Bulk extra virgin olive oil for sale

Bulk extra virgin olive oil for sale .. Best virgin oil suppliers

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Bulk extra virgin olive oil for sale

Are you looking for bulk extra virgin olive oil for sale ? Here in Importing House you will find everything you are looking for, about extra virgin olive oil soures. As we will show you its most important benefits and the most famous extra virgin olive oil manufacturers.

Extra virgin olive oil in bulk sales

There are many types of olive oil in and out of them

The first type is extra virgin olive oil bulk:

Olive oil is the best quality and the highest price and it is produced from the first pressure of olive oil and its acidity is less than 1%. The lower the acidity, the higher the quality of the oil that makes this type the best extra virgin olive oil.

Which contains a high percentage of nutrients, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, has a good taste and can be used in preparing all kinds of food, but care must be taken to use it at high temperatures as in frying because high temperatures lose olive oil its health benefits and is considered one of the finest types of oil olive.

Virgin olive oil:

It is prepared in the same way as extra virgin olive oil and differs from it in its high level of acidity, which makes it less quality than the previous type and reaches 2 percent, which affects the taste, aroma and health benefits and thus the price decreases.

Olive oil (normal):

 It comes in third place in terms of quality after the previous type and is also the lowest price and is manufactured from this type of olive oil by refining olives and exposing them to your own heat, according to its taste, smell and health benefits, and some manufacturers may resort to adding quantities From extra virgin oil to this kind, this type of olive oil can be used for cooking as it can withstand high temperatures.

Olive peat oil:

This type of olive oil is considered one of the poorest and its price is low as it reaches half the price of the previous types and does not contain any health benefits, nutrients, taste or smell as well and is manufactured through the remaining olives (olive clusters) remaining from the manufacture of the previous types of olive oil. Adding some harmful chemicals to it results in no health benefit.

Pure olive oil has a strong and pungent odor, and the smell is very similar to ripe olives, as sediments are deposited at the bottom of the jar, while the adulterated oil forms on the surface of the jar at the beginning.

When pressed, it turns green, but after a while it turns yellow, its acidity is only 1%, and if its acidity is clear, this indicates that the oil is adulterated and maintains its delicious flavor and jet aroma when stored, in contrast to the adulterated oil.

Olive oil provides many health benefits for the body, and we mention the most important extra virgin olive oil benefits.

where to store extra virgin olive oil
where to store extra virgin olive oil

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  • A substance rich in oleic acid that is anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory, as the percentage of acid in olive oil reaches 73%.
  • It is a rich source of antioxidants, specifically in extra virgin olive oil, and it is also rich in vitamin E and K.
  • Resistant to strokes and heart attacks, unlike other oils, as it increases the elasticity of the arteries and reduces the incidence of blood clots, in addition to containing high levels of monounsaturated fats.
  • Reducing the appearance of signs of aging as it is rich in antioxidants. Rich in a number of elements that can kill cancer cells and limit their spread.
  • Good for bone and joint health and rheumatoid arthritis. Moisturizing the skin and giving it freshness, as it is effective in treating the effects of sunburn, and reduces the chance of pimples and acne.
  • Reducing high blood pressure in the body. Balancing the level of cholesterol in the blood, as olive oil is one of the natural substances that provide protection from harmful cholesterol in the bloodstream.
  • Natural oil that fights Alzheimer’s, by eliminating what are known as beta-amyloid plaques that accumulate in the brain, It causes Alzheimer’s.
  • Reducing the risks and complications of type 2 diabetes. Not to cause weight gain, contrary to what is common for it, if used within reason.

Best extra virgin olive oil bulk

The olive oil that we use for cooking contains more than one type, and each has specific properties.

 Despite the difference of these types and the characteristics of each of them, extra virgin olive oil original virgin olive oil is the best type of olive oil in Saudi Arabia, which constitutes the most expensive and highest quality requirements.

It is extracted by cold pressing on olives to protect its properties and components that change when exposed to heating at high temperatures and because of the way it is extracted.

This type of oil has a lower pH than others, extra virgin olive oil wholesale prices where the price of olive oil in Saudi Arabia per liter, it is about 30 Saudi riyals (about eight dollars). Therefore, extra virgin olive oil is required as the most natural type of olive oil, as well as for health purposes in cooking, because it preserves all Its properties and natural ingredients.

Olive oil is one of the most widely used and useful oils. It enters in cooking, preparing appetizers, baking, and preserving foods in general, and remains useful as long as the best way to store it is followed; It can last for two years

In the absence of adequate storage factors, it will have a very unpleasant smell. Olive oil is one of the oils that can be preserved for long periods without exposing them to damage, but it is advised to take into account several things when preserving olive oil, including:


It is necessary to avoid putting olive oil in a place exposed to heat, light and air, as exposure to these factors may lead to losing some of the properties of the oil and losing its distinctive flavor, so the best way to preserve olive oil is to store it in opaque glass containers to avoid exposure to light in dark places away from windows and lights. And the doors are open.

Storage package:

Stainless steel or glass utensils are ideal for preserving olive oil; It is strictly forbidden to use copper and iron utensils in storing olive oil, and it must be sealed tightly to avoid mixing with air and oxidation, thus affecting its flavor, and the process of preserving olive oil in a glass container is very important to avoid the oil’s interaction with other materials such as plastic or metal that It may rust and corrode over time.


Paying attention to the temperature when storing olive oil is very important, as the ideal temperature is 14 degrees Celsius, and it is normal until a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, and  the home and kitchen warehouse where to store extra virgin olive oil , and it may think of resorting to using the refrigerator In storing it; However, this is usually resorted to in hot and humid climates when the temperature is 27 ° C, for example, although the oil will inevitably freeze in the refrigerator.


Olive oil is usually stored in large quantities, and small quantities are taken gradually as needed. For example, a liter or a quarter of a liter depending on the use, and it must be closed tightly after use and return the large amount in a cool place far from the lighting.

Extra virgin olive oil in bulk sales
Extra virgin olive oil in bulk sales

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Extra virgin olive oil brands

Olive oil is one of those oils that no one disputes, because it is a precious treasure full of benefits for the body. The good thing about olive oil is that it is an oil that is used for many purposes, such as skin care, hair and health.

 But during this we show you the best brand of olive oil from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the best brands of olive oil what you should think about buying it to follow a healthy and healthy diet:

  1. Burgas olives:

It is the best and most well-known brand of the best Nadec olive oils as it offers premium virgin olive oil extracted from the best types of olives with a pH of no more than 0.5% and in quantities ranging from 125ml to 500ml.

  1. Iliada olive oil:

The finest types of oils at reasonable prices Iliada is used to give you the distinction of premium Greek olive oil, collected and cold pressed, without preservatives or chemicals.

Pure olive oil has another feature. There are two types of pure olive oil, extra virgin olive oil with a acidity of less than 0.8%, and virgin olive oil with a pH lower than 2% that can be used safely in different foods.

  1. : Grande Grande olive oil

It is an excellent Italian extra virgin olive oil that can be safely used in any daily dish and flavor.

  1. Probios olive oil:

It is considered one of the best Italian brands, the finest and most expensive olive oil, and there are several types of propius olive oil in different flavors such as lemon, hot pepper, ginger and garlic.

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Extra virgin olive oil bulk suppliers

There are many extra virgin olive oil companies high-quality, including:

1-North Olive Company Ltd:

It is a company specializing in the cultivation and manufacture of olive oil and olive oil in the (Tabuk) region and is proud to provide its food products from the crops and experiences of the Tabuk region and manufacture them manually.

 Taking into account health requirements and safety standards in food processing and providing luxurious and high-quality products that are relevant and stable, comparable to the most skilled In food production, that is, their products.

 And they are presented in the consumer markets at competitive prices, and this is the customer’s requirements through the application of local and global quality systems using the latest methods and production technologies.

 Which are faced through a system of preventive maintenance and periodic cleaning that continues throughout the month.

2- Al-Jouf Agricultural Development Company:

It is a Saudi joint stock company – on 06/08/1408 AH corresponding to 01/28/1988 AD and registered in the Commercial Registry No. 34004730 in the city of Sakaka Al-Jouf with a capital of 300 million Saudi riyals divided into 30 million shares, the nominal value of each share is ten riyals, and the company’s shares Fully Subscribed Since its inception, the company has gone through various stages of development and various activities.

In conclusion, dear reader, we have provided you with information onbulk extra virgin olive oil for sale and offered you the most famous extra virgin olive oil bulk suppliers to extra virgin olive oil bulk buy

Best extra virgin olive oil bulk
Best extra virgin olive oil bulk

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