imported olive oil from Spain

Imported olive oil from Spain with 57 best places

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  imported olive oil from Spain; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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 imported olive oil from Spain

There are a lot of chances in the food industries sector for the Spanish market, to help the growth of exports to it, and imported olive oil from Spain . Through importing house platform you will find the best way to import olive oil from Spain.

Olive oil manufacturers in Spain:

If you ask is olive oil from Spain good? Olive oil manufacturers are using olives that have been recently harvested, such as:


It’s the fruit of careful growing and blending of their olive oil from Spain, using olives that have been recently harvested, their extra virgin olive oil is an oil that is thick.

  1. GARO, ACELTE DE OLIVE VIRGEN EXTRA: It’s a family business that specializes in olive growing in its own plantations and in purchasing from regional growers, they worked in since they went into business, so with them you will get best imported olive oil from Spain.
  2. ACELTES TRUJAL DE MAGINA: It’s an agricultural cooperative specializing in the growing, production, packing and distribution of organic extra virgin olive oil.
  3. TRUJAL MENDIA: It’s a cooperative founded in 1992, it plant 900.000 olive trees on 2.800 hectares, producing 1.500 tons of virgin olive oil every year.
  4. GUALTAMINOS: It’s involved in many different activities, they offer the best olive oil from Spain.
  1. COOPERATIVE LA CARRERA: It’s founded in 1969, it has 1800 partners who bring their Spanish olive oil to be converted into oil and then sold, its annual average output is 6-7 million kg of oil.
  1. FINCA LA GRAMANOSA: It produces and control all the process of the Spanish olive oil brands, from the own fields, to the costumer, they have 240 hectares of olives trees, their extra virgin olive is recollected at beginning of October.
  1. IBEROILS: It sells olive and seed oils in a good Spanish olive oil prices.
  1. ELEMENTAL FOODS: It selects Spanish food products that epitomize the tradition of exquisite Spanish culinary history, their leading Spanish olive oil wholesale is ALMA 1187.
  1. BARIMAR ALIMENT: They are food distribution company that produces, distributes and supplies other companies with typical Spanish food, they provide both the Spanish markets and the international market.
  2. UMM TASTE SPAIN S.COOP.E: It’s results of more than 80 years of experience dedicated to cultivating olives and producing Spanish olive oil bulk, biological and olive oil premium.
  3. S.C.A DEL CAMPO SAN JUAN: It’s a cooperative, and olive oil exporters in Spain, it has more than 450 member farmer and a great warehouse capacity. They have olive oil of different quality.
  1. OLIBERICO: It’s a olive oil producer in Spain, It has been obtained traditionally olive oil for thousands of years.
  1. ECOFICUS: It have fully control of the product from the trees care to the final production in the factory, it’s the best Spanish olive oil supermarket.
  1. HENRI MOR: It’s a family business that produces and exports cheap Spanish olive oil, and related products full of sensory attributes passion and history.
  1. NASDEK TRADING SL: It’s a limited liability company specialized in agro trade.
  2. CASIMIRO PEREZ S.L (ACEITES TROYA): It started the business in the 30’s, it is in the olive oil industry over 80 years and it’s currently run by the third generation of family managers.
  3. VINDICA EXTRA VRIGIN OLIVE OIL: They are interested in contacting with local distributors and stores who would like to distribute their oil in their area.
  4. ALLGOURMET: Their brand have registered in heart of olive oil land Spain, it provides the best of olive oil directly from trees to their valuable clients.
  5. DELICANDI FOOD S.L: It’s an international food broker company, specialized in Mediterranean foods, they serve importers, distributors and traders from all over the world.
  6. AOVE AGURA: It’s a company that produces virgin extra olive oil in Malaga fields, their company was formed 3 generations ago, the new generation is in charge of the family business now to make it grow.
  7. LACRIMA OLEA: It’s a small cooperative, dedicated to production and marketing of olive oil coming exclusively from their members own harvest olives.
  8. ACELTES EL CALVARIO: It has the capacity to maintain humidity for a long time and at the same time has a great drainage.
  9. HACIENDA MARCHARAVI: It’s a producer and exporter of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, since 1997 they produce an extra virgin olive oil with the better olive’s quality from Spain.
  10. ACELTES HERALDO SL: They want to provide you with the natural oil from their very finest olives, picked from the tree at the best moment of their maturity and milled on the same day in the oil mill.
  11. OLEOSALAR COSECHEROS SL: They are particularly attentive to the care of artisanship involved in the preparation and production of their extra virgin olive oil, they produce their own extra virgin olive oil.
  12. ECO SETRILL: It has focused on olive harvesting since 1862 and they sell their own harvest today.
Imported olive oil for sale
Imported olive oil for sale

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Olive oil companies in Spain:

Olive oil companies focused on producing the best olive oil such as:

  1. REY ALIMENTACION: It has focused on producing two of the region’s most renowned specialties: NOUGAT, and SIERRA SERENA oils.
  2. ACELTES GIL LUNA: It’s a family business which lives at the rhythm of their passion for producing olive oil.
  3. ACEITES LA ABLITENSE: It’s specializing in packing and selling all types of vegetable oils for culinary use.
  4. NUSESTRA SENORA DEL PILAR: It sells its packaged oil under the CAZORLIVA brand.
  5. CAMPO & BADAJOZ: It specialized in the production of the best Extremadura Iberian hams.
  6. MATRO SA: Its story back over 20 years ago when a group of professionals set out to become a force to the reckoned with in the edible oil industry.
  7. S. COOP. ANDALUZA SAN FRANCISCO: It was founded in 1919, all the oil is obtained by blending the most traditional techniques.
  8. ACELTES OLIMPO: They export olive oil in bulk or bottled, they sell oils in all forms of packaging and are able to offer the manufacture of own label products.
  9. COOPERATIVE ACEITES VIRGEN LA CAPILLA: It was founded in 1957, it packs the olives that it grows, selecting the finest extra virgin olive oil, it operates several quality control installation that enable them to guarantee of the quality of their production.
  10. ACEITES SANDUA: It produces olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, intense tasting olive oil, delicate tasting olive oil, sunflower oil, seed oil, special oils for frying, and special oils for fryers.
  11. CAMPOS VERDES ANDALUCIA: It honored to introduce their company to you as one of the trusted organizations engaged in exporting, supplying and trading olive oils from Spain.
  12. OLISOLIVA.COM: It has range of products linked to oil and other culinary delights, over 200 varieties, you will find products with the most delicious flavors and the best quality from the most renowned houses.
  13. ACEITUNAS TORRENT SL: It’s now headed by its fourth generations director, they produce the best quality for their products and services, they work with superior quality raw materials.
  14. SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVE SIERRA DE LA PANDERA: It’s a representative of the olive varieties.
  15. NUESTRA SENORA DE LA ANTIGUA: It was founded in 1963, they produce 10.000.000 to 2.500.000 kg of extra virgin olive oil, after a selection and cleaning process, they send the olives to the mill to extract the oil.
  16. TAMUBA INT S.L: It born to share its passion with the world, they have a team with long experience in the food market, and they count with one of the best experts of olive growing in the sector.
  17. ACEITES EL DORADO: They produce and export all around the world one of the best extra virgin olive oil of Spain, their expertise in virgin olive oil quality is the key why their products demand is growing up.
  18. OLIS BARGALLO: It born in 1850 under the premise of developing extra virgin olive quality.
  19. ACEITE SEVILLA: They offer Spanish olive oil on these modalities: extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil, Pomace olive oil, they can quote on FOB, CIF basis.
  20. ACEITE MORALES S.A: They put all their energy into providing high quality and do a good job to obtain the area’s best oil.
  21. ACEITES SUKAINA: They offer you a new way of cooking.

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Olive oil factory in Spain:

Olive oil factories in Spain produce best quality extra virgin olive oil such as:

importing olive oil UK
importing olive oil UK
  1. JAENCOOP CAZORLIVA: It’s a second tier cooperative formed by ten cooperative oil mills that produce olive oil.
  2. SAGRADO CORAZON DE JESUS: It offers the finest quality virgin olive oil for you and your family, helping you to enjoy a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  3. ACELTE FRAN INSIGNIA S.L: It produces extra virgin olive oil and derivative presented in different formats.
  4. BLUEWINGS ASSOCIATED S.L: It’s exporting and importing edible oil and beverage.
  5. SANTA BARBARA AOVE: They present oil of the highest quality.
  6. CRUZOLIVA OLIVE OILS & OLIVES: It’s a distributor founded in 2000, which operates in the olive oil industry.
  7. ZAHAOLIVA: It’s a wholesaler, founded in 1965, which operated in the olive oil industry, it also operates in the extra virgin olive oil and olive oil industries.
  8. ANDALUSION OLIVE JUICE S.L: It’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2011, which operates in the olive oil industry, it also operates in the foods, extra virgin organic olive oil, and producer of olive oil industries.
  9. OLEOSALAR COSECHEROS SL: It’s a company founded by composed of olive growers in the region of SALAR, they are particularly attentive to the care and artisanship involved in the reparation and production of their extra virgin olive oil.

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Import olive oil from Spain:

Olive oil trade is an important trade internationally, because most countries economy in the world depends on this trade, some counters use a lot of ways to improve the quality of olive oil by using advanced means. imported olive oil from Spain has always occupies the first place in the production of olives, it’s estimated that it annually contributes 35% of the world’s oil.

Finally, Spain is the largest country in producing and exporting olive oil with the best import duty on olive oil from Spain.

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