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Office furniture manufacturer in Turkey

Office furniture manufacturer in turkey can export all you need for your office, company, or factory. We will recommend a number of office furniture manufacturers just for you!


Office furniture company names

Turkish furniture is distinguished by its collection of many trimmings and various styles acquired from the cultural and natural diversity enjoyed by the countries of Anatolia, which embraces Turkey between its ribs, which is what excelled in highlighting the furniture factories in Turkey.

  1. Istikbal company:

It’s established in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1989. Turkey has the largest furniture production facilities, and the reception company is one of those facilities. Istiklal Furniture Company is the oldest company owned by Boydak Holding, which is the best furniture factory in Turkey. It has two production facilities and its head office is in Kayseri.

It produces modern furniture Such as beds, home textiles and industrial production in a closed area of ​​69,200 square meters and an open area of ​​56,032 square meters. It can produce one bed in 10 seconds with its factory which can produce about two million different products. The main activity of İstikbal Furniture is the production of furnishings, home textiles, industrial products, spring mattresses, foam mattresses, frameless bed base, sleeping sets, bed linen sets, bed linen, mattress protectors, pillows, baby seat. The reception association employs a total of 543 people, of whom 72 are white collar and 471 blue collar. It is also the first company to have 3-star and 5-star EFQM Certificate of Competence and Excellence in the furniture sector in Turkey and Europe.


Company price list:

Reception furniture is one of the most successful brands in the living room, sofa and bedrooms. The prices for a “reception” bedroom furniture range between 4000 and 6000 TL. Dining room group prices: between 5,000 and 7,000 TL. The sofa sets range from 4000-7000 TL.


Office furniture manufacturer in Turkey
Office furniture manufacturer in Turkey


  1. CAGIN:

It is a famous Turkish furniture company, which is an expert in developing new models and producing unique modern furniture . The company engages in wholesale and retail trade in self-produced office furniture in Turkey and all over the world. The company provides hundreds of different office furniture models. CAGIN products are comfortable, high quality and affordable. This is a perfect combination and makes the furniture particularly attractive to buyers. The furniture at CAGIN is designed by a group of professional designers specializing in office furniture and developing functional and modern models. Modern means of CAGIN office furniture products provide advanced technological equipment and professional staff who know and love what they do. It is a facility that has a high level of production and provides new technology and a quality control system, which ensures the high quality of the products.


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Office furniture made in turkey

  1. Palme kocak

This family owned business was established in 2001 and has been producing luxury Turkish furniture in istanbul turkey since that time for the interior design world. The company now exports elegant tables and chairs to more than 50 countries around the world. The company is a furniture outlet and specializes in manufacturing high-quality tables and chairs for home and commercial use, and the company’s customers range from homes, stores, companies, restaurants, cafes, and even luxury hotels. The company is also ready to implement any special requests, the company has a design unit ready to design furniture according to the customer’s need as well as according to the available space and budget.

Office furniture manufacturer in Turkey
Office furniture manufacturer in Turkey


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Factory outlet office furniture

These factories are specialized only in office furniture, so have a look:

  1. Deskwork Corporation

Disk Work started providing its services in the field of manufacturing and producing modern office and office furniture, and the company produces products with a high-end design that are accepted by customers just after seeing it at the furniture website , and the company has twenty years experience in this field, and the company’s headquarters is located in the city of Mersin in the Akdeniz region.


  1. Enkaymobilya

The Company was established in the year 1960, and it was registered as a company in the year 1994, to provide the company with 48 years experience in the field of manufacturing and producing cheap furniture in Istanbul , so don’t waste your and have a look at its site.

Furniture stores in istanbul, turkey

If you buy from brand to make sure that the products are good, read this part.

  1. 333km shop

  In the Karakoy neighborhood, it was established by designer Deniz Duru that combines German, French and Ottoman character, furniture of solid wood and furnishings tend to be darker, one of the most famous high end office furniture brands in Istanbul, characterized by a sophisticated artistic taste that combines luxury and simplicity, the place is characterized by selling Everything related to the modern home.


Office furniture manufacturer in Turkey
Office furniture manufacturer in Turkey


  1. Ali express website

If you want to import from turkey Without traveling by yourself, this is the largest online shopping sites in all countries of the world as it is affiliated with the Amazon company, the largest marketing company in the world, includes thousands of pieces of home furniture, Turkish office furniture and companies, in addition to furnishings, appliances and all decorations to complete the elegance of your home or office, all at special prices and discounts of more than 50%.

Finally, you can also invest in turkey by open furniture office and export to all the countries!

Office furniture suppliers in Turkey


Supplier of: office furniture | Educational furniture | School furniture | Offices for schools | Educational laboratories for schools


Supplier of: Library furniture | Storage racks | Archive Portable Boxes


Supplier of: Office furniture Istanbul | Hospital furniture | Bedrooms | Home furniture


Supplier of: Office seats | Office furniture | Self-positioning Carpet Boxes | Vinyl floor coverings | Raised floors


Supplier of: Spare parts Luxury office furniture Istanbul | Office furniture | Office furniture and chairs

  • 6- Furniture:

Supplier of: Office furniture | Wooden furniture | Home furniture

  • Al-Safe and Mazurka:

Supplier of: Furniture and shelving, office | Office furniture | Office Chairs | Office Furniture | Office furniture export

  • Pedicel:

Supplier of: Library furniture | Laboratory furniture | Kindergarten Furniture | Museum furniture


Supplier of: Furniture and shelving, office | Office furniture Turkey | Outdoor Furniture | School furniture

  • UYGUL office furniture:

Supplier of: Office furniture | Office Chairs | Sofas | Furniture for hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants

Best office furniture brands in Turkey

  1. Reception company:

Established in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1989 Istanbul Furniture Company. Turkey has the largest furniture production facilities, and the reception company is one of those facilities. Instill Furniture Company is the oldest company owned by Boyden Holding, which is the best furniture factory in Turkey. It has two production facilities and its head office is in Kayseri.

Best factories Office furniture for sale.

It produces bed, home textile and industrial production in a closed area of ​​69,200 square meters and an open area of ​​56,032 square meters. It can produce 1 bed in 10 seconds with its plant which can produce around 2 million different products and sold in Turkey furniture market. The main activity of Istanbul Furniture is the production of home furnishings, home textiles, industrial products, spring mattresses, foam mattresses, frameless bed base, sleeping sets, bed linen sets.

  1. Bellona Furniture:

Bellona Furniture, which started its production activities in the Organized Industrial Zone of Kayseri in 1997, has an important place in this sector with its investments and marketing strategies. The company is the best furniture company in the world and the closed production area in Kayseri is 191,000 square meters, and the total area is 350,000 square meters The best companies List of office furniture in the world

The best furniture companies in the world Bellona branded products are produced in five major facilities. These facilities have the capacity to produce 6,000 beds and 15,000 pieces of home textile products per day. Bellona Furniture hires 4,035 people in total, including 3,778 employees and 257 administrative staff, and services its customers around the country with a wide network of 745 distributors. Bellona world-class, high-quality, aesthetic and human health-friendly furniture, seating sets, bedding products and home textiles for production and service.

  1. Tepee Home:

Tepee Furniture and Decoration Design and Manufacturing Company was established in 1997 as a subsidiary of Bilking Holding Company. Tepee Home has grown rapidly since its inception and is one of the largest brands in the retail trade of furniture and home accessories. She opened her first store in 1998 in the Bilking Center shopping mall. Today, on the site. It has 6 stores, 13 distributors, 2 warehouses, a factory, and a sales area of ​​over 110,000 square meters. there are two Tape Home stores in Istanbul and three in Ankara. There are also shops in Adana, Alayna, Izmir, Diyarbakir, Elazig, Eskisehir, Izmir, Kayseri, Cyprus, Sivas, Temirtau, Trabzon, Sparta, Tokay and Gaziantep. Furniture and home accessories are the main product groups at Tepee Home stores. The brand that has a wide range of products to meet all the needs of the home or business; Under the main collections of furniture and accessories that cater to different tastes in various designs, the wide price range offers thousands of product types to serve the customers.

Turkish office furniture online
Turkish office furniture online

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Turkish office furniture online

  • DEKORASYON Website:

It is a selling site Office furniture Turkey and a veteran company focusing on the wood and furniture industries, as it exports and has been able to prove itself in the industry to prove its presence strongly in the local and international markets.

  • Furniture website:

Lovers of luxury and sophistication find their way to this luxurious Office furniture online, as this company owns high-quality and comfortable Turkish furniture, as its products are made of pure wood and handcrafted. The company’s furniture products are exported and imported from Turkey to 32 different countries in the world such as Serbia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is one of the most Import furniture from Turkey countries for furniture from this site, Ukraine and various African countries.

The company’s furniture is one of the most famous and respected brands in Turkey, it is famous for the quality of the comfort and convenience products Where she was looking for the location of Turkish furniture, where the artworks were well created.

  • Where they created new products that differ from other furniture companies as their products combine modern and classic furniture models. What creates a revolution in furniture and decor in your home.
  • A Sortie Furniture provides the best furniture and decoration solutions to its clients with its 47 years of experience.
  • Furniture in flight can meet customer requests anytime, anywhere
  • The company also follows a policy of customer satisfaction, as it guarantees high quality and comfort in products and provides Importing from Turkey after-sales services to customers.
  • They exceed their customers’ expectations by doing their best by producing handcrafted wooden furniture.
  • Armonk Furniture Store:

Armonk is one of the largest online office furniture manufacturers, founded in 2004 and Turkish furniture wholesale offering one of the largest product assortments in this field to wholesale and retail partners and interior design firms in many countries. From design to implementation, Armonk constantly strives to provide its customers with the best values, choice and service in the furniture industry.

Armonk Furniture has been in the market for more than 10 years and also helps people to create beautiful homes, through private collections providing Online furniture Turkey bedrooms, dining rooms, living room and office furniture wholesale. At Armonk Furniture, you can bear in mind that you are choosing furniture made with exquisite natural materials, luxurious fabrics, and unique and durable finishes, whether you are starting a full dining group or just looking for the perfect bedside table.

The company has professional designers to help choose the right furniture for your home furnishing, or to choose when you are ready to start your project, Armonk Furniture is the best way to get inspiration, discover products, find the perfect designer touch and collaborate with it.

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