imported Greek olive oil

imported Greek olive oil … Top 10 destinations

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imported Greek olive oil

Olive oil contains the best healthy fats ever, it contains many nutrients, and benefits as you can be searched for imported Greek olive oil in the search engine as we are going to talk about Greek olive oil through Importing House platform and where you can find and buy them.

Olive oil factories in Greece

Where to buy the best olive oil in Greece, if you are looking for olive oil producers and suppliers, we have brought you some of them here, we have selected for you those amazing places known for their olive oil production in Greece:

  1. Amalthea Food:

The most popular olive oil in Greece as they are producing and also exporting Greek olive oil. due to their climate and fertile soil which grow best quality of fresh olives.

Their products are well known for their quality, great taste and their Olive Oil is famous for their culture and traditional method pressed from them on their farm at Viotia in Greece. Their Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only cooking oil that is made without any use of chemicals and industrial refining, Olive oil is about 11€ for kilo package.


It is considered one of Greek olive oil brands and the few companies that produces Greek olive oil for frying and other heat treatment.

  1. Terra Creta:

A well-known Greek company, famous for its olive oil far from the borders of the motherland. The peculiar feature of this sign is the desire to make olive oil a kind of recipe, because many aromatic and flavoring additives are added to give the liquid unexpected properties. Both Greeks and foreigners liked such experiences, the company is in the lead today.

  1. Melasoil gr:

The Greeks are the largest consumers of olive oils known for “natural juice”. Their Olive Oil is shown to be an amazing and wonderful food, which is the main base of the famous Mediterranean diet. This is a combination of balanced foodstuffs can guarantee longevity, health and good mood. Olive oil is a real Blessing for the problem of disease prevention and for protection from heart disease and other diseases.

Greek olive oil producers
Greek olive oil producers

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Greek olive oil suppliers

  1. Artemisia Estates Olive Oil:

The company is the producer, and the operator in the olive oil sector based in Heraklion, Greece. It operates in the olive oil sectors, extra virgin olive oil for sale ,Greek olive oil and flavored olive oil. the company was born in 2014 from the birthplace of European olive oil, Crete.

The olive groves are maintained with care throughout and follow the ancient techniques to a modern world. They want to be part of the movement to let the world know what treasure lives in the Greek olive oil, and they created a fine wine of olive oil that it’s in purest sense and in fine cooking. They offer a 500 L bottle, to be used in cooking for a heart healthy oil and their journey is to help the world find its way back to the home of the world’s best olive oil in Greece.

They produce only the best olive oil in Greece and the highest quality of olive oil for maximum taste and health benefits, and they compete only against their products, as they do stand out against the mass market oils of Italian and Spanish brands that have cut corners and cheapened the quality for the sake of price and quantity.

  1. Greeklandopt:

A company specializing in the plentiful trade of products include extra virgin olive oil, and other stuff. As They supply Greek olive oil bulk and premium goods from Greece in bulk at low prices directly from manufacturers. They apply strict quality control standards to ensure that they provide you with the highest quality products.

All of their products are certified and all documents ready for export. They search for quality products for you and arrange to ship from Greece so that you can save a lot of time. They also help you with customs clearance and transportation logistics to ensure trouble-free delivery. They have gained the trust of many clients over the years in various countries including Greece, Italy, France, Germany and Britain. They supply their products to restaurants and many high-end stores.

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Greek olive oil producers

  1. Elainos Gr:

It is a wholesaler, established in 2014, They are the 3rd generation of olive oil producers, their olive trees are located in the mountainous region of Sterna. They are members of the agricultural collaboration on Sterna and they are creating a monthly Greek olive oil market analysis, which includes all news about market of the E.V.O.O.

  1. Kasandrinos:

An incredible olive oil from olives soaked in the Greek sun for several months and carefully hand-picked and from organic, non-GMO olives, juice in small batches for flavor and freshness. Every bottle of their Olive Oil is a piece of their home, made with economic stability, environmental sustainability and your health in mind. Kasandrinos 500 ML Bottle price: $39.99 ($2.37 / Fl Oz).

  1. Elirisgreece:

An organic extra-virgin olive oil is only available direct from Efthimiadis Estate and guaranteed to be exclusively from the latest harvest. This ensures the fresh olive oil is always enjoyed with its unique organoleptic and nutritional value intact.

They supply the gourmet food retail, food service, health and hamper markets worldwide. they would be delighted to hear from distributors and clients wishing to buy direct. they focus on offering a service based on your specific requirements and it is important to them that they build and maintain a long term, mutually rewarding relationship with you. As On your initial inquiry, they will ask for details about your business, so they can surely understand more about you and therefore how best then can serve you, their brand is available in three formats.

  1. Permanto olive oil:

A trading company operates in the Agricultural Products and Food industry, with exports from Greece to companies, they export quality fruits taken directly from Greek producers which they sell them to you in affordable prices.

The company has standard products include excellent quality packaged agricultural products such as Greek Virgin Olive Oil and Greek Olives available in large quantities (wholesale) directly from Greek producers.

Their Limited principles are: Ensuring the quality and traceability of our products that they offer, strict controls and laboratory tests to every product before exporting. and the availability of fresh products in the market in conjunction with good logistic companies, Competitiveness with combination of price and quality. and Reliability and consistency in trading. Before buying olive oil,imported Greek olive oil you should know that there are Types of Olive oil which has different usage and benefits for you:

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Extra virgin olive oil:

It is considered the best quality olive oil and the highest price, and it is produced from the first press of olive oil, and the acidity percentage is very low in it is less than 1 percent. This type is the best type of olive oil, as it contains a high percentage of nutrients, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, and it tastes good, but you should beware of using it at high temperatures.

Virgin olive oil:

It is prepared in the same way as olive oil, excellent virgin, but it differs from it in its high acidity, which makes it less good, which affects its taste, smell and health benefits, which is therefore lower in price.

Olive oil (regular):

It comes third in terms of quality after the previous two types and is thus the lowest price. This type of olive oil is manufactured by refining olives and exposing it to heat, thus affecting its taste, aroma and benefits, and this type of olive oil withstands high temperatures somewhat.

Pomace olive oil:

It is considered one of the worst types and its price is low, and it does not contain any health benefits, and it is manufactured through the leftover olives left over from the manufacture of the previous types, and some harmful chemicals are added to it.

Best imported Greek olive oil
Best imported Greek olive oil

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Best imported Greek olive oil

The Greeks eat more olive oil in Greece than any other country in the world. Also, the Greeks are ranked third among olive oil producers around the world, and about 80% of Greek olive oil production in Greek olive oil shop is premium virgin oil which is much higher than Italy which is around 67% and Spain at around 34%.

How do you choose the good type of olive oil?

1- Determine the reason for which you buy olive oil, if it is to prepare the salad, you can buy extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil, and you can buy a package of it and specialize it for preparing the salad only, and if you want olive oil for cooking, choose the Olive oil (regular) type of olive oil.

2- Choose olive oil that is packed in dark pure colored glass bottles because it prevents the oil from oxidation that may lead to spoilage and spoilage of the oil as if you want to buy Greek olive oil wholesale.

3- Do not choose olive oil based on its color, as the colors of olive oil vary greatly from dark green to golden yellow, but nevertheless the colors are not considered an evidence of the quality of the olive oil, but the points that were previously explained are what determine the quality of the oil.

The wholesale price of olive oil in Greece is USD 2.59, 0.4% / Extra Virgin is EUR 3.54 / L

In Greece, extra virgin olive oil is selling for $3.79 per kilo and the highest price is $4.15 and the lowest with $3,73, as the average selling price of extra virgin is $3.89 per kilo.

In the End, we have mention best places which provide you with best imported Greek olive oil and some advice for buying good olive oil with it propitious used for other type of olive oils

Best imported Greek olive oil
Best imported Greek olive oil

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