Olive oil importers in UAE

Olive oil importers in UAE … The greatest 3 olive oil companies in UAE

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Olive oil importers in UAE

Are you looking for the best olive oil manufacturers in UAE? what are the best companies for olive oil? Do you want to know olive oil importers in UAE? Over importing house we discuss all the details that you need.

Olive oil companies in UAE

Do you need to know the best olive oil companies in UAE? Here are the best of them.

1_Al Ameera:

Al Ameera Foodstuff Manufacturing Company was established in 2006 as a company specialized in the manufacture of Tahina and Halawa in the United Arab Emirates.

Tahina and Halawa in the United Arab Emirates and among the well-known wells in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.  Since then, Princess Foodstuff Company has expanded its operations to include products in the organic development field olive oil manufacturers.  Today, the princess group includes tahini, halva, olive oil, and sweets are spreading and the princess is the only factory with ISO 22000: 2005 certified certification in the United Arab Emirates.  Production is carried out in the factory according to strict hygienic standards and using advanced manufacturing techniques.  As the production line runs automatically, no human contact is required after the raw material feeding stage until the products are packed and ready to be shipped.  During the manufacturing process, samples are taken from the factory.  All these steps are taken to ensure that our customers have a product of the highest quality.

Today Al Ameera has a good presence in the local market supported by a strong distribution channel and fleet of brand delivery. It is also available in modern and traditional trade with good consumer awareness. In addition, the factory holds many private label in the market that greatly expands the company’s market share in this product category.  Internationally, with the partnership and support of our agents we are present in more than 25 countries.  Some of these countries are;  Jordan, Morocco, UK, India, Australia.

2_Rashid Al Zaabi:

We are Rashid Al Zaabi Foodstuff and we produce the best quality olive oil which can give a lot of benefits to our customers in the United Arab Emirates. We started in the year 2000 and until now, we are still continuing to provide the best olive oil that will definitely satisfy our customers Our mission is to provide the best pure and realistic olive oil while creating a good relationship with our valued customers olive oil bulk wholesale.

We expect Rashid Al Zaabi Foodstuff to be the leading company in the manufacture of premium quality olive oil globally through excellence, integrity and commitment to people.

3_United Food:

United Food Company launched the “Aseel” extra virgin olive oil, the new product from the Aseel oils group, in line with the company’s vision to produce high-quality edible oils and products, to provide customers in the UAE with the best pure olive oil The excellent “Aseel” olive oil is distinguished by being squeezed from the finest olives in Seville and Cordoba, and manufactured according to the highest quality standards in Spain. Currently, Aseel’s product range includes pure vegetable margarine, pure beef ghee, butter and canola oil.

Fathi Khairy, CEO of United Foods, said: “Aseel” extra virgin olive oil has a distinctive taste in addition to its high percentage of phenolic antioxidants olive oil UAE, Which have a wide range of health benefits The “Aseel” extra virgin olive oil is manufactured by the “first cold press” method, which means extracting the oil from the first juice and using the cold press method only, that is, at a natural temperature not exceeding 28 degrees Celsius.

In this way, the olives are pressed without heating it so that the characteristics of the oil do not change in terms of taste and aroma. This is why “Aseel” extra virgin olive oil retains its original taste, distinctive aroma, and its full nutritional value, including antioxidants, thanks to which 80% of the types of virgin olive oil stimulate growth types of olive oil.  Bones and increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Plus, it’s easy to digest.  Also, its taste and aroma help to open the appetite.

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Olive oil importers in Dubai

The volume of the UAE’s import of olive oil, from the beginning of 2016 until the first half of last year (2017), reached 31 million 773 thousand and 930 liters, and among the most important countries from which olive oil is imported are Spain, Italy, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, and the Kingdom  The Hashemite Jordanian.

The volume of the state’s import of olive oil in (2016) amounted to about 20,322,301 liters, while the volume of import olive oil importers in UAE until the first half of the previous year (2017) was approximately 11,451,629 liters, confirming that the process of monitoring the consignments of imported olive oil shipments is complete   By verifying its compliance with the conditions for importing foodstuffs in force in the country.  Al-Herbawi explained that these conditions are divided into general and private, as the general conditions are applied to all foodstuffs exported to the state, which are approved based on a study of the general risks associated with food, so that they prevent or at least limit their presence in them, while the special conditions are approved according to the type  The food item, in order to prevent certain risks that are usually associated with that food item.

The risks associated with a food item such as olive oil differ from the risks that are transmitted through another food item such as fresh chicken, for example.  It indicated that the special conditions imposed on shipments of food imported best olive oil online shop from outside the country were summarized in five conditions, the first of which was the necessity to attach original health documents and certificates issued by competent authorities in the country of origin or the country of export with the imported food shipments / consignments, including: a customs declaration olive oil importers in UAE, Delivery permit, commercial license or import permit / permit, health certificate, packing list / list of contents, documents proving the claims in the declaration card (health and nutritional claims, etc.) when necessary, and that such health and nutritional claims are accepted only if proven.  Its text is from internationally recognized and accredited scientific bodies.

It should be noted that electronic health documents and certificates can be adopted as an alternative to paper documents.  She added: The second condition is that the exporting countries must attach a guarantee in which the food exported from them to the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf appears safe (safe), not adulterated and valid for human consumption, and health statements must be clearly mentioned in the health certificates and documents by the competent authorities in the country of export.  That the relevant imported food meets the requirements of food import in the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, as a basic guarantee for compliance with the regulations and the safety of the exported products with the Gulf requirements, and other requirements of conformity and prevention of fraud, noting that the third condition is summarized in the necessity of the absence of plants, plant products or other imported materials.  Of the pests of agricultural quarantine identified by the state.

She pointed out that the fourth condition summarizes the necessity to adhere to the technical regulations and general mandatory standard specifications issued by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology, including the specification of prepackaged foodstuffs, the specification of the expiration dates of food products, the technical regulation on the maximum limits for pesticide residues in agricultural products and food, and the specification of food packages  olive oil vendors.  The specification of health conditions in food factories and their workers, and the specification of microbiological limits for commodities and foodstuffs, confirming that the fifth condition is the necessity to adhere to the technical regulations and mandatory standard specifications for olive oil issued by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology, such as: Technical regulations for olive oil and residual oil (pomace)  Edible olives.

The Director of the Food Safety Department at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment confirmed that samples were taken from the shipments at border crossings, to ensure that the imported olive oil conforms to the technical regulation No. 1019 pertaining to olive oil, as the specifications for olive oil were specified in the technical regulation 1019 pertaining to olive oil, including (  The ratio of fatty acids to total acids, relative density, refractive index, saponification number, iodine number, composition of sterols, and tri-terpenes of diploic alcohol), as well as by color, smell and taste specifications.

Olive oil manufacturers in UAE
Olive oil manufacturers in UAE

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Olive oil manufacturers in UAE

The olive trade is one of the most important global trade, as the economy of most countries depends on its trade, and some countries use many means to improve the quality of its varieties using advanced means best quality olive oil in UAE.

The importance of olive oil:

The benefits of olive oil are many, and because it contains plant fats that are beneficial to the body, which treat many diseases, it is also anti-virus, strengthens the bones, supports the stomach and arteries as well as strengthens immunity, treats infections and strengthens hair, any home in the world is not without these  This commodity, and this importance led to an increase in the interest of traders.

1_Al Douri:

Al Douri produces and distributes a wide variety of consumer goods such as nuts, coffee, cardamom, herbs, spices, legumes, dairy products, olive oil, canned products, sauces, honey, chocolate, malban, nougat, dates, Arabic sweets, and many more olive oil wholesale suppliers.

Al Douri Group seeks to provide food products with international standards that allow our customers to enjoy delicious flavors without compromising the nutritional value and quality, by focusing on quality and flavor All our manufacturing processes are crowned with generations of practical experience backed by our deep heritage in food and manufacturing, as well as modern technology to ensure that our products are manufactured with the highest standards of quality, health and hygiene.

2_Global Keid Ltd:

It is a Dubai based, imaginative, and energizing organization occupied with providing, and sending out premium quality refined olive oil to our customers at market competitive prices wholesale olive oil prices. We aim to offer great customer services by ensuring that our products are packed with anti-oxidant, vitamins, and minerals and come with high nutritional content. We use food-safe packaging to ensure that our products retain their freshness and are safe for human consumption. We are among well established Refined Olive Oil Suppliers due to our on-time delivery of consignment and product efficiency among our consumers worldwide.

3_Tayseer Arar: 

It is a professionally managed group, specialized in food processing & food packaging industry with variety product range such as olives and olive oil in tins , bottles etc. a part from food processing we trade all kinds of pulse, nuts, grains, spices, dried fruits, cereals, canned foods, etc. we are driven by increasing market demands for high quality products olive oil market in Dubai and our dedication is reflected in the quality of our products customers trust and satisfaction has always been the hallmark of group.

Tayseer arar food industries:is dedicated to maintain its position as a leader in providing quality products though a dedicated management team along with highly trained workforce aring a tradition of integrity and experience to its clients. we generally request and practice essential trustworthiness , uprightness, and moral business.

olive oil
olive oil

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4_Abu Dhabi vegetable oil Co:

Founded more than 48 years ago, Coroli offers its customers first-class edible oils generation after generation.  Coroli oils, which were originally owned by CEBAG, were acquired by ADVOC in 2005.

It invents and designs new ways to reach healthier and better food oils and other food products for you … ADVOC uses the latest technologies in Europe to refine and package oils, and has also created a strong portfolio of brands across the Middle East region olive oil brands to trust in UAE.   Wide Range of Food Products ADVOC is known as one of the region’s finest edible oil distributors and continues its efforts to expand its range in order to provide high quality cooking oils for you and your family Olive oil importers in UAE.

Thus, We explained the best companies for olive oil in UAE and the companies that maufacturers in olive oil. We have explained olive oil importers in Dubai. I hope to find it useful for you.

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