Turkey women's clothing wholesale

The best 6 turkey women’s clothing wholesale you can choose what you need

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Turkey women’s clothing wholesale ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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Turkey women’s clothing wholesale

Turkey women’s clothing wholesale is the best business to invest in, with some of the best supplies you can’t find in a different places if you visit it, follow us to know import from turkey.


Turkey import regulations

There are a lot of laws regulating the process of importation of your personal goods, from turkey to your country, turkey import good  are strictly adhered to coming from Eastern European countries like Bulgaria and Romania, anyone think about importing clothes are forbidden will incur problems because of the customs police, which will be complicate their departure, Generally, there are customs formalities include forbidden or limited items which being brought into the country, all types of sharp instructions or weapons are forbidden, if you buy something personal the goods are taken out on exit, clothes imported from turkey from a long time and it made a successful progress so turkey is the best country in this field, if you need to import from turkey you should follow their regulation to avoid refused your goods, and also the regulations of your country to inter the goods, and always follow the update of this regulations, and fair trade clothing turkey is very famous around the world.


Turkey women's clothing wholesale
Turkey women’s clothing wholesale


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Turkey import tax

Generally, turkey charges a customs tax of 18 items which have arrived from European Union countries and about 20 percent for items from non-EU countries, in order to turkey is lowering it customs duties about 10% to 5% for 75 EUR or 30 kilogram, but the items less than 75 EUR or weighing less than 30 kilogram and sent to a person if it happen more than five times per year, the formal clearance is required, The modest clothing turkey is very popular and a lot of orders contain it, which make the economy of turkey high cause it depend on this field, Istanbul is famous capital with the fashion after pairs directly, so if you decided to important clothes from turkey you must know all taxes required, to make  successful investment in clothes, and you can buy clothing turkey online without need to travel to turkey and save your money for something else, be aware to know all the updates of turkey import tax cause it changes several times.


Turkey women's clothing wholesale
Turkey women’s clothing wholesale


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Terms of trade turkey

As you know there are a lot of items you can invest in, items of trade turkey increased every year according to the trend trade this year like masks is the best trade you have never seen before this year cause the corona virus, terms of trade of turkey increased to 112.35 points in July from 110 points in June, it is incredible thing because that mean that turkey make a hard effort to do this progress, turkey clothing is one of the reasons of this success, terms of trade turkey (ToT) correspond to of the exportalable goods to the importable goods  with their price sure, the last exports of trade turkish is reached to 15011.94  compare with the previous which was 13455.34 but the import decreased from 16307.75 to 17708.81 which mean turkish one of the biggest countries in the world, there are a questions you need to answers one of them is clothing in turkey is it cheap? we will answer in the next dialogue.


 Turkey women's clothing wholesale
Turkey women’s clothing wholesale


Best clothing stores in turkey

Nowadays you can buy clothes from turkey without traveling there, the online stores present a different items you need to buy with the cheapest price you can’t imagine, and this websites make a big offers on the items which have like women’s clothes, children, men and accessories, you can search about turkey clothing for sale on the Internet or social media you can find more than 50 store you can buy from, like:

  1.fimka store, if you never hear before about this store that mean you didn’t search in a right place, because fimka is one of the biggest store in turkey, you can find there anything you are looking for, as well as offering high quality products and the best options for nice boutique owners outside turkey, and the best women’s clothes you have never seen before.

 2.culpfashion: is the right place to import workwear, women’s sports wares, and men’s clothes and much more at wholesale prices then this place is for you.

 3.turkopt focus on online shopping from turkey to any place around the world, they offer a large selection of apparel of women, they focused mainly on selling Turkish clothes and the top brands, and all the sources are made in turkey, so don’t forget see this store.

Turkish trade increased everything year so don’t lost this chance to invest in this successful field to reach the top in few minutes.




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