olive oil importers in Spain

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olive oil importers in Spain

Olive oil is an essential part of Spanish cooking since the Greeks introduced olive trees to the Iberian Peninsula in ancient times, and olive oil importers in Spain continued to take care of it until Spain became one of the most important exporting countries of fine olive oil. Within the entire platforms Importing house platform offer you all specifics.

Spanish olive oil importers

Olives are harvested and squeezed at different times of the year, which affects the flavor of the extracted oil in terms of value and quality, as soon as the olives reach the press, they are crushed and squeezed to extract the oil twice to extract the impurities, and the bitterness and the quality of Spanish olive oil decreases after three or six months. Ripe green olives are harvested in early autumn in Spain, and are green in color and have a sharp and pungent flavor, while olives harvested in early spring to winter are more ripe and have a darker color, and the oil squeezed from them is golden in color and tastes more smooth, and is preserved in bottles that put marks indicating the type of oil directly on the front of the bottle to provide the best type of service to the consumer, and to obtain the best possible quality for cooking, and this is what distinguishes best Spanish olive oil surely. It is one of the most famous suppliers of olive oil in Spain:


SCA TRUJAL DE MAGINA is an agricultural cooperative and one of olive oil importers in Spain specializing in the production, development, packaging and distribution of bulk Spanish olive oil especially organic extra virgin olive oil. The quality of their oils comes from the exceptional conditions of the region as well as from respecting the environment and working to preserve it. These conditions allow them to carry out the harvesting process when the fruits ripen and in optimal conditions to produce extra virgin olive oil from Spain of a very special and unique quality.


This cooperative was established in 1969 and it includes 1800 partners who harvest their olives to turn it into oil and where to buy Spanish olive oil easily. Its average once yearly production volume is between 6 and 7 million kilos of oils. In their cellars they extract three types of oils: extra virgin olive oil and Margoul olive oil, and in all cases we squeeze the oils on the cold.


Their company is based in Jian, where it markets olive oil and seeds, in their solid form for packaging and in different forms according to the product and its quality. Regarding olive oil, they can offer high quality extra virgin oils, olive weight oil, and also offer the possibility of cutting olives as per the customer’s request. And they got one of the final places this year for the best extra-virgin oil oils in the Andalusia region. The oils for oils come from their olive farms. As for other seed oils, they offer pure winter-treating sunflower oil and corn oil. The seed oils are packaged in bottles of 1 to 10 or 25 liters.

Olive oil companies in Spain

Several studies have exposed that olive oil is perfectly benefits to your to your health – it’s rich in monounsaturated fats (which are healthy) and omega-3 and omega-6 acids, it has large amount of antioxidant, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties, also might help prevent strokes, and protect against heart diseases. Olive Oil does not cause weight gain and fatness; it may help fight Alzheimer’s disease, large chance that it could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. The antioxidants in olive oil have anti-cancer properties, it can benefit treat rheumatoid arthritis, has anti-bacterial effects and so on. Olive oil plays an significant role in well-known nowadays ”Mediterranean diet”.

Spain is the major producer and exporter (and also a consumer!) of olive oil, producing about 45% of the world’s olive source. Spanish oil often has a rich, nutty flavor and has a golden yellow color. Many times olive oil bought in Italy is actually produced in Spain. Iberica Export is a close partner to a large and diverse group of olive oil exporters in Spain all over it. They work with large olive oil importers in Spain and all over it, producing several thousand tons per year, as well as with smaller gourmet factories that specialize in producing specific gourmet oils. Below is a list and description of the products and specifications of wholesale Spanish olive oil companies we work with:

olive oil importers
olive oil importers

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  • Extra virgin olive oil

is the best you can get in the oil market. Extra virgin is the highest quality and most expensive rating for olive oil. It has no faults and has a fresh olive flavor. It is produced entirely by manual means without the use of any solvents, and at temperatures that do not degrade the oil. Only fresh olives are used in good condition. Each stage of the process is wisely monitored. Iberica Export offers many different and top Spanish olive oil brands to choose from as: TIN (metal can), glass (Dorica, Marasca and Frasca bottles), and PET (plastic packaging).

  • Extra virgin organic olive oil

(Eco) Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is excellent virgin oil, but it is produced using certified organic olives. Olives are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other synthetic agents. In general, the olive tree is a very hearty tree that requires little or no pesticide in order to grow olives naturally. Most of the farmers in Spain do not use any chemicals on any of their trees anyway. However, the organic certification process documents and guarantees this fact to consumers as: TIN (metal can), glass (Dorica, Marasca and Frasca bottles), and PET (plastic containers).

  • olive oil

Their “regular” olive oil is a blend of extra virgin olive oil with refined oil. More economical than excellent, it is still ideal for seasoning uncooked food, salads and boiled fish. Currently they have two varieties: olive oil with good texture, green color, sweet flavor, pleasant olive smell (70% – 30% ratio of extra virgin to refined oil), and soft – characterized by its smooth, pleasant flavor, light body and golden yellow-green color (more of oil refined, up to 70%). It can be used in dishes that highlight the quality of olive oil while retaining the flavors of the food.

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Olive oil manufacturers in Spain

One of Spain’s most famous exports was born mainly in Andalusia, and Malaga is one of the best places to get it. Although there is no shortage of places to buy olive oil in Malaga which is the best olive oil region in Spain there, you just have to go to any supermarket and choose what suits you. Quality is the key, and grocery store brands. Although often the cheapest are not always of the best quality if you are looking to grab a bottle (or several – no judgment here) of Andalusia’s most sought-after product, there are much better options. This is where to go instead. Where to good deal olive oil in Malaga:

  1. Atarazanas Market:

Visit one of the greatest markets in Malaga, and buy some delicious olive oil while you are at it. Although there are many great dealers to choose from, the Atarazanas Market is the largest and most well-known. Despite its sheer size, it still maintains an authentic feel with many locals wandering around the stalls.

  1. Zoilo:

The local Zoilo delicatessen has been a beloved in Malaga since 1956. The cozy little shop sells a variety of typical products from Malaga, and you can effortlessly waste time browsing the selections. However, there is no doubt that this is one of the best places to buy olive oil in Malaga, so a bottle of the good is a must!

  1. La Mallorquina:

La Mallorquina gourmet shop may look small on the outside, but its interior is filled with delicious malagueño products. You can purchase anything, but don’t forget the olive oil! This local gem is one of the best (and most authentic) stores to buy olive oil in Malaga.

Olive oil Spain companies
Olive oil Spain companies

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Olive oil Spain companies

Spain produces more than 50% of the world’s olive oil, and the Spaniards alone consume nearly 10 liters of olive oil per person every year. In short, olive oil is treasured here, and only high-quality olive oil will do the trick. That’s why we want to tell you where and how to import olive oil from Spain especially Madrid! Don’t forget to spend a little time shopping on your daily tour!

  1. La Fundación Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero:

Questioning where to get olive oil in Madrid while also supporting the local economy? Tucked away in the lively Chueca neighborhood, this store offers diversity from all over Spain. Walk around and be prepared to select from a range of olive oils from classic extra-virgin oils to full-flavored oils like rosemary or garlic. This collaboration fosters initiatives such as research grants and training workshops to preserve and enhance this beloved part of the Spanish economy.

  1. El Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience:

When you are looking for the best olive oil in Madrid, why not indulge in sightseeing, too? You can do both at El Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience in Callao. Located on the ninth floor of El Corte Inglés in Plaza Callao, you can eat dinner on gourmet foods from all over the world while enjoying sweeping views of Madrid’s skyline. After you’ve eaten your way through the center, check out a wide range of gourmet food products from Spain and beyond. This is the perfect place to bargain olive oils, as well as other great reminders like Spanish paprika and cheese.

  1. Oleoteca Gourmet La Chinata:

They vend locally-produced olive oils as well as gourmet food products and even olive-oil-infused cosmetics. They also have their own high-class name brand olive oil to buy Spanish olive oil in store. Pick from flavors such as white truffle and black pepper, or basil. With locations all over Madrid, there’s no superior place to buy olive oil for every member of the family!

In the end, we recommend importing from Spain, as it is the source of olive oil in the world, as it contains a special flavor that no one else has.

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