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 Olive oil import from Spain

Olive oil import from Spain people especially fond of it, in fact, imports of Spanish liquid gold performed especially well in the 2018/2019 harvest compared with the past year, increasing by a record 21%, to 45,871 tons, according to the International Olive Council, Wholesale Spanish olive oil with trusted dealing, good quality and fresh olive oil with suitable price, this information and more will know  in Importing House platform just follow us…..

Import olive oil from Spain

Spain is the largest producer and exporter (and also a consumer) of olive oil, producing about 45% of the olive in the world. Spanish olive oil often has a fruity, nutty flavor and has a golden yellow color.

 Many time olive oil bought in Italy is actually produced in Spain.


Is a business project that is easy to fall in love with. They are producers, traders and exporters of olive oils. They considered from the best Spanish olive oil suppliers. They are truly passionate about their extra virgin olive oil, healthy style of life and the ‘Mediterranean identity’ it represents. They champion the broad culture of the olive and all of its attributes through continuous support and sponsorship.

Them support stimulates local development, and strengthens economic and social links across all cultural aspects in their area of produce.

They champion the broad culture of the olive and all of its attributes through continuous support and sponsorship. Their support stimulates local development, and strengthens economic and social links across all cultural aspects in them area of produce.
I LOVEACEITE trades both online and offline in what they call the ‘international isation’ (export) of extra virgin olive oil. They market products of the highest-quality directly from the producers with the backing of robust business experience in the sector.

2-L&P Global has over 50 years’ experience working in the food sector and has had trade links with European and Far East countries since the beginning. Now they specialize in the import and export of high-quality food products such as olive oil in Spain, Spanish and Italian quality wine, mineral water, etc. and their customers can be found worldwide.

Them close, long standing and trustful relationships with local producers, together with their active and innovative trading style allows them to export quality food products to all over the world and to any kind of customers. Through them subsidiary in the city of Qingdao, Shandong (China), they have enabled many European food companies to become quickly established in the Chinese market.

They are committed to the creation of health. They have cheap Spanish olive oil prices.

They promote a balanced diet with natural products alongside a healthy lifestyle.

They believe that investing in them body today leads to long-term benefits that you can’t put a price on, as the fact that in to feel good on the outside they must first feel good inside. Thanks to their love of Mediterranean cuisine with extra virgin olive oil, cholesterol levels are kept under control.

The desire is for everyone to be able to afford quality healthy food that adheres to the principles of sustainable development, to create a good quality of life for them consumers.

Olive oil manufacturers in Spain

Olive oil production from Spain has increased significantly compared with former campaigns, according to data came from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, with a total of 1,417,400 tons of oil produced in the month of January.

  • EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oils Bulk:
  • Extra Olive Oil natural
  • Olive Oil Pure
  • Olive Oil Pomace

4-Luna Iberica SL:

Established in the year 2018, Luna Iberica SL deals in : Ef Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Table Olives, Stuffed Olives, Green Asparagus, Capers.
They serve Distributors, Importers, Supermarket and Grocery Chains. They have best wholesale Spanish olive oil, Perla Verde Branded products and Private Label.

Filtered Olive Oil and Olives Pomace blend with up to 1.5% Acidity. Edible, cooking grade.

5-Aceites Huerta Del Cura S.L.:

1 Litter Cristal Bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Almazar. Best Olive Oil ever directly from them olives plantation in Castilla La-Mancha, Spain.

Buyer : Olives
Supplier : Extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and pomace olive oil, Services : Export, Established: 2006

Olive oil price
Olive oil price

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Olive oil price in Spain

The average price for olive oil in Spain is nearly €2.38 ($2.68) per liter, in contrast to the €3.70 ($4.59) price that was recorded in February 2018.filtered omace olive oil had the biggest price decrease, a total drop of 42 percent, with the current price standing at €1.26 ($1.42).

-World Market Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spanish olive oil for sale, price $7.99,Why We Love It

Crafted with a blend of Hojiblanca and Picual olives grown in Spain, this extra-virgin olive oil is a pantry must-have. Its rich, delicious fruity notes add an extra-special touch to culinary creations from salad dressings to the roasts on the grill.

Extra olive oil made with Hojiblanca and Picual

olives from Spain

World Market exclusive

Made in Spain, 500ml.

Best Spanish olive oil brands

6-Abbae de Queiles:

Ecological extra virgin olive oil and indispensable element in the Mediterranean diet, the oil Abbae de Queiles plus all the qualities
of extra virgin olive oil, it also has all the characteristics of an excellent product not only for palate but also for health.


Extra virgin olive oils of the picual variety, obtained directly from olives and only by means of mechanical procedures. Cold extraction oil.
It comes in various formats, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml and also in extra virgin olive oil pearls, this brands found in any market, it is the answer for;  where to buy Spanish olive oil?


Extra virgin olive oils made from olives harvested in the tree, in the Sierra de la Subbética, in the municipality of Priego de Córdoba. Under the Almaoliva brand three oils are included: Almaoliva: Multivarietal of picual, hojiblanca and picudo, of medium top fruitiness, with similarity in when to intensity in green and mature nuances.

 Alma oliva BIO (former Parqueoliva BIO): Same multi varietal but of olives harvested under ecological certificate Almaoliva Arbequina: Mono varietal of the Arbequina different that stands out for its sweet, almond and green apple inlet.

9- Aubocassa:

  • Extra virgin olive oil of yellow-green color pure Spanish olive oil.
  •  Smell of incredible force, recalling blossoms, foods grown from the ground vegetables. Its section through the mouth is satiny and new, with unpretentious zesty notes and unpleasant notes practically intangible.
  • This virgin olive oil from Manacor (Balearic Islands) is of the Arequipa assortment.
  •  Its tasting notes are extreme fruity, light unpleasant and medium fiery.
Olive oil companies
Olive oil companies

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Olive oil companies in Spain

Just Spain cultivates hundreds of varieties of olives. However, the major varieties include Picual, Hojiblanca, Cornicabra, and Arbequina.

 Nowadays, some producers have begun to focus on smaller varieties such as the Royal olive and Royal Changolt varieties. The Picual variety is the most predominant one in Spain. The second most produced variety is Hojiblanca, followed by Arbequina and Cornicabra.

10- Almazaras de la Subbetica, the name of our oil mills, is a premier agricultural cooperative, formed in July 2007 from the merger of two prestigious and longstanding cooperatives: SCA Virgen del Castillo and SCA Olivarera Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno, both with over 60 years experience in the industry.

He winners of these extremely prestigious annual awards represent some of the finest olive oils in Spain. They are given out year after year by Mapama in in achievementof excellence in various categories of Spanish extra virgin olive oil.

Almazaras de la Subbetica have been working since company inception in line with them values. It is from the most expensive Spanish olive oil in markets.

They think it is of key importance to strive for the best quality products, a healthy respect for farmers, the satisfaction of them customers, and care for the environment.

 They likewise effectively work with the most hindered citizenry. These are some of the value-driven actions that the team does on a daily basis, deepening the commitment of them cooperative to these values ​​with each passing day.

11-Iberica Export :

Is a close partner to a big variety of different producers of high quality Spanish olive oil from all over Spain.

  •  They work with large cooperatives, that produce many thousands tons per year, also with a smaller,  gourmet factories that specialize in a production of a specific, gourmet oils.
  •  Below is a list, description of products and specifications of the companies they are working with.
  • Iberica Export; a project, that was based in 2016, and is purely dedicated to export Spanish goods around the world based on their numerous connections to local producers and manufacturers.

12- Almulhim Group Company:

  • Established in the year 2019, Almulhim Group Company deals in Export of Oil olive, bags, fruits and vegetable.
  • In addition to their food exportation, they are an official distributor for 3M masks, in addition to sanitizing products.
  • their company can provide hand, surfaces (concentrated) sanitizers.
  •  For the hand sanitizer, they have 2 ml small bags, 500 ml, 800 ml, 1 L, and 5 L bottles. For the surface sanitizer product, it found in 1L and 5L bottles.
  • The product is Spanish product which has all certificates and approved by the ministry of health in Spain.

13-Casas de Hualdo :

as won the award at the prestigious Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, the chef José Andrés uses in all its restaurants.

  • That  Spanish extra virgin olive oil  is very good that they know.
  •  Spain has the climate, the olive trees, the tradition, the history of the olive trees and the fact that in short times in Los Angeles they have rewarded an oil from Toledo says a lot about this good work.
  •  Your name, Casas de Hualdo.
  • The competition has been held in the United States,  Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition  , where an international jury has been smelling and tasting 500 extra virgin olive oils from all over the world

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