olive oil imported from Spain

olive oil imported from Spain .. Top trusted producers.

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olive oil imported from Spain

Spain is one of the most important producers of olive oil in the world, an important source of wealth and a symbol of its culture and gastronomy, and we will talk about olive oil imported from Spain in this article in Importing House, and will show you the top trusted of olive oil producers in Spain, great Spanish olive oil brands, and some tips for import olive oil.

Olive oil manufacturers in Spain

There are many olive oils companies in Spain, respected suppliers and best reliable olive oil exporters in Spain , including:

  1. Aceites Heraldo:

They are sought the integration of all the necessary processes to obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of unbeatable quality, from the cultivation of the olive grove on the farms of their property, the harvesting of the olive in the appropriate moment, its grinding in the oil mill.

The Spanish olive oil benefits are many, in this way the body benefits from each of the properties of extra virgin olive oil. The natural base of virgin olive oil allows, the impact of this product to be very positive for the human body.

Olive oil provides a feeling of satiety that stimulates weight loss and it has properties that act, diabetes ailments, has anti – cancer properties due to its high content Oleocanthal, other natural antioxidants oleic like acid acts against cholesterol.

  1. Nanakogoods:

They are producing a variety of olive native and its cultivation area is spread through the Tagus river valley in Madrid, Spain. They are Providing a Second Spanish olive variety in terms of cultivated area, their Extra Virgin Olive Oil has aromatic, with notes of fruity olive with a slightly bitter taste.

  1. Spanish aurum:

They are known with olive growers in the heart of Andalusia, that they have great experience in the field of olive cultivation, distills wisdom and love towards its precious fruit.

As they are known for olive growers in the heart of Andalusia of experience in the field of olive cultivation, their quality in extra virgin olive oil is the climatic and agricultural conditions of their land. These are the conditions that define the organoleptic properties of their oils you will find them fresh with delicious notes and freshly cut herb with a slight tingling and bitterness mixed with texture and consistency.

Spanish olive oil benefits
Spanish olive oil benefits

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  1. Oleo jarico:

As they are producing Spanish olive oil the entire oil production process is computerized. From the moment the producer arrives at the oil mill, until he removes his already packed harvest, everything follows a rigorous control process. Which guarantees product quality throughout the cycle.

They are in Huércal-Over in the province of Almeria, Spain A land with an olive growing tradition in the 60s as it had more than six oil mills distributed throughout the municipality.

  1. Oliverium Selection:

It is a retailer based in Barcelona, Spain that operates in the olive sector. olive oil factory in Spain as it works in extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, and olive paste.

It was founded in 2016 to sell high quality Olive Oil from Spain customers all over Europe. as they select the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils from small producers in Spain and make them available through their E-Commerce. they have DOP certificates to ensure high quality in taste.

  1. Spanish gourmet trading:

Is olive oil from Spain good ? Spain presents itself as a qualified supplier with a variety of food sector. It is a company dedicated to the export of gourmet and organic products and high-quality Spanish wines, their journey began more than ten years ago in the wine market and little by little we have been introducing other high-quality food products.

The location in Seville allows them to accompany you throughout the internationalization process and offer you an immediate disposition to resolve any question, doubt or problem that may arise. Direct contact with you makes it easier for us to assure the buyer a professional, reliable and dynamic service.

In their offices in Seville and Vienna they have a multidisciplinary team with business, economic and legal training, extensive vocational experience in international trade, management of several languages and, what may be more important, knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of different European countries and of the Middle East having resided in them.

Olive oil companies in Spain

  1. euro-cargo:

They are specializing in transportation solutions as you can send your products olive oil imported from Spain by international maritime, air and land transport of merchandise, offering the option most adapted to the needs of each operation.

Which also, offering you cheap Spanish olive oil and the International Moving Service from Spain. Land Removals throughout Europe by groupage, direct vans or trucks, offering you customs management services for exports, imports and removals.

  1. Nasdaq Trading SL:

Many of the world’s best olive oils are consistently made in Andalucía, Spain. Nasdaq mission is to help these trusted brands known locally and regionally for their in-product quality.

They became a part of the team while generating brand name and bulk sales, coordinating leads, and advising on purchasing agreements and distribution. They help producers analyze and achieve an in-depth understanding of the markets they strive to grow in, which analysis and advice on distribution channels, foreign trade regulations, and product conformity to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  1. Aceitunas Los Dos SL:

It is a family business based in the heart of Seville in the town of Almensilla province of Seville, founded in 1994 in Spain. A company dedicated from its origins to olives, taking care of the product process from obtaining the raw material until the It reaches the most demanding packaging companies.

Their goal is to produce products that guarantee quality above all, together with standards of good service and competitiveness that have endorsed them for more than 20 years, a lifetime manufacturing and pampering their unique product, Manzanilla olives.

They have two factories located in strategic areas in order to receive their products with an exquisite treatment; a first plant located in the heart of Aljarafe Sevillano and a second located in the heart of the Seville countryside.

They are working to expand and offer their Spanish olive oil bulk to markets outside of national borders.

  1. Orobailen:

All the extra virgin olive oil obtained under the Oro Bailén brands comes from their olive groves, so traceability and food safety are guaranteed. Oro Bailén is bottled every month and on demand so that the oil is always kept in its inert tanks, thus avoiding any type of oxidation

Their 100% oils, achieve peculiar fruity and aromatic notes, which give them a very marked personality with a perfect conjunction between fruity, bitter and spicy. As being olive oil producers, they integrate the different phases of the production process that would help them to reach the end consumer.

Starting with the preparation phase, moving through the bottling phase and on to the marketing stage, guaranteeing a perfect traceability throughout the entire process, beginning with the forming of the fruit in the olive groves and concluding with the sale of the end product and the carriage of the new philosophy of the extra virgin olive oil to the consumer.

Olive oil manufacturers in Spain
Olive oil manufacturers in Spain

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Imported olive oil from Spain

In the beginning, you must first make sure of the quality of the imported oil and do not hesitate to ask to consult a specialist in the field of olive oils for what you need in terms of skills and accuracy, and you should also estimate the ability of your physical facility to import and absorb olive oil products because Spanish olive oil prices vary greatly.

The fruits of olive oil are preserved after they have been extracted for a period not exceeding one day before the process of removing the leaves and twigs from them, followed by the washing and cleaning process, then the mashing process, followed by the kneading process, then the oil extraction process, and the process of separating the water from the oil resulting from the previous extraction process, And then the packaging.

Turkey is one of the leading countries in olive cultivation, as it ranks fourth in the world, with nearly 700 varieties of olives growing in it; The production of this fruit exceeds one million and 750 thousand tons annually

Spain is the top importer of Turkish olive oil. however, there are many of best Spanish olive oil supermarket but Spain intends to export what it imports of Turkish olive oil to other countries.

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Olive oil producers in Spain

Spain owns 330 million olive trees, while Turkey owns 170 million, the first produces 5 liters of each tree, and Spain only produce 1.5 liters. Spain, after importing olive oil from Turkey, packages it in bottles, and then exports it under Spanish olive oil brands to America. And Far East countries and other markets.

The exported quantity of Turkish oil amounted to about 40 thousand tons, and Spain came in the forefront of importing countries, as it imported more than 14 thousand tons, which constitutes 37% of the total quantity exported by Turkey.

Therefore, if you decide to start importing olive oil from Spain , then after agreement with customers or some companies, the export steps are agreed upon as follows:

  • Agreement with the importer on the types and quantities he needs.
  • You agree on the price you want with the olive oil factory or company.
  • In some agreements, you must provide the required quantities on time.
  • As the exporter, you begin the export procedures for shipping and dealing with reliable international shipping companies and their easy and distinguished services.

After agreeing on the quantities and types that you will export and agreeing on the appropriate price, the goods are shipped in any way, and import duty on olive oil from Spain from there you clear them customs by paying their dues, and it is preferable to deal with customs brokers so that you get the goods in the shortest possible time, and after the shipment arrives at the port Some documents are directed to you:

Certificate of Origin / Commercial Invoice / Bill of Lading / Packing List / Value Declaration.

Among the factors for the success of the project is a good study to know its feasibility and the extent of its profits, dealing respectfully with customers, providing everything the project needs, gathering as much information about it before starting the project, expanding relationships and treating clients in a sophisticated and courteous manner.

In conclusion, we’ve talked about olive oil imported from Spain and showed you some information that you might needed it and hope it help you with what you need.

Olive oil companies in Spain
Olive oil companies in Spain

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