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List of the best stores for wholesale clothing turkey in Lebanon

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Wholesale clothing turkey in Lebanon

Do you look for buying wholesale clothing turkey in Lebanon ? buying Turkish clothes has become fashionable now, because of the quality of clothing materials and elegant designs in addition to the low prices compared to other international brands, which encouraged many to search for Turkish wholesale clothing stores in Lebanon, and in this article we present to you the most famous of those stores.


Clothes from turkey to Lebanon

Learn about the cheapest markets  that sell Turkish clothes in Beirut.

  1. ABC Mall:

It is a large mall that includes a large variety of stores that offer international, imported clothes and local brands at reasonable prices, and also includes the finest restaurants, cafes and cinemas, and the mall is distinguished by its privileged location on Alfred Naccache Street, Ashrafieh, and provides customers with free parking.


  1. Beirut Mall:

It is one of the most famous markets in Beirut and includes all the products you need. There you will find jewelry, books, clothes, Imported T-shirts, bags, shoes, the finest leather products and school bags, and the market is characterized by its large area and consists of eight floors, of which are four below ground level, and includes a large and varied It is one of the retail stores and provides the finest brands and women’s and men’s clothing beside children, and you can also find there everything you need from electronics, art and music books, and you can also get the most beautiful souvenirs and this market is located on the old Sidon Road in Beirut.


Wholesale clothing turkey in Lebanon
Wholesale clothing turkey in Lebanon


  1. Virgin Megastore:

It is considered one of the cheapest markets in Beirut, and it is famous for selling games, clothes for summer and books as well as tickets for travel and everything you need in terms of tools, equipment and supplies for various life, and if you are a fan of art, you will find there everything you want from music products, films and other products, and the market is distinguished by its location near the Opera Building Old.


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Shipping from turkey to Lebanon

Alfares Lojistik was able to make the Turkish market accessible to importers in Lebanon, as it ships all types of goods, of different sizes and weights, while ensuring the safety of these goods with different shipping methods from Istanbul to Lebanon, while providing all the papers and documents necessary for shipping.


Air freight from Turkey/ Istanbul to Lebanon:

Al Fares Lojistik has been able, depending on its strong relations with the various airlines, to achieve the best prices  for import from turkey to Lebanon within a standard delivery time, and it is also working to provide the latest packaging technology and appropriate packaging in line with the shipments and the materials they contain. Al Fares Lojistik has also provided the distinctive service for air freight, which is door-to-door delivery service for  wholesale clothing turkey baby, where their distinguished team receives shipments from you at your place of residence to be shipped to Lebanon with the provision of all the papers and documents necessary for the shipping process and with a great deal of safety and speed.


Wholesale clothing turkey in Lebanon
Wholesale clothing turkey in Lebanon


Sea freight from Turkey/ Istanbul to Lebanon:

Sea freight from Istanbul to Lebanon is suitable for large shipments or heavy and non-urgent shipments, due to the fact that sea freight is less expensive than air freight, and this is done through various size containers (either a 20-foot container or a 40-foot container) In proportion to the shipments in size and weight, across international shipping lines, and within ships designated for shipping.

Your choice of Al Fares Lojistik in sea freight is a guarantee that your Turkish women clothes will arrive from Istanbul to Lebanon safely, due to the expertise and quality of Al Fares Lojistik in managing sea freight operations and out of its desire to gain the confidence of its customers. It has provided the best price offers.


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Turkish clothes brands names

Here is a collection of the most famous Turkish clothing brands:

  • LC Waikiki

This famous brand was established in 1985 in France; By French designer Georges O’Moyal, and his partner. After 1988, the company continued its path to become one of the most famous Turkish clothing brands, and offers online shopping from turkey to Lebanon. Waikiki displays its products in five hundred seventy-six stores, in twenty-seven different countries. The brand has its own slogan saying ‘Everyone deserves better clothes’ as well; Waikiki is known for the high quality of its products, with their reasonable prices.


Wholesale clothing turkey in Lebanon
Wholesale clothing turkey in Lebanon


  • Collezione

Collezione was established in 1987 in Bakirkoy district, Istanbul. The company creates several stores around the world, that you can buy  Modern Turkish clothing online, which provide high quality men’s and women’s clothing, along with its own accessories lines.

You can shop from turkey to Lebanon  through Turkish malls or brands that sell online




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