest prices. Therefore, the sales process will be easier and the profit margin will be high, but the disadvantage of the method of importing clothes from Turkey through travel is that it is the most expensive and this method is useful if you have a huge capital and a large budget.

Second: Importing through buying through an intermediary, meaning that you assign a certain import and export company to the import process on your behalf without any interference from you, and the advantages of this method are that you will not worry about the shipment, but in return you will pay a commission on that process.

Third: Importing clothes turkish online purchase and this method has become popular and it is the most cost-effective way, but care must be taken to buy from companies with high ratings by buyers.

Thus, we reach a conclusion that the options available for importing Turkish clothes or even for importing istanbul wholesale online in general are either by travel or importing through an intermediary or through online purchase and here the decision is your decision according to your capabilities in terms of budget, time and your commercial conditions.


Importing clothes from Turkey
Importing clothes from Turkey


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Clothes markets in turkey

You can find the best markets here:

  • Fatih Market:

Since the Fatih locale is situated in the recorded piece of Istanbul, it offers the most seasoned and furthermore the greatest commercial center of the city. Local people generally allude to it as Çarşamba Pazarı, since Çarşamba (Wednesday) is the market day. It is open somewhere in the range of 5am and 9pm. Around 1290 sellers, 4800 stands for  clothes imported and around 2500 vendors make this market on the 7 primary and 17 littler memorable roads of Fatih. Obviously that Fatih pazarı is a regarded market, where you can discover nearly anything extending from organic product, vegetables, and apparel, to a wide range of family materials. Another reward for vacationers is that it offers an incredible chance to encounter the genuine white collar class nearby life.

  • Yeşilköy Market:

 Another istanbul wholesale clothing area and profoundly regarded Wednesday market, this time situated in Yeşilköy (truly interpreted ‘green town’). The territory is known for its moderately greener and upper tasteful setting. You can discover a variety of top notch items in this efficient commercial center. Yeşilköy pazarı covers 12 thousand square meters with 2000 slows down, botanical presentations, dissipated tea bistros and latrine offices. Most slows down acknowledge Visas, yet costs might be somewhat higher contrasted with different business sectors.

  • Beşiktaş Market:

 A littler scaled Saturday market with ‘just’ 400 slows down. Beşiktaş pazarı still offers most items you’ll discover somewhere else, for example, clothes shopping in turkey, shoes, packs, irregular gems and home materials. Nonetheless, the attention is certainly on dress. The market fires developing at sunrise and remains until sunset.

Cheap clothes from Turkey free shipping:

Wholesale garment prices in Turkey of course there is a difference in the price of Turkish garments, but you may find it a little higher than in other countries, but if you compare the quality, that you get, along with the increasing demand for Turkish garments, you put it at the top of the most profitable goods. In Turkey there are many ready-made clothing companies in Istanbul in Turkey, where prices range from 20 to 300 Turkish Lira, with the price increasing, or falling depending on the item chosen, women’s jackets, and jerseys ranging from 200 to 350 Lira, and cotton blouses ranging from 50 to 90,350 Lira. Many countries are dependent on a clothing supplier from Turkey, use shipping companies to deliver goods home, and traders are advised to visit the Turkish clothing market.

The prices of children’s clothing 2020 the idea of a project to buy wholesale clothing from Turkey is not an innovative or new idea, but it remains one of the greatest working ideas, where clothing is among the basic products, and is required by all, and Turkish products are especially, because at the current stage it is the most appropriate in terms of quality due to the poor quality of the product in some countries, especially now, that we find the import price is low, and the profit margin is high in addition to the good reputation of Turkish clothing in the local markets. From the diversity of the prices of children’s clothing 2020 you find all prices according to all levels you may find cheap prices in Fakes business signs, that give you an average look, and feel-Good price, the price of specialty products in children’s clothing, and accessories may start from 20 Turkish Liras.

From here we find, that baby clothes have become cheap at wholesale price, and there are many clothing cheap online sites, where you find these prices, and we can offer you a shipping service to the door of your home, so if you are in Turkey, and want to order baby clothes online you can enter Turkish baby clothing sites, this provides a wide variety of clothes at average prices You can also follow seasonal discounts, and sales to get the prices of baby clothes in Istanbul at the best prices of materials.

Buy wholesale clothes from Turkey
Buy wholesale clothes from Turkey


Buy wholesale clothes from Turkey:

There is no doubt, that Turkish online stores have had great success in the Arab world, as this has led to the emergence of a number of new Turkish stores in the region, including. Trendyol is a distinct location in Turkey, but it is more popular in Arab countries, with indispensable products, that are exquisite, sophisticated, and affordable. Marcavoni’s clothing website is, also a premium site with a great range of products, and excellent prices, and we strongly recommend, that you visit the site, and see the premium collection. Morhipo for fans of specialization, deluxe models, elegant Turkish designs, and evening dresses must be visited by Morehypo, one of best online clothing stores sales containing several predominantly Western brands at very convenient prices.

The children’s clothing market has a dominant role in Turkey, with Turkey being one of the largest producers in the world of cotton, with the best materials, and most marketable for young people to consume, with environmental management systems being adopted, and companies seeking environmental labels, and the country being considered a young population with an average of 1.2 million children born each year. People invited by the press have visited well-known  ى brands, who have added a great deal of value to the country’s exports, and whose goods will be shown at CBME. The visit included nanica, Pamina, Yumese, CIMPA, and Aziz Bebe. CBME is the world’s largest children’s clothing fair. Organized under the auspices of CBME Global in Shanghai, Singapore, India, and Turkey. It has been held in Turkey for 26 years. This year, sets of ready-made clothing, and accessories will be displayed to give buyers an important commercial advantage.

 It is one of the largest exhibition companies worldwide, organizing an average of 400 exhibitions annually with more than 5,000 staff in more than 20 countries. In the field of fabrics, CBME exhibitions are held all over the world, as well as at Magic Las Vegas, the world’s largest fashion show. Turkey’s UBM EMEA is involved in 12 different industries.

Clothes manufacturers in Turkey:

Readymade garment factories in Turkey Garment factories are spread in Turkey, and the government is interested in facilitating their procedures. Until the merchant finds, what it requires, it is necessary to pass on several clothing distributors, so we provide you with the names of factories, and addresses below.

SUNSURF clothing factory: The factory is located in Martre district of Istanbul Factory description: The factory produces all types of men’s, and women’s swimwear.

“Pirlanta Etiket San”. Tic. Ltd. Allah “:  clothing manufacturers in Istanbul Turkey is located in the neighbourhood of Beni Bosna in Istanbul factory description: An ancient factory for the production of all types of clothing, and textiles since 2000.

Fashion factory “Goo. Moda: The factory is located in the Al-Fateh district of Istanbul. The factory described: The factory specializes in producing veiled clothing from veiled robes, gowns, and headscarf coats.

Baby clothing importing from Turkey steps: – Search websites online, or on Google, or even travel to Turkey for the supplier, company, or factory, that offers you the desired product at the best possible price (do not rush, and take too much time to search for the best possible source of goods). You must be fully aware of the specifications of the products you wish to import, which are one of the most important conditions of import from Turkey to any country.

Cheap clothes from Turkey free shipping
Cheap clothes from Turkey free shipping





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