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 Import furniture store

Turkey in the last decades, increased there exports for all the world so, it is very easy when you import furniture store to your country to sell and gain money, to more information about turkish furniture design 2020 follow us to know more.


Import furniture from turkey

it’s very important for turkey to increase there exports because turkey’s economy  based on Turkish exports for whole world so the government of turkey make more facilitates to attract more customers to buy from turkish office furniture online if you looking for turkish furniture you can find it easily because there a lot of stores present furniture and give suggestions to help you find your needs easily, online stores are presented in alot of sites on the Internet, like:

 1.Amazon of turkey one of this stores has a lot of furniture and they can ship your needs for your location in few days.

2.IKEA one of the best stores that have a good design for Turkish furniture you will never seem before in another store.

 3.Timber store is good for everyone need to furnish your home or office or any place you want and you can find different options there.

Do you know why turkey is the best country??… because they based on trade of furniture and they present high quality of goods and low price, like turkish house furniture alot of bride furnish their future house with the furniture from turkey because this furniture attract more and more people everyday, so, turkish furniture exports are upward in the last decades specially in the last 10 years, because they prove that their furniture is the best in the world, when you search on the Internet about the exports of turkey you will find the value of exports in 2006 are 764.715US and the value of exports 2017 are 2.361.299US which mean that they interested in this field, turkish bedroom furniture has a high quality you can’t find this quality from another country, and there are different items that turkey makes it every year with increasing in the quantity of furniture, so the investment in this field is very important to you to gain more money and achieve your goals to be reach and have a big store where you can sell the furniture from turkey.

In turkey, the government is always care about the high quality, comfortable and performance of furniture to be the best in the industrial of furniture, so the attractive apearance for along time because when one buy from turkey, he will come again and buy furniture from turkey and advice everyone to import furniture from turkey, and sell in his country.


 Import furniture store
Import furniture store


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How to import from turkey

Importing from turkey is increased from year to another year, so there are different ways to import from turkey, you can follow the best way suitable for your budget to invest in Turkish furniture, to increase your trade and be the best one in  your country has an incredible furniture and special design which is very different when you import from another turkey, to know Iraq is the first country on the list of importing from turkey, And the second country is Germany although Germany has a best furniture too but the importing from turkey increase year after year because it is popular and attract customers from Germany, to be the best one import from turkey to provide your money and make your dreams come true,

shopping for furniture that mean you can test it with yourself buy furniture from turkey for your house and know if it has best materials or not, we sure that you will buy it more and more times for you, and invest your money to import from turkey, but you should know that quality of the furniture not the only thing to increase your trade, marketing also is very important for your trade because the great company have a department of marketing and put high amount of money to this department to attract more customers for you.


You can import from turkey with two main ways, we will show in details follow us: can travel to turkey and select from outdoor furniture what the market in your country need, and less from this market you must be aware for any change in your local market, and study the Turkish market and know the best item and present it with high quantity of furniture to can buy it with low price.

 2.the second way is turkish furniture online, yup! you can buy your furniture from online stores and ship the goods for your country but you must know following the rules are very important to avoid any problems will make you losing your money and prevent your goods to inter the country and must have a license to be in the safe side. can choose a perfect office has a big experience in importing from turkey and know all the rules and papers what you need to import furniture, and they will control your importing and help you to skip all rules that turkey put and your country they will facilitate anything for you and the importing will be very easy.


 Import furniture store
Import furniture store


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Furniture in turkey with prices

you know that the prices of furniture are very low when you campare it with the other from America, but why the furniture from turkey has high quality and low prices?? because turkey has a total land close to eighty million ha, and one of richest floras in the whole world and woody plant species, turkey’s large milling and manufacturing of wood is in a high position to put to supply the products of to regional markets in all Arab countries so the furniture from turkey has low prices that can most of people buy it, because it doesn’t need a huge money to furnish your home.

, but they have different in the prices because turkey has different kinds of woods, and don’t forget how to ship from turkey because you can save more and more money when you choose the best shipping company for your goods to avoid wasting your money in some won’t return for your with high services, you must collect all details what make you spending money to import from turkey to your country after that you can start with you know all you need to buy, we can’t determine a price for furniture from turkey without shipping because there alot of company present different items from furniture so when you travel to turkey you can know the real price, and you must put on your mind that there are updates every time in the price, import from turkey is not difficult because many reasons:

  1.  low prices for furniture.
  2.  .a lot of shipping company with high service,
  3. many company make different categories of furniture to sell.

The export figure in 2014 was 2.4 billion dollars and this number is increased every year, turkey exportes their furniture for 200 country around the world which give turkey a high position between another industries in this field, if shipping to turkey cost the distance between the countries determine the cost and the way you ship through is also important because the shipping by air has high cost but the shipping by land or sea has less cost, but to know the shipping by air are more popular because it is the speedy way you can based on to ship your goods in just few days, so we advice you if you can wait so there is no problem to choose shipping by land or sea instead of air.


 Import furniture store
Import furniture store


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Turkish furniture companies list

In this section, as we know the position of the sector in the Turkish economy, is the number of business places in the sector, production quantity, growth ratios, employment level, profitability ratios,  regional distribution of the sector, added value, and import and export figures are presented every year. The trade of the first 25 countries in the world and the volumes of general total worldwide furniture trade are processed in this reports which in reference to the goals of 2023 of Turkey. This report also presents Turkey’s current rank in the list of world furniture trade and  the future positions which the hope to reach with considering the effective roles of the first 25 countries in the whole world furniture trade.

The Production is made in the Turkish furniture sector in a wide range like a panel furniture, or solid furniture, or sofa, or seating group, moduler furniture kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, furniture of garden, or furniture sections and parts, and another furniture such as vehicle furniture, hotel furniture, hospital furniture, or accessories oriented to national and international markets,  anf the usage of imported product/materials is limited, and about the shipping there are fedex shipping to turkey.

In this sector turkey is amongst the sectors with high added value because of  Being one of the sectors at Turkey with highes employment capacity, and furniture industry is distributed  workdwide to any province and district. The economical and the social development in Turkey after 1980s has increased the demand because of quality, functional, trend and modern furniture especially at big Metropolis because development has accelerated the country’s economy.

National turkey furniture fair income per capita was 6.500 US in 2006 in current prices and in 2014 it has closed to 11.318 dollars with an increase of %74. In parallel, the sharing of the furniture sector in the national income has increased in quantity and provided the achievement of investments which required for the progress of the sector. Turkish furniture is ranked in the fifth line by sharing of 5,9% within the cost of items of the household in terms of its share in expenses and it is according to the TUIK research which called “incomes and living conditions”. The furniture follows the rent-dwelling, , restaurant-hotel expenditures, food, transportation.

The evaluation of the all Turkish furniture sector in order to analyze for product groups, and there is a positive tendency in the recent decade. when The collection of the three months export in 2013 is also calculated and shows the continuing increase positively. trendy furniture in the year of 2012, its exports were almost 1,9 billion USA dollars; individually for the product one product the export was 1,1 billion USA dollars, but the lowest export was done for the product the other priduct. turkish furniture inspite of positive tendency for the Turkey’s exportation, unfortunately the total sum of the export is not at the desired level internationally. but the future development of the production capacity and product variety may increasing that Turkey’s position in global aspects.


 Import furniture store
Import furniture store


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Furniture stores in turkey creek

Furniture is defined as the only most effective product in the life of human which attains a place in any field of our ordinary life, and it provides the welfare of the individuals and our society, serves the social and also cultural requirements which directed to life, it directly influences the living quality of people, which everyone uses and needs. it demand gradually increases with the latest meaningful urban transformation projects, rising living standards experienced in the country, population increase, any increase in the export value of the sector and the results of these is directly affected the furniture sector.

Furniture in trade is defined according to such basic classifications as all the other goods. However, while the Coding System and Harmonized Commodity Description,   by short the Harmonized System is used for detail data, CTSPC is always used in general sense and also in Standard International Trade Classification, it is used for the aggregated data ,too. import one furniture store is classified in sections according to the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC

The Turkish furniture industry has become a best branch of information and capital weighted manufacture within the accession of medium and huge scale enterprises in the 1990s to traditionally. type of operator workshop, the small scale enterprises and has become the rare sectors without foreign deficits of trade in the last 10 years. To be in a quick development and change period, you must follow the sector shows a potential in domestic and also foreign markets in the direction of the factors like brands, quality, small or large scale enterprises in this field, geographical position, young population, improvement of national income per capita, general growth policy of the country.

The National organization in this field has started in the early of 2000s and now there are numerous numbers of sectors association is operating. The International fairs are organized by the sectors associations which are significant activities for the advertisement and improvement of the country’s furniture sector.

The sector of exports of turkey is referred under the title how to import wooden furniture for the first time in 9th. The plan of development in which we were assigned by the Presidency of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), The report was prepared for the furniture sector in 10th Development Plan. Our furniture sector, has been a subsector until now in the wood works sector, is known as the main sector for the first time by Commodity Exchanges of Turkey and Union of Chambers.

Nowadays, the sector has become one of the important limited industry sectors with an exportation of about 1,9 billion USA dollars to more than 214 countries and it has no foreign trade deficits by gradually increasing in export value since 2001. the sector goals is entertaining among the first top 10 largest furniture producers around the World and the top 5 in Europe with the expectation increasing of 25 billion US dollars production value and close to 10 billion dollars exportation value in 2023.


 Import furniture store
Import furniture store


Finally, we will take about why you should prefer Turkish furniture to the other furniture:

  1. .Vast and flexible production capacity.
  2.  Everexpanding of production technologies.
  3.  .Continuous of R&D and design innovations.
  4.  Qualified manpower and modern machinery.
  5. .The trendy designs and new collections.
  6.  The best, high quality products, with smart furniture solutions.
  7.  Has ISO 9000 and all the other required quality certificates.
  8.  .Proximity to the main markets and logistic advantages.


Industry facts:

  1.  36.000 producers.
  2.  Export to 200 countries.
  3.  34% export/production rate.
  4.  .Export figures tripled within the last decade.
  5.  6.Top export markets like Iraq, Germany, Saudi Arabia, France, USA, UK, and UAE
  6.  ,Smart Clusters (Inegöl, Kayseri.
  7. Istanbul, Izmir etc.
  8.  .A lot of furniture companies in the top 500 industrial which establishments of Turkey.

 Use in Packaging PE, PP, foam, poly-urethane and cardboard boxes.

By the speed of globalization and always changing in customers trends, that Turkish furniture industry is becoming one of the best fashion sectors, bringing zest and be comfortable to millions of households around the global world.




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