Turkish shoe companies

14 Turkish shoe companies for best prices

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Turkish shoe companies ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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Turkish shoe companies

Turkish shoe companies abound in Turkey greatly, and most of them specialize in production and export abroad, especially to Arab countries and eastern European countries, on the importing house platform you can learn more information about this topic.


Turkey shoe companies

If you are looking for the best Turkish exporter of shoes of various kinds, then it will definitely be one of the options that we will present to you.


One of the best Turkey shoes wholesale companies. They are a bunch of some chose or trustworthy organizations producing overall quality shoes/footwear in the city of Konya in Turkey.

Turkey is the greatest footwear producer in Europe mainland and eighth greatest in the World. Also, Konya is known to be the third greatest shoe fabricating focal point of Turkey, everything being equal, second greatest for men’s shoes.

Kinds of shoes produced are: comfort, exemplary/for, dress, muscular, dream, sport, canvas, easygoing, high heel, low heel, babette/level shoes/ballet dancer shoes, winter shoes, summer shoes, day or night shoes, boots, tennis shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, and so forth

In this way, they can meet your shoe/footwear necessities with overall quality and at sensible costs.

Special request is adequate

They as of now have involvement with trade business, including European market.

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GEZER GROUP has been established in 1968 and being the main shoe maker of Europe with its ability to deliver 100 million sets of shoes in its 160.000 m2 indoor territory with the assistance of 2.350 representatives.

 Gezer Ayakkabı offers women’s shoes wholesale Turkey and Ziley brand for low pay level with a quality however reasonable costs strategy just as Loris and Finley brands for youth bunches at medium and high socio-affordable level with shrewd, valid and free plans to the flavors of its purchasers notwithstanding its since quite a while ago settled brand of Gezer.

 Gezer Ayakkabı has been fabricating PU, PVC and EVA based Slippers, shoe, obstructs, rain boots, blustery boots and shoes at its three unique industrial facilities.

 Receiving the mission of offering quality items consistently with moderate costs as the main target, Gezer Ayakkabı gives incredible consideration to regulation and R&D studies and makes steady ventures at this field. Inside this specific circumstance, Dynamics and AX ERP frameworks have begun to be utilized over the organization.

With its 1000 m2 indoor space and master group comprising of 75 individuals, the R&D office keeps its exercises at home and abroad to plan sound, agreeable and legitimate models to offer wholesale shoes in Turkey  for the clients.

 Vision: “To be the most favored shoe brand.”

 Mission: “To be a liked and practical firm gratitude to its certified workers and imaginative methodologies.”

 Quality Policy: “To embrace the Total Quality Management coming about because of the fulfillment of their clients as their way of thinking.”

Turkey shoe suppliers

By dealing with Turkish footwear suppliers, you can enjoy a high quality of the shoes that you will buy and special prices cheaper than any other market.


Buyshoes direct from manufacturers from Erdogan. For over 50 years they produce clasps and extras for shoes constantly. Their organization’s standard is discipline, so they produce their items without giving up, and fastidiously.

 Their organization which has specific staff, is producing in the shoe flexibly industry since its commencement. Their items are bolt, D-rings, O-rings, square rings, eyelets, snare for boots, flip-flop mechanical assembly, plastic clasps, iron and cowhide blossoms models and particularly clasps (iron, zamac and infusion zamac item arrangement).

 They generally improve their items’ model as indicated by design and the time, so they have more than 10, 000 sort’s items in various shapes and sizes.

On the off chance that you need some particular models, they can draw proficient drawings; they can do its form and afterward produce anything you desire.

Since its origin, their organization and it`s  Turkey shoes online website climbed to upper level in its area with significance given to quality and attributable to assurance to beat the trouble, and never deserted from these standards.


Buy shoes bulk wholesale from Enditeks. Set up in 2001, Enditeks, begin as an agreement producer on Knitted textures and turned towards Foreign Trading since 2005. They amplified their piece of the pie and have a decent standing step by step, by driving give the most current and required items, an enormous amount of stocks and reliable client relationship.

 Main Markets ; cowhide industry, for example, shoe, sack, shoes manufacturing. car industry: home-material and furnitures attire industry Recently they additionally give some specialized materials and medi-care textiles. They can likewise give some speacial necessities of their clients.

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Turkey shoe shops

Obviously that Turkish garments and shoes are quality? Indeed, Turkish shoes have consistently involved a commendable spot on the planet market. Also, today, pursuing the heads of the shoe world, Italian and German makers, Turkish firms have accomplished significantly more noteworthy statures in quality, plan and variety. With this, Turkish costs are a lot of lower than European costs. Obviously, promoting is simply not functioning admirably in this nation yet.

Which brands are the most mainstream in Turkey, and where to buy shoes wholesale Turkey?


It’s one of best Turkish shoe companies that offer models for people in a wide reach. Costs start at $ 30 .

Significant! This brand is picked by youngsters who intently screen style and trendy news.


A wide scope of male and female models, adornments. Costs start at $ 50 . This brand is the selection of individuals with a steady pay.

Each model is made of normal materials, it isn’t just snazzy, yet in addition down to earth.


A wide scope of male and female items, calfskin items.

Cost goes from $ 50.


Best shoes shops in Turkey. Male and female couples, cowhide merchandise. Costs can begin from $ 75.

An immediate contender to the past brand, one of the pioneers in the shoe market in Turkey.


Ladies’ shoes in a wide grouping, some of men’s choices. Costs – from $ 25.

Significant! Erol offers an enormous choice of high-obeyed items. This is a most loved brand of Turkish ladies.

wholesale shoes in Turkey
wholesale shoes in Turkey


Luxury shoes brands. People’s shoes, calfskin adornments. Costs – from $ 75 . Seriously creating organization.


People’s shoes, wedding alternatives. Cost – from $ 15. One of the main organizations to show up in Turkey, which has become an innovator in world exchange.

Reference! Inci items are notable on the planet. The organization fares to 37 nations.

Karmen (Carmen)

Shoes for ladies in single duplicates. Costs start at $ 100 . With an individual request, this cost increments significantly.

Reference! Delegates of the Turkish tip top, the most noteworthy political figures of the nation, request shoes for themselves here.

Kemal tanca

People’s shoes, adornments. Costs – from $ 75 . One of the pioneers in deals in the Turkish market.

Reference! 10% of Kemal Tanca’s items are dispatched to Western Europe.


Male and female models, adornments. Cost goes from $ 75 . Demonstrated assembling organization for a Turkish shopper.

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Turkey shoes price

What to search for while picking Turkish shoes?

Shoes, boots or boots should be agreeable and agreeable for the foot. Something else, in an hour you won’t have the option to go in it.

The legend that bulk shoes for sale should extend over the foot was created by careless providers. No! Quality – not extended. In any case, shoes made of real calfskin, obviously, adornments duplicate your foot.

In the event that the highest point of your shoes or shoes can be made of fake materials, at that point just certifiable calfskin should be inside. Something else, the leg will start to perspire staggeringly.

In winter or demi-season models, the insole should be uninhibitedly removable for drying.

It is basic to focus on the creases, both outer and inside. The nature of the creases consistently shows the nature of the item overall.

Notwithstanding the abovementioned, I might want to give extraordinary consideration to the expense. Not in every case significant expense shows higher caliber. All the time this is only a recognition for a brand, a style name.

Beginning with an essential shoe: US retail cost $70.00.

The retail location purchases the shoe from the shoe brand in mass at the discount value, which is about $35. In the event that this is a major retailer they may get a 3-5% markdown or free cargo.

There it is! BAM! The retail location takes half of the value immediately. Be that as it may, at that point they need to pay the workers, keep the lights on, publicize, and pay the lease. The store may likewise need to put the keep going not many sets marked down. On the off chance that the shoe is a moderate dealer, a significant number of them may go marked down. At the point when you see a “40% off deal” that implies the store isn’t bringing in any cash, indeed, subsequent to covering the overhead, it is a misfortune for the store.

Alright, what offer does a shoe brand like Nike get? Keep in mind, the shoe brand doesn’t really possess the shoe plant. Of the multitude of significant tennis shoe brands, just New Balance has its own shoe industrial facility. All in all, what did the brand pay for that $70.00 shoe?

The genuine expense to make shoes from cheap shoes websites:

The genuine expense to make a $70.00 shoe is about $15.00.

When the brand purchases the shoe from the manufacturing plant, the shoe should be delivered. Most shoes are dispatched by sea cargo. Sea cargo from China to the USA is about $.50 per pair. A 40-foot steel trailer, the size of a semi-truck trailer, holds around 5000 sets of shoes. 5000 X $.50 = $2500.00

That cost will get a steel trailer from China to California.

When the shoe shows up in the USA it must be lawfully imported. On account of a cowhide shoe, the US government requires an import obligation of 8.5% of the F.O.B. cost. Along these lines, add $1.32 to the expense. Additionally, add another $.32 for customs and protection for best shoes 2020.

Presently the shoe is in the stockroom: $15.00 + $.50 + $1.32 + .32 = $17.10

In this article we produce you important information to import from Turkey.


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