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Shoes manufacturer in Turkey… top 4 manufacturers you will love

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shoes manufacturer in turkey

In Turkey there are dozens of stores and markets that sell the best men’s and women’s shoes with youthful design at competitive prices. There are a number of shoes manufacturer in Turkey specializing in wholesale Turkish summer and winter shoes with excellent materials and good taste and fits with modern youth designs. Over importing house platform you will please.

Shoes manufacturers in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country that is distinguished by the beauty of its nature and its charm, and this beautiful nature has been reflected in the tastes of its people, designers and shoes manufacturers in turkey. So, their wholesale shoes in Turkey and industry have become very beautiful, especially clothes and shoes, this because the Turkish people and because of their geographical proximity to the Arab region also as the common Islamic history, their tastes suit Arab tastes. And Turkish series and dramas have spread in Arab circles; it has now made the Turkish product a distinguished place among the Arab consumer, of course, in addition to the quality of shoes in Turkey for sale, its high style and its available price. One of the best shoes manufacturer in turkey:

  1. Mono Amo Factory:

This factory is considered one of the best factories and is considered the most famed shoe factory in Turkey, which is characterized by the production of the best modern shoes and also produces all Turkish mens footwear in addition to clothes and is distinguished by its excellent prices and attractive materials based in Istanbul.

  1. Study Factory

It is located within the largest wholesale shoes manufacturers in turkey, and has also been able to be among the leading companies in using a very good method in a short time, while producing sports shoes suitable for walking, climbing and running in various sports, the level of quality brings actual pride. While wholesale ladies shoes in Turkey factories are available in Turkey and sports shoes are existing in all models you want, the possibility of ordering them at a much lower price than the estimates is another reason that makes them preferable, you can buy leather shoes in Turkey you want immediately and use them with the same efficiency for many years. With the help of the company’s expert teams, which have 20 years of experience, you will ensure that the right footwear is chosen.

  1. Luxera Paris Factory:

It one of the most famed and best shoes factory in Turkey and bags in Turkey, which is distinguished by its wonderful materials, attractive models and very reasonable prices. Therefore, countries of the world import many goods from this factory located in Istanbul.

  1. Kadsu design factory

The manufacturer of turkey shoes is producing great quality for more than 20 years, its products are produced using high quality 100% handcrafted leather, advanced trend, quality and elegance at the same time by enhancing its expertise in traditional manual production methods through technology, research and development work.

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Shoes price in Turkey

Shoes price in Turkey
Shoes price in Turkey

Turkish footwear production has reached more than 315 million pairs, including sneakers, boots, plastic shoes and slippers. About 50% of the total numbers of Turkish footwear brands operating in Istanbul are strong companies. The prices of the Turkish shoes product vary according to the brand, place and dealers, and the prices differ in terms of sizes of shoes in Turkey, children’s shoes, women’s shoes made in Turkey and men’s shoes. So if you are going to import shoes from Turkey in large quantities, the type and quantity must be determined to know the cost before taking any step. In general, we can say that the prices of Turkish brands’ shoes start from $ 40 to $ 100. Turkish companies deal their footwear products through Turkey wholesale website in Turkey such as Amazon and Souq. They are comfortable and light shoes suitable for walking, jogging and daily use.

More than thirty shoe manufacturers in Turkey are associated with a group called “HEKZAN”. This group goal to produce inexpensive, high-quality Turkey wholesale shoes and present them to the customer through a chain of stores distributed in shoes stores in Turkey and most Turkish cities. In this context, newspapers indicate that the group has opened more than thirty retail shoes stores in Istanbul, Izmir, Malatya and Arafat, so that the prices of the displayed shoes range from 8 Turkish liras, equivalent to two and a half dollars, to 21 Turkish Lira, equivalent to 7 dollars. Rendering to what the newspaper reported, the turnout for these stores is very large, as it is expected that the number of stores belonging to the group will reach more than 100 by the end of this year.

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Shoes wholesale distributors in Turkey

Shoes wholesale distributors in Turkey
Shoes wholesale distributors in Turkey

A person must invest in the shoe trade from Turkey, as shoes can be imported from Turkey in various shapes and forms, whether it is women’s, men’s shoes, sports shoes, classic or modern, or even children’s shoes, you supply the market with its needs from this product and feed the trade And it helps the customers to get different tastes with high quality and at a low price, which brings you abundant profits, wholesale shoe markets in Istanbul, especially since a product like this is in great demand, but in order to trade shoes from Turkey you may need to know the best distributors in Turkey as:

  1. Taksim Bazar

Many Turkish shoes websites found their way towards the Arab world, which led to the emergence of a number of new Turkish stores in the region, including Taksim Bazar, a Turkish shopping store that sells shoes made in Turkey online available in both Arabic and Turkish, and the store provides a large assortment of clothes, accessories, shoes and bags. They have Turkish shoes for men, women and children.

  1. VHS shoes

It is a company that operates with an ever-present curiosity and a desire to create something new. This company has been kept in the same family for 3 generations since it has been here for 3 generations and it has clear evidence of work and safety always as a result of curiosity and desire to create something. It is an import and export Company in Turkey, an innovative company that is almost unique in this industry in Turkey, and it is the cheapest place where to buy shoes in Turkey for sale.

  1. Kinetix

One of the largest and economical Turkish footwear brands there, which reflects the beauty of bright colors on the shoe designs that it offers, and it is the best wholesale Turkish footwear brand we recommend when importing from Turkey shoes. Likewise, it is one of the most famous brands that are popular with young people, because it will offer comfy and modern sports shoes in addition to its competitive prices, and it is also one of the best brands of shoes wholesale. It is published both inside and outside Turkey, and is one of the most famous names of shoe stores in Turkey.

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Shoes market in Turkey

Shoes market in Turkey
Shoes market in Turkey

The wholesale footwear trade from Turkey has developed a lot and develops day by day and is now the main source of importing shoes in many Arab countries because the products there have the highest quality and the best price, and whoever does not want to get all this in one deal, so Turkey was the best option to import from Turkey all what you want. For the Arab investor, Turkey includes a huge group that exceeds the wholesale Turkish fashion market, and the most important of these markets are the following:

  1. The wholesale clothing market

in Istanbul is one of the most important markets in the world, due to the quality of shoes in the industry, and the wonderful tastes that suit everyone, and their prices are commensurate with all segments of society, and the Istanbul wholesale goods market is one of the most famous markets in Turkey and the best shopping destinations in Turkey. Residents turn to it. Locals, incoming tourists and even merchants to get better goods.

2. Lalali Market in Istanbul

One of the most famous local markets and the most widespread in Istanbul, Lalali Market is located in the Lalali district, the most lively and visited area in Istanbul, and is very widespread among locals and foreign tourists, as it offers high-quality goods through the largest stores and stores at reasonable prices that suit all budgets.

  1. Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street dates back to the era of the Ottomans, and is considered one of the most famous commercial streets in Turkey and Istanbul, as it includes many local and international wholesale shops, in addition to the presence of many commercial buildings for shopping.

  1. Al-Fateh Market

It is called the Wednesday Market because it is held every Wednesday every week and is one of the distinguished wholesale markets in Istanbul, which holds the most delicious fruits and vegetables, not to mention cheap clothes and shoes from Turkey. The most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul are located next to it, such as the Grand Bazaar and Fatih Mosque.

  1. Marter Market in Istanbul

One of the most well-known wholesale clothing market in Istanbul Turkey with the Arabs, as it offers many women’s products, wholesale women and men’s clothing with high quality and very cheap prices, within more than 2000 exhibitions for the sale of Turkish products, and what distinguishes Turkish products is the market that contains companies specialized in customs clearance, which helps merchants To facilitate their task in the process of purchasing and shipping with minimal effort and cost.

Also Arab websites, of course, provide us with a distinctive set of clothes and shoes, but it is known that Turkish fashion has a special taste, and secondly, we Arabs resort to Turkish shopping sites for several reasons, the first of which is the price, and we find that the price of Turkish clothes is neither expensive nor cheap, we can say that they are medium and suitable prices. A person has other reasons for importing clothes and shoes from Turkey, which are designs, so we find that Turkey’s affinity with Europe has made it culturally influenced by the West in part, and his presence in the Middle East of course led to the same rapprochement, and Turkish designers and clothing merchants benefited from this diversity, so they were able to combine elegance. There are several manufacturers focusing on the wholesale clothing industry in Turkey.

Finally, if you want to expand shoes wholesale business in Turkey, you already know where to order shoes in bulk from best shoes manufacturer in turkey.

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