Importing olive oil into US

Importing olive oil into US … The most famous 8 suppliers

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Importing olive oil into US

Importing olive oil into US before the goods are loaded into the shipping container it is recommended to apply for quality control of the products, this will come in the form of relevant quality certification.

Both independent (eg SGS) and official (eg , the phytosanitary certificate issued by the health departments of the regional governments). Virtually all certifiers and inspectors need the information of the goods and the analytics of their lots, and recipient data.

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Importing olive oil to USA

Olives are an essential element of Turkish Cuisine. Whether as the star of the breakfast broad or the base of olive oil, olives are always appreciated. Turkey has grown to become one of the best 5 producers of olives and olive oils in the world.

This can be attributed in part to the Mediterranean climate and in order to central Anatolia is rumoured to be the birthplace of the humble olive tree. With deep historical, cultural and manufacturing deepness, it makes sense that Turkish cuisine is often built around the humble olive.


Dalan is one of the biggest producers and exporters of soap and personal care especial products of Turkey, with more than 300 variants, %70 are exported to 5 continents with brands: Dalan, Diana, Nancy, Cindy, Alara and Roxy.

They have wholesale extra virgin olive oil with best prices. Beside producing %100 olive oil soap by traditional methods Dalan produces bar soap, liquid soap, lotion  shower gel, conditioner, shampoo, hand and body cream, shaving cream and industrial products such as glycerin, soap noodles, etc.

Importing olive oil to USA
Importing olive oil to USA

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Olive oil benefits

Olive Oil Is Rich in Healthy Monounsaturated Fats. Olive Oil Contains bigquantity of Antioxidants.

Olive Oil Has Strong Anti-Inflammatory characters. Olive OilHelp in Prevent Strokes. Olive Oil Is Protective Against Heart attacks. Olive Oil  doesn’t Associated With Weight Gain and Obesity.


KESKİNOĞLU TAVUKÇULUK VE DAMIZLIK İŞL. SAN. TİC. A.Ş.Keskinoglu Group is one of the major producer and exporter of Chicken (%30 of total turnover of the company came from exports, leading exporter in Poultry sector)

Eggs and chicken other products like this products in Turkey (Anually 200.000 tons of Chicken meat, further processed products and 1.5 billion eggs capacity) . The organization is one of the most integrated within the country covering all aspects of the chicken production process since 1963.

Keskinoğlu is a company that takes its management standards from international comparatives, and has actually satisfied the requirements of ISO 9001 (General Management), OHSAS 18001 (Production and Labor Safety Systems), BRC( Global Standart Food Certification) and ISO 22000.

In 2003, the organization has began to produce organic fertilizer from chicken manure and it was the first in Turkey (40.000 tons capacity anually). Akhisar is based in the Heart of Turkey’s olive oil place.


Is a young, energetic company focused on producing and trading of high quality olive oil under OLIMARE brand in Turkey their headquarters are located in Istanbul, with their production facilities settled in the city of Antakya (Antioch), southern Anatolia.

Their product is pure olive oil in its most natural state, you can bulk buy olive oil with affordable prices, pressed and prepared without any further treatment.

 The process combines the benefits of the old methodology with the upmost contemporary concern for food hygiene, and nutritional value. The production is packaged in different sized glass bottles and is aimed for both local and international markets; particularly on spots where authentic, organic home-made products are favored.

Their olive groves are found in southern Anatolia, Mediterranean coast where olive cultivation goes back to thousands of years. Because of thisadvantage of location, they can procure one of the best olive oil produced in the Mediterranean parts.

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Bulk olive oil suppliers

Olives grow best in warm temperatures, and cannot tolerate extreme climatic conditions.  The Mediterranean part, have its mild climate, contains 98% of the olive harvest and 95% of the olive oil production in the world. Harvesting and processing of olives are carried out among November and March. About 76% of the olives produced in Turkey are pressed for oil and the rest are reserved for table olives.


This company, “VunariOrganik”, is a family owned organization found in island Gokceada (Imbros), in Aegean Sea, Turkey. Created in 2007 and aiming to produce and export organic extra virgin olive oil, shielded and unshielded natural almonds and organic wine, VunariOrganik follows and work as the ground rules for organic agriculture.

Item1. Extra virgin natural olive oil -First Cold Pressing Item2. Extra virgin olive oil extracted from selected organicolives. Item 3: ExtraUnfiltered Virgin Olive Oil First Cold Pressing.

 Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanic techniques nearly harvest.  Hasgot Certificate of Ecocert and IMO.

Extra virgin organic olive oil is highly demanded in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry. Their advantage is the acidity level which is low at 0.47 or 0.50. Samples giveplus test results with request. Limited production.


They are a local virgin olive oil supplier and sell their oil to national market and now they market their oils to international brands of olive oil importers especially olive oil United States they export to it.

There for they are looking for wholesalers/distributors/agents/brokers who they can cooperate in exporting.

Found in 2010 is a group of companies doing business in construction, food, beverage and olive oil supplying/selling and exporting.

They sell to local market and export virgin olive oil & organic olive oil produced in Aydin- Aegean part of Turkey. The region is well known with its olives therefor they can find you the best selection of your specs. For more details, sent them an email of your request, their production has ISO HACCP certificate.

Olive oil wholesale distributors

Being a net exporter of olive oil, Turkey supplies the variety of olive oil to a organic range of countries including major producer countries that either consume or re-export Turkish olive oil. Turkish olive oil is demanded from every part of the world and there are more than

hundred countries that have experienced the excellent taste and fragrance of Turkish olive oil like the EU, the united states , Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Australia and the Russian Federation.

Shipping olive oil to US

Technically, it is possible, even though it is not recommended. Before sending olive oil either through courier services or through the mail around the world, keep in mind that your shipment will be scrutinized customs officers at the border.

  • Alhatoglu :

Olive Oil Factory, which has been active in the Turkish Food Industry since 1998, that you can deal with for importing olive oil into US. The manufacture has 10.000 m2 the covered area with 1.500m2 loading area and located in Akhisar, Manisa, Turkey.


Alhatoglu makes their productions under COI means (International Olive Oil) standards and have international certificates of ISO, HACCP, STAR-K Kosher and have best olive oil . HALAL, USDA Organic and BRCinternational tandard Achieved Grade A.


They produce and promote Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin and pure Olive Oil, Refined Olive Oil, Refined Pomace Oil and Pomace OliveOil in retail and bulk packaging under their own registered brands.

 Also, they make P/L production for local and international markets. their products sells in local market and also export all around the world.

Bulk olive oil suppliers
Bulk olive oil suppliers

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Where to buy bulk olive oil

The Turkish olive, olive oilsector in facts & figures180 million olive trees700 000 ha olive orchards500 000 t table olives/year300 000 t olive oilyear500 000 households employed in olive and olive oil production500 continuous-process olive oil millsSufficient refineries and retail packing plants equipped with modern technologiesState/private laboratories for quality control testing to meet global standards70 000 t table olives exports/year60 000 t olive oil exports/year.

  • PURA olea:

When it comes to sustainably and responsibly sourced Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil they sell all sorts of olive oil with best of olive oil price , things are black and white with a shade of green.

 Every drop their olive oil of PURA olea is sourced from small estates, never blended, and no added so enjoy the goodness of nature, as pure as it gets. Food is good, and you deserve the good.

 They fill each bottle with the goodness of organic PURA olea extra virgin olive oil, gently cold-pressed from hand-picked early harvest Aegean olives.  Naturally abundant with antioxidants, PURA olea is your choice for a flavorful journey to happiness.

Olive oil import tax USA

The USA has won approval from the World Trade Organization (WTO) to impose tariffs on US$7.5bn worth of EU goods Olive oils from France, Greece, Italy and Portugal would be unaffected. Theunited state Trade Representative Office (USTR) would submit its list of EU goods to the WTO on 14 October for approval.

United state imports of Spanish virgin and non-virgin olive oil in all of its fractions in containers of less than 18kg would be subject to the tariff.

  • California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Five of their EVOO experts mentioned this California Ranch olive oil as a pantry go-to. Jenkins calls it a good starting olive oil that’s affordable, versatile, and available in three different flavors for everyday use with all types of olive oil.

Stewart, the author of Eating between the Lines, also uses California Olive Ranch often and noted that the producers manage to control the quality of the oil while keeping the price fairly low. Anna Hezel, senior editor at Taste and the author of Lasagna:

A Baked Pasta Cookbook, calls it a “mild olive oil to add delicious to a tomato sauce or to fry some eggs in.

(Danielle Oron, author of Food You like But various) , for example California Olive Ranch EVOO for roasting or grilling vegetables, broiling salmon, and making a quick vinaigrette. At the end of articles I hope I present all usefulinformation about importing olive oil into US.

Olive oil benefits
Olive oil benefits

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