olive oil importers in china

Top 4 producers and olive oil importers in china

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olive oil importers in china

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Olive oil may be a staple in many countries’ cuisine, especially in southern Europe, it only has a very marginal use in China, and olive oil importers in china are limited, usually associated with foreign brands and healthy cooking.

Through Importing House platform, we will talk about olive oil producers in china, prices, and other data you may need it as it is rarely used in Chinese kitchens where soybean and rapeseed oils are more prevalent.

Importers of olive oil in china

  1. In Olio Veritas:

It was found on 60s, an olive oil made in china as their production are 6 000 tons of olive oil per year, their Cultivation areas are in Gansu, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shanxi and Jiangxi.

Their Producers are more than 10 thousand employees in the sector, which they have 150 000 ha of olive trees, their main cultivars in a hundred, of area such as Frantoio, Picholine, Coratina, Koroneiki, Arbosana, Hojiblanca, Manzanillo, Arbequina.

  1. Chinaboruijie:

An international food trading olive oil china company specializing in high-quality original imported olive oil and related products.

They operate in olive oil-“Barcelona” olive oil to meet the growing domestic market demand. Since the establishment of the company, while introducing and promoting high-quality olive oil, it has been actively committed to spreading the Mediterranean healthy diet culture, and strives to advocate a healthy and natural life concept.

  1. Xuzhou Didian International Trade:

It is a glass bottle manufacturer with the exclusive production and processing in automatic test equipment and cleaning equipment, advanced technology, the highest quality.

Their products are: perfume, beverages, pickle, olive oil bottle, cans bottles, honey, and infusion bottle, coffee bottles, health bottles, milk bottles, and other.

  1. Nmb machine:

They are professional enterprise in China, they have their own specialized design, factory, research, marketing and after-sale teams. Their company machine can meet the international high-quality standard, their machine is the newest generation base on the same industry, most of their machine is the newest design, and can bring huge benefits for their end users.

Their machinery has many years of production history, and their products have been exported to clients from different more than 100 countries such as UK, USA, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Benin, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Etc.

 Greece can invest on its production of Greek olive oil in china to reach the mass market of China, the statistics show a rather disappointing trend in comparison to the country’s main competitors in Europe.

In particular, a research show that all olive oil imports in China came from countries in the European Union.

Spain has the lead with 80% of the total, followed by Italy with 14% and Greece with only 2%. The remaining come from Australia, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey and Portugal. Exporting olive oil is like exporting any other type of food.

Chinese olive oil importers communicating with import companies abroad and knowing their requirements in terms of quality and price, some samples of products that are able to provide in large quantities are sent through express shipping companies.

And the merchants who importing olive oil into countries they accept the samples of olive oil bulk wholesale and agree with them on the quantities, prices, packaging, shipping methods, and other necessary requirements matters.

Importers of olive oil in china
Importers of olive oil in china

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Olive oil producers in china

However, eating better has become a recent trend among Chines, boosting the sales of olive oil in China. It still is very much a lifestyle product, which often offered as a gift, and not a general consumer product despite its growing popularity.

When it comes to the most important countries producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil in china , we will find that among them are about a specific country such as (Spain, Italy Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Algeria, Jordan, Palestine) that contribute to a rate that may reach a quarter of the global production and some of it import from other.

Regardless of the premium status of olive oil in China, olive oil production in China has steadily increased from 40,00 to 60,000 tons.

Even though olive oil consumption in China is still proportionally marginal compared to other all kind of oil, its increasing popularity has left the Chinese demand in need of new suppliers.

Out of all world wholesale olive oil producers, it is Italy that is best positioned to meet that demand, with Tunisia being a potential contender.

This increase in European olive oil exports toward China in an annual 4.1% increase from 2018 to 2019.

The quality of olive oil in china has also gotten better recently, a Chinese olive oil even winning an international competition. Quality is essential for domestic production as olive oil is regarded as a premium product in China and that European brands are often branded as being more unique.

The research also shows that even though half of the eight leading companies in the domestic olive oil market were Chinese, a total of seven of those eight companies sold either Italian, Turkish or Spanish olive oil, showing a clear dominance of imported olive oil products in the Chinese market.

This trend primarily applies to the virgin and extra-virgin varieties, which characterize of domestic olive oil imports. The quality of these kinds of olive oil is often higher than that of olive pomace oil or refined olive oil which encouraged dominance in the olive oil market in China.

The olive oil Chinese is not booming yet, but this situation may change in the future. The westernization of food habits in healthy food products in China could stimulate the growth of this promising market.

Olive oil known for being a luxury product in China, and they are consumption is very low compared to that of other cooking oils.

Olive oil may be a staple in many countries’ cuisine, especially in southern Europe, it only has a very marginal use in China. usually associated with foreign brands, olive oil is rarely used in Chinese kitchens where soybean and rapeseed oils are more prevalent.

Star products of the Chinese chief Olivoilà are imported Italian olive oils, the olive oil imports are in line with the latest economic trends, which show that China is becoming one of the main importers of olive oil globally.

Greek olive oil in china
Greek olive oil in china

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Olive oil market in china

Despite a growing portion of middle-class families using olive oil in first-tier cities, olive oil exhaustion yet represents less than 1% of the total cooking oil consumption in China.

China is a prime consumer of cooking oils, but its olive oil consumption is derisory in comparison to other countries only 45,000 tons of olive oils were consumed in China, an amount which is 360 times lower than that of the national favorite because they prefer and use the soy oil the most.

It is quite obvious that olive is not fully merged into the food culture in China yet. Olive oil is also barely used in China industry when cooking their food.

You can see the olive oil products presented in a package and stored in the gift section of Chinese olive oil market. Although not actually a part of daily consumption habits or generally used in their food, but olive oil is often a popular gift choice.

China famous for that it has More than 60% of the total olive oil sales in China are intended for gift purposes. as imported food products are regarded as great gifts in China, especially when those products are considered to be very healthy, like olive oil.

The import and export trade bulk between the Mediterranean and China overtake approximately 150 billion U.S dollars in 2016 alone. As Spanish olive oil producers are still dominating olive oil industry in China.

Spain acquaintance 81% of total olive oil imports to China, leading far ahead of Italy (13%), Greece (2%), and a combination of the rest of the exporting countries including Australia, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, or Portugal (4%).

However, production sometimes crop-year will almost certainly decrease due to the attack of a deadly which struck a large portion of the harvest in some years. Which made Italian olive oil is becoming more and more prominent in the Chinese market.

Now, the Chinese olive oil market is still limited, as the Chinese consuming is estimated at 45,000 tons per year, amounting to Australia’ yet 60 times less populated, this represents only 0.15% of the 35 million tons of the Chinese edible oil market, dominated by rapeseed and soybeans.

Olive oil is actually perceived in China as a luxury product, which is often offered as a gift for its remarkable health properties, and, although it can be found in supermarkets, its price per liter remains 10 to 20 times higher than the other oils’.

Despite all the efforts of the Chinese government, local production only covers 13% of the domestic consumption, with a 6,000 tons production. But that is already three times more than it was three years ago – and by the way, the same level as France’s production.

Indeed, in the provinces of Gansu, Yunnan or Sichuan, far from the big city’s consumers’ eyes, ambitious Chinese entrepreneurs supported by the government are investing the field on a massive scale, weighing a great potential, and getting ready to flood the domestic market.

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Olive oil price in china

Olive oil is still very expensive for the average Chinese consumer. While the price of cooking oils such as peanut, soybean, or rapeseed oil varies between $1,5 to $4 per liter, olive oil pricing is about 10 times higher, reaching $17 to $33 per liter.

You may note that cheaper olive oils with similar prices to other cooking oils exist in the Chinese market, but these products are usually blended with other oils.

Despite the relative expensive price of olive oil change with different olive oil china brand or other imported olive oil brand.

In conclusion, we have mention some of olive oil importers in china details which offering olive oil and an international kind of it and we have shown you some information you might need of olive oil in china.

Chinese olive oil importers
Chinese olive oil importers

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