Import of olive oil in UK

Import of olive oil in UK … Best quality with 11 manufactures

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Import of olive oil in UK

Import of olive oil in UK because UK olive oil market is estimated around US $ 307M and it has rising demand since a healthy diet is on the rise.

 Because the extra virgin olive oil is new hype, the quality of extra virgin is getting important every day.

Trusted wholesalers with quality assured and lowest price, olive oil business in UK, this information and more will  know  in importing house platform just contact with these suppliers…..


Import olive oil to UK

Whilst the highest prices do not necessarily translate into the highest quality, the link between them is relatively strong. In many regions of UK, with many olive oil brand in UK, bulk prices for extra virgin olive oils at the farm are perfect.


Donna Giovanna Olive Oil was established in the first half of the 1800s taking the name after the founder of the groves.

 In 1902 Emiddio Fusco came to the life, the first son of Donna Giovanna and helped growing the company since childhood. After a while it was Emiddo’s turn to take over the family business, and thanks to his passions for Olive Oil, he begin expanding the groves adding several Pisciottano olive trees, the oldest olive variety in Italy.

 In 1975 the company was inherited by the oldest son Francesco Fusco, a doctor in Trento, whom been so attached to his region Campania, decided to keep on growing the Olive Oil company of his father. During is ownership, Francesco and his wife Giovanna Ferolla expanded the grove to a total of 21 hectares, this helped further strengthen Donna Giovanna Olive Oil production.

This company considered from the best olive oil factory uk. In 2003, the company was acquired by Francesco’s daughter Enrica, who works at the company till this day.

 Donna Giovanna actually counts a total of 27 hectares and around 500 Olive Trees.

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JOTAS FOOD is a company of importers and distributors of traditional Portuguese food, based in London that brought from Portugal its long experience in the marketing of traditional food products, dedicated to providing a big different of food products for wholesale, HORECA and the catering companies.

 They are from the trusted olive oil suppliers UK. They operate with a professional attitude, which allows them to maintain a close relationship both with their suppliers, both with their customers.

They ought to feel the constant needs of them customers, providing solutions through a constant search for new products with a best standard of quality, thus gaining new customers daily, and constantly extending them product range.

 Please call for inquiries or requests and they guarantee, always personalized attention.



Wholesaler of superior quality extra virgin olive oil from Crere-Greece. Also other popular Greek products contain olives, feta cheese, honey.

Olive oil importers UK

Opting for extra-virgin olive oil is the only way to know that you are getting the real deal.

Oils known as light, pomace or even pure are substandard in comparison with extra virgin. When chosen correctly olive oil has many health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties, good fats which are great for a healthy heart, and plenty of antioxidants all of this benefit found in olive oil UK, with best olive oil in UK  price.


EG is an global company for export and import of all products, goods. We are usually eager to develop new trading partners while continuing to maintain the valuable relationships they have already established in international trade markets.

 EG is the link between the grains and goodness them company is always following the evolution and rules of the global market and clients demand excellence in their services.

EG is an active member of the worldwide cooperative of certified traders who work together to fill the needs and provide services to their respective customers.

There are one from the best wholesalers buying olive oil wholesale in UK.

Ultimately, clients satisfaction is paramount. The entire EG is fully committed to elevating the distribution of many quantity oils across the entire process.

They provide a worldwide infrastructure capable of locating, contracting, manufactured products and services.

 Those contain grains (Rice, wheat, corn, soybean, sunflower oil and Sugar).


Found in the east of Badajoz, UMM TASTE SPAIN S. COOP. SPECIAL is the result of more than 80 years of experience work in cultivating olives and producing Olive Oil Extra Virgin, Biological and Olive Oil Premium.

Widely recognized by its EU-awarded Protected Designation of Origin and its ecological attributes, their Extra Virgin olive oil is a testament to a detailed work ethic and the top production processes. They are bulk olive oil suppliers UK.

Today they are proud of their impact in the olive trade having 13 thousand hectares of centuries-old olive groves which produce an quantity of 28 million kg of olives which, in turn, yields over 6 million kg of quality olive oil.

They currently work exporting them oils to more than 10 countries and them commitment its to keep increasing their operations all around the globe.


They are producers and distributors of a wide range of high quality products. Natural, conventional and premium production. They have extra virgin olive oils of different qualities and formats (PET, glass and aluminum.

 Flavored EVOO, olive oil jellies, pickles, olives, seed, chocolates made by EVOO, honey, etc. they are an excellent gourmet suppliers. But they also have solutions in price for bigger quantities. They supply hotels, restaurants, caterings, supermarket chains. with a personalized service.

 affordable price adapted to your business needs. Broad range of olive varieties: picual, picudo, hojiblanca, arbequina.

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Best supermarket olive oil UK

Many of the best oils around in UK, are made with olives that have been harvested before they have ripened.

Contrary to popular belief the less ripened, green olives often produce even good olive oils which boast high nutritional value.


The Artisan Olive Oil Company is an importer, wholesaler and olive oil distributors UK, award-winning olive oils and Mediterranean fine foods and ingredients based in London.

they are extremely passionate about tasty and healthy natural products.

 They find rare products from small artisans who share them passion for quality and taste.


They started as olive oil sommeliers, tasting a large selection of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oils. They visited many of the most awarded olive oil producers in Italy, Spain and Tunisia. They use chemical and sensory analysis to identify excellent olive oils.


They have selectively expanded our range to include dips, spreads, sauces, cooking ingredients, vinegars, jams, marmalades and chutneys.


Their business customers include delicatessen fine food and organic shops, department stores and restaurants primarily based in England.


They work very closely with them customers to ensure a successful launch of new product ranges. Marketing materials, staff training and in-store tastings are part of their standard service offering. their warehouse and logistics services and our low minimum order size enable them to organize regular and fast deliveries.


They are very focused on a small range of premium olive oils and Mediterranean fine foods and specialties. This enables them to offer exceptional quality, traceability and to developed a close relationship with them exclusive suppliers. They view them service as a support function for sales, marketing and sourcing for their customers.

8- Lidl’s extra virgin olive oil :

ranked highest and proved to be more popular than big quality High Street brands like Asda, Tesco, you can bulk buy olive oil UK from them. Marks & Spencer in the test.


9- Tesco:

 If you’re looking for an oil to drizzle over your food for added flavour, this is for your. Farchioni is cold pressed and unclear. It came recommended by two of the experts they consulted. They describe it rich and fruity flavour with amazing colour. It has a equal balance of fruit and bitter with an earthy aroma. The bottle with the old-fashioned stopper is cute and easy to use. The best part, Farchioni EVOO is found in your local Tesco or you can buy olive oil online UK from amazon.

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Olive oil manufacturers UK

There are few things in life that taste better than proper extra virgin olive oil. Olive Oils are a healthier choice than solid fats, such as margarines because they have a different structure. Oils are better comprised of good unsaturated fatty acids.

Import olive oil to UK
Import olive oil to UK


They use the traditional Cold Process method of natural handmade soap making, which not only generates zero by-product but also allows them to carefully choose every ingredient by themselves and make natural handmade soap that is Earth friendly, Animal friendly and Skin friendly. They are proudly registered with both the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International. They use as little energy as possible throughout production, pouring, cutting, stamping and packing every bar of natural handmade soap using human power alone.


Marvellous Sicily specializes in the production and distribution of certified natural Sicilian fine foods. Them products are made using 100% organic and natural ingredients, GMO FREE, and homemade according to most authentic and ancient method which have been passed on for generations. Marvellous Sicily is not just a food brand, they are a cultural initiative. Them Mission is to prove to the consumers that food and ethics are fundamental elements to re-establish the balance between individuals and society; both destroyed by a savage capitalism where profit comes firstly. All them products come from an ethical and civic cultivation that means small productions with NO environmental impact, almost invisible to the huge economic numbers but essential to maintain our fruitful land and to keep them traditions alive and healthy.They seriously believe that now is the time to know where their food comes from; to know that (WE ARE WHAT WE EAT), Taste The Flavors of Sicilian Sunshine. At the end of my article I hope I benefit you and present all useful information about import of olive oil in UK, the best choice for you is importing olive oil UK if you want begin your olive oil work.<

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