Office furniture producers in Turkey

office furniture producers in turkey….. highly qualified 5 places

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing wholesale furniture from Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:


 Office furniture producers in Turkey

The best office furniture producers in turkey , and this is in order to make your office in the most vivid way in front of your customers and guests and even in front of yourself. Whoever works in his office may spend most of the day in it, and the more distinguished and wonderful the office, the more this will be a reason for creativity and relaxation, even if the work is hard.


Turkish office furniture manufacturers

Many Arab investors are always looking for what is better with regard to the form of companies, offices, furniture, and decorations because they are considered a destination for the company, indicating the luxurious taste of the owner, so we offer you the best office where to buy furniture in Istanbul.


Offi company

The company began to provide its services for the manufacture of luxurious office furniture, administrative furniture, meeting tables, cabinets, information tables, sofas, waiting chairs, and luxury furniture turkey, and the company’s products are characterized by comfort, high-end designs, and high quality, and the company’s headquarters is located in the capital, Ankara, specifically in Singan district.


Office furniture producers in Turkey
Office furniture producers in Turkey


Deskwork Corporation

Disk Work started providing its services in the field of manufacturing and producing modern office and best furniture in istanbul for office, and the company produces products with high-end design that are accepted by customers and customers, and the company has twenty years of experience in this field, and the company’s headquarters is located in the city of Mersin in the Akdeniz region.


Cagin Corporation

It is a famous office furniture in istanbul company, and it is an expert in developing new models, producing office furniture, and the company engages in wholesale trade and retail in office furniture in Turkey and all over the world, and the company provides hundreds of different office furniture models: luxurious office tables, chairs, cabinets Offices, drawer units, counters, and specially designed furniture for hotels, restaurants, and schools.

The company develops all types of office furniture for sale: CEO’s offices, employee furniture, office chairs, desks and tables, soft furniture and office dividers. CAGIN office furniture company has provided on dozens of collections from Turkish offices from low cost to luxury collections. It is a combination of quality, unique design and reliability, CAGIN products are comfortable, modern furniture in istanbul, turkey high quality and affordable, this is a perfect combination and would make the furniture attractive especially for buyers.


Office furniture producers in Turkey
Office furniture producers in Turkey


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B-CABI furniture manufacturer in Turkey

B-CABI was established in 2001, this company that contains more than 300 professional employees and has a closed factory of 17,000 square meters, located in Izmir, where it manufactures high-end furniture.


Turkey office furniture brands

  • Stoa Design Company
  • Ham Turkish Furniture Company
  • Domusimo for traditional Turkish furniture
  • Evgor Furniture Company for the best types of modern turkish furniture store
  • Ahmed Turkman Company for Furniture and Decoration, and for the best types of carved wooden furniture
  • Palmi Cocac Factory
  • Studio Logo Factory for the best kind of unique bedroom furniture

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Turkish office furniture showroom

 Prices of office furniture in Turkey

The prices of office furniture vary from one company to another according to the type and quality of the product and many other factors, for example you find one of the office turkish furniture price at $ 200, and you find office furniture showroom at $ 1420, as for reception tables, you find some types at $ 800, and other types at $ 1,200.And many Arab businessmen care about the elegance of their offices, their companies, and the renewal of their office furniture, import from turkey and that the companies are to the fullest, and the latest fashion is a destination for the place, the more elegant the company, the customer finds comfortable and feels confident about the place, so you must pay attention to the shape of the place and its decor.


Office furniture producers in Turkey
Office furniture producers in Turkey


Turkish office furniture companies

Turkey ranks third in the world in furniture manufacturing in terms of quality, volume of production, and the Arab public flock to it from everywhere. Hilal company of plastic and metal furniture manufacturer in Turkey

Hilal Plastic Company was established in 1978, and began to provide its services in the field of manufacturing and producing plastic drawers in its beginnings, and because the company was producing materials with good specifications and quality, it began to grow gradually, after which the company moved its factory to the Ikiteli Industrial Zone and began to provide its services under the name of Hi Bash Plastic, and in 2004 the company opened its second factory there. Our article on Office Furniture was to tell you everything to make your job easy. Besides, you will find lots of ideas on how to make your workplace not only beautiful but also efficient.

Turkish furniture website

Have you seen the Turkish series and were fascinated by the shapes of the furniture, the splendor of its colors and its various decorations, and wished to own it and furnish your Home with her? It is not difficult, there are many Office furniture website with which you can buy the most beautiful furniture to furnish your home and get the home of your dreams easily. There are several sites we monitor for you in this article:

  • Armonk Furniture store:

One of the largest Office furniture online manufacturers, Armonk was founded in 2004 and offers one of the largest product assortments in this field to international wholesale and retail partners and interior design firms in many countries. From design, to fulfillment, Armonk continually strives to provide its customers with the very best values, choice and service in the furniture industry. It has been operating in the market for more than 10 years, Armonk Furniture also helps people to create beautiful homes, through special groups providing Turkish furniture, bedrooms, dining rooms, living room and Wholesale office furniture.

At Armonk Furniture, you can bear in mind that you choose furniture made with great natural materials, luxurious fabrics and unique and durable finishes, whether you are starting a complete dining group or just looking for the perfect bedside table. The company has professional designers to help choose the right furniture for your home furnishing, or for selection when you are ready to start your project, Armonk Furniture is the best way to get inspiration, discover products, find the perfect designer touch and collaborate with it.

  • A sortie Furniture website:

Lovers of luxury and sophistication find their way to this luxurious site, as this company has high-quality and comfortable Turkish furniture, as their products are made of pure and handcrafted wood. The company’s furniture products and Importing from Turkey are exported to 32 different countries in the world such as Serbia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is one of the most importing countries of furniture from this site, Ukraine and various African countries.

The company’s furniture is one of the most well-known and respected brands in Turkey, it is famous for the quality of comfort and convenience products. where she was looking for the location of Turkish furniture, where works of art were well created.

  • As they created new products that are different from other furniture companies, as their products combine modern and classic furniture models. What creates a revolution in furniture and decor in your home.
  • A sortie Furniture provides the best furniture and decoration solutions to its clients with its 47 years of experience.
  • Furniture at A sortie can fulfill customer requests anytime, anywhere
  • The company also follows a customer satisfaction policy, as it guarantees high quality and comfort in products and provides after-sales services to customers.
  • Understand to exceed their customers’ expectations by doing their best by producing handcrafted wooden furniture.
  • DEKORASYON Website:

It is a selling site Office furniture Turkey and a veteran company focusing on the wood and furniture industries, as it exports and has been able to prove itself in the industry to prove its presence strongly in the local and international markets.

Luxury office furniture Istanbul
Luxury office furniture Istanbul

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Luxury office furniture Istanbul

  • 333km store:

In the Karaka neighborhood, it was established by designer Dennis Durum that combines German, French and Ottoman character, furniture of solid wood and furnishings tend to be darker colors, one of the most famous shops Luxury office furniture brands in Istanbul is characterized by a sophisticated artistic taste that combines luxury and simplicity. Selling everything related to the modern home, which is a successful and profitable furniture store project.

  • Hamm Store:

The store combines the traditional, handcrafted and modern style of design, characterized by making furniture from natural wood, the finest types of wood, marble, copper fixtures, unique lighting styles, ceramic pieces and parquet wood panels designed by the most skilled designers in Turkey.

  • Stoat Design Store:

It combines Turkish and French flair. It uses metallic wood materials along with antiques and distinctive furniture that are elegant, simple and comfortable. Most of the furniture is oak and walnut. The store tends to sell pieces Best office furniture that tend to have natural curves and natural materials such as silk and cotton textiles, kitchen tools, lighting tools and tools. Dining, office supplies and very unique pieces of furniture find a unique world to create the modern home.

Modern furniture stores in Istanbul Turkey

The city of Istanbul has a number of stores specializing in the sale of luxury Turkish furniture, and there are four high-end and distinguished stores: “333km store in Karaoke district, Hamm store that is characterized by making Bulk office furniture for sale natural wood, different from IKEA Istanbul and Stoat Design store that combines Turkish sophistication and French flair at its design, Dank! Design that offers a wide variety of design by the most important local and international experts. It is worth noting that there are a group of distinguished factories in the furniture industry, including:

  • Ahmed Turkmen:

Omar Turkmen, father of Ahmed Turkmen, opened a wood-carving shop in 1969, and his son acquired craftsmanship from it, to shine in carving on wood and producing the finest designs for international furniture. The factory is located in Kathie, and its products are exhibited at the International Furniture Fair in Istanbul, and it can manufacture furniture to order as well.

  • The Editor Shop:

This store specializes in displaying its factory’s best design products Cheap office furniture and mirrors that are matched with highly professional designer furniture.

  • Bellona – Skirled Furniture Center:

You can get distinguished home furniture through the exhibition, which is distinguished by its high-quality materials, especially wood.

  • Savile Bursa:

It specializes in providing List of office furniture types the best kitchens, the finest types of furniture and long-lasting wood, in addition to high-quality fabrics and accessories.

  • Victory Gallery:

One of the best exhibitions that can be visited in Bursa, and its prices are what distinguishes it for its cheapness, and in return you can get strong and high-quality furniture.

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