olive oil importers in Dubai

Top 10 of olive oil importers in Dubai

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olive oil importers in Dubai

Do you want to know best markets and olive oil importers in Dubai to deal with? You don’t know from where to start? Do you need some help with olive oil importers best choices, and the prices of olive oil? Don’t worry through Importing House platform you will find what you need.

Olive oil importers in UAE

There are many of reliable importers in United Arab Emirates who you can trust them and having the best deals, we will mention some of them to you below:

  1. Maryline International Trading:

It is a company incorporated in the United Arab Emirates. they have been growing speedily from the time of their inception due to their dedication, their motive is to provide the best quality of service to their clients.

As they represent only reputed manufacturers or suppliers, so that, their clients can trade safely with no risk.

 They are supplying to all the African destinations, Asia, Gulf markets and entire Europe to the assurance of their customers.

They Export and Import: All varieties of Rice, Sugar, Spices, Nuts, Edible Oil, Vegetable Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, and other oils, Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Fresh Fruits, Vegetables: Spices: Cereals, Nuts, Animal Feed, Diamonds, and they are dealing in affordable prices.

  1. Usha oil:

It was established in Singapore, at first as a bulk palm oil merchant and dealer, a prospector of palm oil refining folk, it has been at the foreground of the eaten oils industry worldwide.

Their range of specialty oils is customized and involve to stringent quality standards and guidelines as required by their customers located in over 50 countries around the world. Their Extra Virgin Olive Oil has Rich and Intense Flavor

as it is a cold-pressed olive oil produced using the most delicious olives providing smooth and fresh flavor.

Which the company is a leading manufacturer, supplier, dealer and exporter of extra virgin olive oil across the world.

Their E.V.O.O has

  • Acidity: less than 0.9 %
  • Peroxide Value: 12 -15 Meq/Kg.

And their Virgin Olive Oil has a Smooth, Fresh Flavor, Acidity: 1.5 – 1.7 % and Peroxide Value: 15 -17 Meq/Kg.

And their dessert fats are used in implementation such as molding, coating, and filling and are in high demand by some of the world’s top brands mainly due to the advanced chemical and physical characteristics in them.

Their exports include products that are available in consumer and manufacturing packing to parameters designed to surpass international food quality and packaging standards.

  1. Hebany:

One of olive oil manufacturers in UAE of olive oil from Spain and Vietnam, headquarter office are located in Dubai.

The trademark of this foundation was founded in 1958, and the company is the result of generations of professional entrepreneurs, it develops and trades import and export operations for wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

Their experts travel the world finding the best and purest sunflower oil for their customers’ delight.

Olive oil importers in UAE
Olive oil importers in UAE

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A Company which an international import and export company located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. they are one of most reputable international trading company that represents leading manufacturers and suppliers on an international scale.

They are producing, and distribution of an olive oil brand: Ammaedara Extra Virgin Olive Oil, they Import and export of food commodities, and Export of natural stones such as marbles, and granites from north Africa.

  1. Atlas-marbles:

One of the leading Exporter and Wholesaler supplier of natural stones their main activity is to find the right sources for each of their clients according to their demands.

Offering a wide selection of Marbles and Travertines from several quarries located in Algeria, Tunisia and Libya with which they have exclusive trading agreements, they are exporting their natural stone products on the EU market, North Africa but also China and Singapore.

  1. Rashid Al Zaabi Foodstuff Trading LLC:

Rashid Al Zaabi Foodstuffs produce the best quality olive oil in UAE which can give a lot of benefits to their customers in the United Arab Emirates started in the year 2000 and till now they provide the best pure olive oil.

  1. Mujeza:

A Trading Company was established in 1995 in the state of Kuwait with a leading reputation in the food industry. started their activity by exporting and packaging health and natural foods that includes a variety of different types of honey, oil, herbal tea, and vinegar.

Their products variety grew in just few years to reach 200 different kinds that encompass a comprehensive range of herbs, nuts, grains, canned foods, and frozen foods. they have given dealership to a number of trade agents in the remaining Gulf countries, in addition to participating in international food exhibitions.

  1. East Treasure Trading Company Ltd:

They work in Shipping services, sources of assembly and shipment of goods. They work in the fields of manufacturing, stock, ready-made and custom-made stock clothes and shoes, foodstuffs Supermarket and Other Vietnam products such as furniture, electrical and others

They do products sourcing and consolidation from Vietnam Cambodia and UAE, Dubai, payment follow up and shipping documents for their clients. Also, they have trained translation stuff to local languages, can go with you to factories or trade fairs.

The UAE’s import of olive oil has reached more than 31 million 773 thousand and 930 liters. Among the most important countries from which olive oil is imported are Spain, Turkey, Italy, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The volume of the country’s import of olive oil in 2017 was approximately 11,451,629 liters, and the process of monitoring the consignments of imported olive oil shipments is carried out by verifying their compliance with the terms of import of foodstuffs in force in the country.

And that these conditions are divided into general and other special, whereby the general conditions are applied to all foodstuffs exported to the state, while the special conditions are decided according to the type of food item, in order to prevent certain risks that are usually associated with that food item, as the risks associated with a food item such as olive oil differ from Risks transmitted through another food item.

It indicated that the special conditions imposed on shipments of olive oil from Dubai imported from outside the country are summarized in conditions, which are:

  • The necessity to attach original health documents and certificates issued by the competent authorities in the country of origin or the country of export with the shipments.
  • Imported food consignments, including: a customs declaration, a delivery permit, a commercial license and an import permit.
  • Packing list, list of contents, documents proving the allegations in the statement card when necessary, and that such health and nutritional claims are accepted only if their text is proven by recognized and approved international scientific bodies.
Olive oil brands in Dubai
Olive oil brands in Dubai

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Olive oil brands in Dubai

There are many and different of olive oil brands to trust in uae and we are bringing the best well-known and famous brands you can try to deal with their foundation, including:

Artisan de la truffe, Tartufi Morra, Terre Bormane, Treurer, Kalios, Frisino, Muraglia, Rafael Salgado, Waitrose, Barbera, Borges, Bertolli, Sacla, Alevoo, Mantova, Serjella, Greek olive oil Dubai, R.s, Serjella, Rahma, Teeba, Afia, Baytouti, Borges, First1, Al wazir, And Aseel olive oil brand.

Olive oil wholesale price in Dubai

The prices for olive oil in bulk are differ from place to place which make you deal with more than one or two places to assume the best deal with your requirements.

However, the prices in the market help you to comparing the prices and have some knowledge in it as you can search for olive oil online uae on the Internet and you will find thousands of Data for what you need.

Pure Olive Oil – 1 Gallon Tin $16.99/ Each.

China 1 liter glass empty bottle for olives oil packing delivered to Dubai $0.35 – $0.80 / Piece.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good Quality in Bulk Cooking Olive Oil $4.00 – $5.00 / Kilogram.

Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml 135.60 AED / Carton.

Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pack Of 2 x 500 ml 24 AED / Piece

Gallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml 517.32 AED / Carton

Speroni Pomace Olive Oil 5 Lt 61.75 AED / Piece

Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml 20.90 AED

Aseel Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml 26.75 AED

Olive oil market in Dubai

We will show you some of Markets of olive oil UAE where you can find there all types of olive oil:

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  1. Almaya Supermarket:

Al Maya Supermarkets established since 1982 on the core values of freshness, product range, affordable pricing, service and ideal locations, they make sure they are retained loyal customer base.

It operates 24-hours, offering extra virgin olive oil Dubai, now Almaya Supermarkets has a strong network of over 50 supermarkets across the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman.

They flourish in the specialized skills of managing and have a strong integrated supply chain and they have sourcing offices in various resourceful port cities and arrangements with consolidators globally to ensure that the offering to their customers is well differentiated in better standards of health.

  1. United Foods:

United Foods PJSC is a public joint stock company, listed on the Dubai Financial Market since July 2006. United Foods operates within the food, olive oil offers in Dubai , beverages and tobacco sector focusing on packaged foods and meats. based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and was established in 1976.

The company announced the launch of three new types of premium oils under its “Aseel” brand, namely; this new group is an addition to the company’s product range of the best quality cooking oils, as they are 100% pure olive oil in UAE and rich in vitamins.

The company is one of the leading Emirati companies in the Middle East market, known for providing an innovative range of healthy food products with a distinctive taste.

To add more unique products to our rich range of cooking essentials under their leading brand “Aseel”, they launched three new types of premium oils, rich in nutrients and free of cholesterol and trans fats.

As they provide best olive oil in UAE in quality products to their consumers – products that are safe, nutritious, healthy, and full of flavor, they commit to obtain utmost customer satisfaction at the most affordable price.

They strive to improve product reliability while maintaining them at optimal cost and commercial viability.

 They have set strict standards for dealing with vendors and service providers with proven capabilities to meet their expectations.

They have robust processes and systems along with state-of-the-art manufacturing and experienced scientists and technicians who fully comply with international standards. In Conclusion, we hope we have presented you auseful information about olive oil importers in Dubai and you got what you need.

best quality olive oil in UAE
best quality olive oil in UAE

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