Wholesale shops in turkey

Wholesale shops in turkey .. All what you’re looking for at 8 places

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Wholesale shops in turkey

Turkey has long been known for its high-quality products and competitive prices in the markets, so there are the cheapest Wholesale shops in Turkey that you can rely on in the shopping process and importing clothes from them, so we will show the most important clothing stores in Turkey and the cheapest markets.

Wholesale shops in Istanbul turkey

Turkey, especially the city of Istanbul, has a group of the best markets in Turkey, and there are up to 200 wholesale shops in turkey  and markets distributed all over the city, these markets provide groups of different goods at the cheapest prices of clothes. You can buy goods to import from turkey like Turkish clothes, copper products, foodstuffs, textiles, handicrafts, bags and clothes. Leather, and there are many shops and malls in those markets, and the most important shops and streets in Turkey are:


Wholesale shops in Istanbul turkey
Wholesale shops in Istanbul turkey


Mahmoud Pasha Street Shops:

This street contains many clothing stores that sell their clothes wholesale, and among the most famous of those clothes are men’s and women’s clothes that sell at the cheapest prices, and the shops sell scarves, accessories and shoes, and there are Baby clothes Shops in Istanbul and cheap Turkish clothes in the market.


Jewels Mall Shops:

One of the most famous malls in Istanbul that tourists cannot do without when they visit Turkey, as they have gained the confidence of its visitors when buying Turkish clothes, because the mall has a lot of wholesale shops in turkey at cheap prices, and there are many brands that suit all tastes of visitors .


Colizione Shops:

The first store was established in 1978 AD, so Colezioni shops are one of the most famous ancient stores in Istanbul, one of the most famous markets for selling newborn baby clothes in Istanbul and cheap Turkish clothes at the lowest prices in Istanbul, and the wholesale shops in turkey are located in the Bakirkoy area of ​​Istanbul, and the stores contain the most important Turkish brands, and there are many men’s clothes Children and women.

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Where to buy clothes in Turkey

In our report, you cannot ignore the advantages of wholesale clothing markets in Turkey. If you want to import clothes, you must go to the wholesale clothing markets:

Marter Market:

Where to buy baby clothes in Istanbul? One of the best markets in Istanbul for clothes, where there is everything you want to buy without searching elsewhere, the Marter market includes many wholesale shops in turkey and more than 2000 showrooms to display different products, and there are many products that suit all tastes, and the market prices are suitable for all visitors, so they are distinguished by their cheapness and quality of clothes, not only that, but there are some companies in the market that work on customs clearance and shipping so that merchants finish their work easily, and among the most famous clothes are veiled clothes, children’s clothes and men’s clothes.


Where to buy clothes in Turkey
Where to buy clothes in Turkey


Al-Fateh Market:

 The Fatih Market is one of the oldest markets in Istanbul, and the doors of the market are opened daily to visitors from 5 am to 8 pm, the visitor will have all the goods, Turkish traders and products he will need in this market, so the shops on Fatih Street contain Turkey On all the goods that any visitor might think of, such as clothes, household appliances, and elegant and attractive veiled clothes.


Lali Li Market:

The La Li Market contains many wholesale shops in turkey  that sell goods and pieces to its visitors, so the market is the wholesale bale market in Istanbul, especially since the market is part of the markets and magazines of Fatih Street, the market includes thousands of showrooms that sell local brands Turkish baby clothes sizes and international brands, and there are shops selling bags and leather shoes at cheap prices, and if you are a bride and are looking for a market that sells wedding clothes and women’s clothes, then there is all this in a market, not mine.

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Turkish clothing suppliers

The market of one lira in Turkey with its different products competes with Chinese products around the world, so everyone knows the advantages of Turkish products and their prices. There are also wholesale sites in Turkey on the Internet that compete with foreign products, and among those sites are:

Galatabe website:

One of the most important sites, a lot of clothing products are sold, including Women’s plus size clothing online, Turkish gowns and children’s clothes, and there is a 24-hour service.


Seville site:

It is a site specialized in selling best Turkish clothes online and cheap Turkish baby clothes as well as selling high-quality baby clothes, and there are all baby supplies, especially for infants and pregnant mothers’ supplies.

Certainly, you should put Turkey at the forefront of the countries from which you should consider importing clothes, so you find here best Wholesale shops in turkey.

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