Furniture company in Turkey

furniture company in turkey best furniture companies in turkey in recent years

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing wholesale furniture from Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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 Furniture company in Turkey

Are you looking for furniture company in turkey ,do you want to know the most important of these companies? Are looking for places to sell wholesale furniture in turkey, and you want to know its prices and ways to import it as well, all this and more offered to you through the following lines…..


Furniture companies in Turkey

turkey is one of the most distinguished countries in the field of furniture and furnishings, as it is famous for its high-end and simple décor at the same time, which makes it an attractive character for non-Turks, as they find it somewhat strange, it gives a sophisticated character to the house with its distinctive colors. They are not accustomed to this style of furniture, especially in the Arab world, so you find there is a lot of demand for it in recent years, as some people tend to change, and the first thing  they might think about is Turkish furniture and furnishings. If you want to know the largest furniture companies in Turkey, here are some of them……


Furniture company in Turkey
Furniture company in Turkey


  • Office line company

It is one of the most successful home furniture, decoration and office furniture companies in Turkey, as it manufactures all types of furniture from a small table to a large bed, so this company has enjoyed good workmanship since its establishment almost since its establishment, it has not issued any complaints towards it from customers over its long period of work. If this indicates anything, it indicates the quality of the product and the wonderful designs offered by the company so it is considered one of the biggest furniture company in turkey  and almost in the world. When talking about the capital, Istanbul and furniture in istanbul turkey , what are the most decorative and furniture companies in it? If you are looking for it, here are some of the most important companies in this field …

  • The company ic mimarlik, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is a famous decoration company that has all kinds of old decorations, including what is known as classic and modern also in what is known as modern and it is known for this company that it always provides the most luxurious Turkish decorations and therefore is a strong competitor to other companies that work in this field
  • SMD decoration company based in Istanbul, Turkey, specializing in modern decorations for shops, salons, restaurants and other areas of this field. The company is known as one of the leading companies in the field of modern decorations  and furniture industry in turkey
  • Orient Group for Contracting and Decoration, based in Istanbul, Turkey, a company specializing in interior design and decoration, and it is also one of the leading brands in its field and also this company well known with istikbal furniture which is a type of furniture in Turkey .
  • Art touch company for designing, interior and exterior decoration, manufacturing and selling all epoxy requirements in Turkey and based in Istanbul and is of Arab origins

Furniture company in Turkey
Furniture company in Turkey


Standard Stone Company for the manufacture of decorative stone in Turkey

  • Lazord Décor, the company based in Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the largest decoration and furniture companies in Turkey and abroad as well

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Furniture wholesale in turkey

You can find wholesale furniture sales fairs in Istanbul and major cities such as Ankara and Adana and others. These exhibitions are always organized to sell home and office furniture in the bag so that you can find used furniture whether you want to buy by piece or wholesale

Furniture company in Turkey
Furniture company in Turkey


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where to buy furniture in turkey

Home décor is one of the largest décor and furniture  stores in Istanbul, with all types of decoration, home furniture and even office furniture, and products that satisfy all tastes are also available, so this shop has great fame among the decor stores in Istanbul, so you can also find what you might be looking for in Turkey cafes decorations with the latest designs and good prices and also you can find many types of office furniture turkey in this store

Istanbul decoration is one of the famous decor stores in Istanbul, and visitors always come to it because it contains the latest types of modern decor, which is known in the region, and it is also known that it is always available with the latest Turkish wall decorations known as wallpaper. If you are looking for the best Turkish wall decorations, you have found your destination You can find the correct ones in this store with ease

Al-Moataz Store This shop is known as a specialist in a specific type of decoration and furniture , which is kitchen decorations, and it always provides it with the latest designs that the customer is looking for among all stores, and since it specializes in only one type of decoration, it is very well known to provide this type in a wonderful way, so if you are looking for Turkey decorations Kitchens you can find in this store and it well known with its  cheap furniture in Istanbul

After we offered you everything related to furniture and furnishings companies in Turkey, you can now find a commercial broker in Turkey and start your project successfully.

Furniture manufacturers in Turkey

When we say Turkish furniture, most people automatically think of huge and luxurious furniture full of fine details, but this is not true. The designs of Turkish furniture changed a lot from the days of the Ottoman Empire and developed those designs filled with pits and delicate details Turkish furniture designers are now replacing furniture crowded with details with other modern designs that are simpler and more elegant in furniture and decor.

Despite the modern trend of simplicity, Turkish furniture is still known for its elegance and durability Many furniture stores and companies in Turkey prefer to rely on natural materials and good wood, so Turkey companies provide beautiful Turkish furniture at great prices, and an example of the most famous names of Turkish furniture companies can be mentioned:

  • Stoa Design Company:

This company is one of the most famous Turkish furniture brands and characterized by minimalistic designs with innovation and creativity in design, which forms a unique blend of beauty in furniture and furnishings. The main focus of Stoa’s designs is on fine woods, such as oak and walnut, and all furniture features natural colors and soft finishes Stoa Turkish style furniture  was founded by the Turkish designer, Tardo Kuman, who started his life designing jewelry in Paris, then designing artworks from wood and metal in Athens before opening a Turkish furniture store in Istanbul.

 Coman does not use glue in the furniture he makes, but it depends on a special technology that makes the furniture stick without any adhesives, and this furniture lasts more than the furniture that was pasted and lasts for many years Stoa Design is located in Galatasaray in Istanbul and offers a unique Turkish furniture group, and it is one of the most famous Turkish furniture companies with a reputation in many countries.

  • Ham Turkish Furniture Company:

Buying wholesale furniture means This Company, it mixes luxurious designs with traditional Turkish handwork in a distinguished furniture group, which is why Hamm has developed greatly over the years. This company uses some of the best natural materials in its innovative designs, such as fine wood, marble, copper and natural fabrics, all of which blend into extraordinary designs The company’s furniture, home accessories and lighting collections demonstrate the beauty of the design and the subtlety of the finishing touches. Important original company and showroom is located in Cukorkum but has several other branches across the country.

  • Domusimo for traditional Turkish furniture:

Between Turkish furniture companies it the best, if a person is looking for luxurious traditional Turkish furniture, Domusimo is the most suitable place for him  Founded in 1975, this company specializes in manufacturing high-quality handcrafted furniture for interior designers and interior design firms.

The furniture manufactured by this company is characterized by high precision, outstanding quality, and elegant design. This company manufactures the finest furniture from high-quality natural materials such as wood, metal and leather The main exhibition of the company is located in Beylikduzu in the Turkish capital, Istanbul.

turkey furniture
turkey furniture

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Turkish furniture store

  • Evgor Furniture Company for the best types of modern Turkish furniture:

This company was established in 2004, and within several years it has become one of the best furniture companies in Turkey and one of the famous luxury furniture stores in Istanbul You can find this company’s furniture in more than 80,000 homes around the world, and the outstanding accuracy and quality of this furniture has made it trusted by many people.

Therefore, the website of this company is the first and largest website for selling furniture in Turkey Also, this company has several branches in different places of Istanbul, in MASCO, Dodolo, Tuzla, Beyoglu and Singelkoy.

  • Ahmed Turkman Company for Furniture and Decoration and the best types of carved wooden furniture:

Omar Turkman opened a woodworking company in 1969, and his son Ahmed learned in this company to carve wood and make sophisticated and distinguished furniture to export wholesale furniture for retailers Ahmed Turkman founded a furniture and decoration company in 1980, and this company is characterized by unique and innovative designs and high accuracy in the implementation of furniture This company manufactures its own furniture in its furniture factory in Kagithane, and displays it in a distinguished furniture exhibition in Istanbul.

The Turkish furniture price is suitable for any merchant But he manufactures custom-made furniture and accessories as well and is ready to undertake all-purpose furnishing and decorating projects from the ground up This success is due to the passion of the shop owners in making good and distinguished furniture, as well as to their keen interest in satisfying customers.

Turkish furniture website

There are some very famous company sites or furniture cities in Turkey such as Masco Furniture City and Armona Furniture Company, which are one of the most famous and best cities or the site of furniture selling and production companies in Turkey and they are considered one of the pioneers in the Turkish furniture market, modern and classic as well.

 And the complete furniture collections at Furniture Towns have everything you need importing from Turkey to set up the entire bedroom in a coordinated style. From traditional bedroom sets to contemporary bedroom sets that will help create your perfect living style and style Armonna Furniture Company wholesale furniture online website is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Turkey, which is considered a pioneer in the Turkish furniture market, which this company was founded in 2004.

 It is considered to be cheap furniture online and the largest assortment of products in this field of Turkish furniture market for wholesale and retail stores and international interior design companies in many countries, whether Arab or even foreign, and it is considered as the best Turkish site for selling furniture.

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