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The biggest 2 producers to olive oil importers Australia

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olive oil importers Australia

Australia is one of the largest producers of olive oil in the world, and has taken a multicultural approach to its offerings, so the olive oil importers Australia buy always from it.

Some Australian olive oils are strong and dense, although Hugeplanes olive oil in Australia is one of the lightest olive oils in the world. And here in Importing House we will show you all details..

Import olive oil to Australia

There is no place, today, in the whole world, does not have olive oil. Most likely, there is no supermarket. Do not sell olive oil, with its different types and flavors, which vary in sweetness, sharpness, and lightness to their colors, which oscillate between dark green and that light, down to light and pure yellow.

 And if olive oil has always been, and still is, one of the basic ingredients in all cuisines of the world except for Asian and some American ones.

In Australia, according to the tourist guide (petit futé), the state of southern Australia is famous for cultivating grapevines and olives, and therefore Australian olive oil is abundant as mentioned.

But this state is the size of Egypt geographically and a little more, and searching for trees there is a difficult issue, as well as being expensive, as it is difficult to search for an olive tree in the heart of forests on the one hand and deserts on the other hand.

 But those who sell oil here are rightly experts, and not in the way of the experts in our country.

 Although the aforementioned book states that olives are abundant, it really does not. It is available, but it is only sufficient for local consumption.

 Australia rarely export fresh Australian olive oil  outside its borders at all, but rather uses it locally.

Import olive oil to Australia
Import olive oil to Australia

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  • Many factories:-

There are many factories that produce oil in huge quantities for commercial consumption.

 While what is distinctive here is that some farmers, who do not aspire to sell the quantities of oil that come out of their land for commercial consumption, form associations or special stores that sell oil and olives and their derivatives, such as soaps, medicines, some creams and skin treatments.

Sellers of olives and olive oil also enjoy exceptional knowledge of the types, varieties, benefits, and age of the oil, as well as all of this with the chemical elements that make up the oil and the function of each component of this element and its effect on the body.

Unusually, the countries or regions produce olive oil in abundance and it is included in their diet. Australian olive oil for sale appears to be a substance that resembles the way it is cared for and searched for by the gold that abounds at the bottom of the earth. The search, which lasted four hours, was at times on mountain roads and on desert roads for the best olive oil in Australia what is nothing but the journey that those who came to these countries in search of gold, luck and wealth were taking.

Although olive oil is not equivalent to gold in achieving wealth, it benefits health, which is the most important wealth.

Olive oil manufacturers in Australia

The wealthy in China have switched to using olive oil in their cooking operations, which revived deals to acquire olive farms in Australia, to secure imports.

 And olive oil sales have boomed in China, as a result of consumer searches for healthy and beneficial products that are not used in traditional Chinese cuisine.

And a wave of ads promoting olive oil and its nutritional benefits has helped increase demand for different types of oil.  China imports 99% of the olive oil it consumes, in light of the availability of a few regions that are characterized by the appropriate climate for the cultivation of the olive tree, such as, Gansu, Yunnan and Sichuan, with its hot dry summers and moderate wet winters.

China spent about $ 184 million on importing olive oil last year, an increase of 9.3 percent over 2012 and the tiny amount that only exceeded one million dollars a decade ago.

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Where to buy bulk olive oil in Australia ?

Meanwhile, a host of new deals between Chinese and Australian companies mean that Chinese and Asian investors own about 10 percent of Australia’s olive oil output, said Tim Smith, director of sales and marketing at:-

  1. Boundary Bend
    Its Australia’s largest olive oil company and it’s one of the famous olive oil producers in Australia

The Australian experiment in olive oil production started in 1998 with the establishment of the first small olive grove of 200 hectares named Boundary Bend Limited in the state of Victoria by young people Rob McGavin and Paul Riordan.

Over time, the Australian company was able to be one of the largest integrated olive oil companies in the world and is the undisputed leader in sales of high quality Australian virgin olive oils under the two most prominent Australian olive oil brands, Cobram Estate and Red Island.

  • High operating capacity …

Spread over 2 million olive trees planted on 6,100 hectares, Boundary Bend Limited is a production company focused on product quality, value, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Olive groves are also located in the Murray River Valley, in the northwest of the state of Victoria, and represent about 20% of the area of ​​the olive grove in Australia, although they produce more than 60% of the olive oil in the country. Their productivity and efficiency have become a benchmark for modern olive growth in the world.

The company has registered explosive sales growth even though its oils are sold at an average price per liter, nearly 80% higher than its competitors.

In 2006, the company acquired the Cobram Estate brand, and within a few years drove it to its current leadership position in sales of extra virgin olive oil in Australia, you can buy olive oil online Australia

Six years later, in 2012, Boundary Bend Limited established Australia’s second largest olive oil company, Red Island.

The company currently has more than 100 permanent employees and 16 operations centers located in various parts of Australia, in addition to the headquarters it recently opened in the United States.

The cultivation areas are dense, ranging from 350 to 450 trees per hectare. Among the popular varieties we find coratina, picual, arbequina, barnea, koroneiki, picholine, frantoio, and hojiblanca.

The company has oil presses strategically located on the plantations themselves to reduce transportation costs or delay between harvest and squeeze the mill has an average capacity of 1,000 tons per day while the mill on the Boundary Bend Estate grinds up to 1,500 tons of olives per day.

  • Important and diversified production …

This season, Boundary Bend Limited expects to squeeze approximately 80,000 tons of olives. All production aims to produce premium virgin olive oil, estimated at around 14,000,000 liters, and approximately 85% is marketed in packages.

Boundary Bend products are sold in a large number of supermarkets – over 1500 and in distribution chains to olive oil importers Australia

The substantial subsidies received from the Australian consumer allowed more than 75% of the production to be marketed in the domestic market, with the remainder being exported to countries such as New Zealand, the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

the best olive oil in Australia
the best olive oil in Australia

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Olive oil companies in Australia

Near Adelaide, the state’s capital and commercial and political center, are the state’s two most important areas for olive and vine growing. Barossa valley and McLaren valley but there is only one store that sells olives and oil of all kinds, it is located sixty kilometers east of Adelaide, at the southern end of the Barossa Valley in a village called Truro.

This village was discovered in the late eighteenth century, basically, it was not a village, it was a mine near which houses were built for the workers, but the mine was closed many years ago and the houses remained.

  1. Truro

 It is striking in this remote village that most of its houses were built during the period in which the mine was working, and after that the workers themselves began to work in the field of agriculture, especially olives to produce the cheapest olive oil in Australia despite the fact that the climate in it is closer to the desert than the Mediterranean, where olives grow.

 Thus, the olives of the region are distinguished from the rest of the regions by a very sharp flavor, in addition to being small in size because they are left without irrigation, but only irrigated through rain.

The small store, which was founded in 2003 and occupies a house built in the late nineteenth century, its founders Martin and Uriel Wright and their daughter Mel Sweeney operate this small establishment, which stores the luxury varieties of the best olive oil brands in Australia produced in southern Australia, and they sell it in this store alone. Therefore, whoever wants to buy high quality oil, or even olives of various types, which cannot be found anywhere, he must go to this village.

Olive oil distributors Australia

The rise in prices for olive oil at source in the past period is already being reflected in the price behavior of extra virgin olive oil in markets such as Portugal, Italy or Greece.

Not only did lampante olive oil go from 1.70 euros per kilogram to 2.00 euros and even 2.05 euros.

Also, the wholesale olive oil prices Australia moved from 2.70 euros to 2.80 euros per kilogram to close operations during this period, from 3.00 euros per kilogram to 3.20 euros.

The decline in production expectations for this season in Italy, Portugal, Greece and even Tunisia, along with the decline in stocks of olive oil factories, was the reason for achieving this great development in marketing and prices.

For its part, Spain is currently in a very good position, it not only leads the production but also the trade and the various offerings that are being carried out at the present time.

In fact, countries in the Mediterranean region have already adjusted their offerings along the same line that Spain offered. At the end, don’t hesitate to be one of the olive oil importers Australia.

Australian olive oil for sale
Australian olive oil for sale

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