leather belt manufacturers in turkey

10 Trusted leather belt manufacturers in turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  leather belt manufacturers in turkey;The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

  leather belt manufacturers in turkey

Turkish leather products and fabrics are the best types in the market because of their quality, through importing house platform, we will introduce you to the most important factories, leather belts prices that made in Turkey and how to import from Turkey.

Turkey leather belt manufacturers

Are you looking for Leather Belts manufacturers in Turkey that they are offering, producing and marketing best of cheap leather belt for you? Here, we bring a list for you with best leather belts brands they known for:


A wholesaler of fashionable accessories. They range always includes sunglasses, leather belt turkey and textiles. As a wholesaler in the fashion industry, they are continuously expanding their range. They concentrate, on the diversity of styles, and also on the large selection of colors an item is available in.

Another of their strengths points is how they treat all kind of customers equally, because no one is forced to buy wholesale for technical reasons, their Products are: Sunglasses, Scarves and shawls, Women’s bags, belt, Hats, and Gloves

They do not have a minimum purchase quantity and they are also happy to deliver many items individually. So that they do not leave their customers hanging, as an importer and wholesaler, they procure their goods directly from the manufacturers in the country where they were made. This allows them to consistently provide their customers with maximum quality at the best possible price.

Turkey leather belt manufacturers
Turkey leather belt manufacturers

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  • Monarch Cork are manufacturer of fashion products developed by high quality cork fabric, recycled fabric and Eco-friendly material available at wholesale in Turkey.
  • Monarch Cork is Manufacturer fashion products for women and men such as of Premium Cork Bags, Accessories, Shoe, Belt, Wallet, Phone Cases, promotional goods and more.

3.Adnan Lederwaren:

Adnan International Lederwaren has its own leather belt manufacturers in turkey in India with BSCI certificate.

They meet all the requirements for an environmentally friendly and sustainable production. With a state-of-the-art Tannery for the leather, they have the complete production chain from purchase of raw skin, making leather, leather goods, export and import of these leather goods.

Their leather goods manufacturing has competitive price and high quality of their products and their finishing.

They are manufacturers of handbags, Wallets and belts backed with the expertise of professionals of design, pattern making and material selection. All of which makes the manufacturing of leather goods in the flagship of their firm Adnan International Lederwaren.


One of the leading companies in Turkey for apparel accessories to the jean and Apparel manufacturers. They are manufacturers of leather belts, plastic labels, rubber labels, latex impregnated paper, genuine leather labels, imitation leather labels and print labels zipper puller, key chains.

They have been supplying their labels for many European label companies, and they are a manufacturer genuine leather label which does not dye (non-bleeding) to the white fabric during in 40-degree home washing and dry cleaning.

A leather belt manufacturer,
A leather belt manufacturer,

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Turkey leather factory


A leather belt manufacturer, they are one of the big leather tanneries in Turkey which supply leather for belt from cow, cattle, buffalo and split leather, they have buffalo leather 3.8-4.00 MM cow leather: 3.6-4.00 MM split leather: 3.2-3.8 MM they have wide various print option on each item, if you came to Istanbul you can visit their show room in Istanbul.


It was established in the town of Gaziantep in Turkey as a small saddlery workshop in 1945. They follow the needs of the industry, began to make plans to produce their tanned leather.

The city of Gaziantep famous for its tanneries. They reached the third-generation management, has a monthly production of 80 tons of raw leather, 30,000 units belt with a capacity of processing in the sector once an organization has been in the field, also stepped into the narrow weaving business in the 2000s with 2 machines because of needs saddlery.

They are brand for leather belt for women and men Now, they operate in the production narrow monthly capacity reached 30ton and it used in bags, belts, cranes rope such as many areas.

EDESA LEATHER is helping to produce quality at a reasonable price, by supplying Suitable raw material for the leather industry their country has been gained in using the best quality manufacturing techniques to achieve a good market volume in exports no longer wants.

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leather belt for women
leather belt for women


The company GIRAY DERI based in Çorum, Turkey, is a Manufacturer Producer, founded in 1975, which operates in the Saddlery industry, it also operates in the production of leather belts and leather accessories industries.


deriza.com is a shopping website that offers its members from leather coats and jackets to leather bags, leather wallets, fur, shoes, belts and leather accessories with the best price guarantee.

The difference of deriza.com is that it offers the most preferred and trendy leather products and accessories to its customers at the most affordable prices.

Turkey leather company


  • Akyol Leather is manufacturer for leather belts in Turkey, they are experience for men leather belt and they have a good reputation.
  • They serve with an annual production capacity of 2 million belts in their factory with 6500 m 2 open and 2250 m 2 closed area.
  • They continue to offer the best to their customers by raising their success chart day by day with their high production capacity, their products made of high quality and pure leather belt for men, that set the trend and re-establish fashion.


Harun Özel Deri started in 1990 in Fatih Istanbul, began manufacturing leather accessories with a small team in an atelier in Istanbul. His sons also grew up with the manufacture of leather belt turkey, then they developing the family craft of traditional belts.

The company has become one of the first reputed leather men’s belt manufacturers in the country. Today Harun Özel is producing for the collections of prestigious men’s wear in Turkey and is also exporting the company’s products to international markets.

We will inform you about famous places and stores where leather belt price is proper and cheap in Istanbul, including:

leather belt for men,
leather belt for men,

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Marter Market:

It is one of the most prominent markets in Istanbul where you can get anything you want, including a large number of shops and malls that contain more than a thousand showrooms, and it has a lot to satisfy all tastes, and everything you need from leather shopping from Turkey.

Baghdad Street

It is considered one of the most famous for leather markets in Istanbul, as it includes many shops as well as local and international leather, in addition to the presence of many small commercial buildings for shopping.

Grand Bazaar Market:

You can find bulk leather belts wholesale, leather goods and fabric markets in Istanbul, and it features shops selling gold, silver and souvenirs, and there are many clothing factories in Turkey on Mahmud Pasha Street, and stores that sell artificial leather and scarves, such as the Stylist Factory.

Zada markets:

My experience in importing from Turkey has never disappointed you, as the leather industry is one of the most important industries in Turkey, and for this there are many factories for wholesale childrens clothing in turkey in that region, such as the Dominic Factory and also the Jean Camelot Factory, and there is also offering a Turkish wholesale wedding dresses and clothing market in Istanbul in this region.

Fatih Wholesale Leather Market in Istanbul:

It is one of the most important places that contain wholesale leather shops in Istanbul, and there are markets in which people from all over Turkey flock to buy leather, and there are many factories that deal in wholesale, such as the Mono Amo Factory, and there are also fabrics that made it very famous, as it contains Shops that sell women’s fabrics and hijab fabric wholesale addition to wedding dresses from turkey as well.

Leather belts made in turkey

The Turkey leather industry, which occupies a prominent place in the Turkish economy, continues to develop day by day, as leather is one of the leading export sectors in Turkey. The value of exports of the leather sector (including shoes) in 2017 was about US $ 4.1 billion.

About 70% of the production is produced in this sector of many types of leather goods and for example the production of Turkey leather belts and Turkey shoes has reached more than 300 million pairs and About 50% of the total number of companies operating in Istanbul are strong companies like we have suggested to you above.

Also, Konya, Gaziantep, Izmir, Ankara, Manisa and Hatay are another important shoe production center in Turkey.

Istanbul is the center of the trade, but all cities have leather products list such as soft leather and suede coats, jackets, skirts, dresses, vests, hats, gloves, handbags, wallets, belts, car seats pad and many other items.

Importing and ordering leather does not require much effort or time, and it does not necessarily need a large capital, the percentage of profit in the leather trade is increased over time, so the merchants began to be attracted to importing leather from Turkey, and there are different methods for importing from Turkey which We will introduce you to it:

Import by traveling to Turkey:

Traveling to Turkey gives you a great help by comparing the cost of leather and visiting many companies and markets that produce leather and its quality levels, which makes you finally able to buy the best products at the lowest prices, so the sales process will be easier besides that the profit will be high, but what is taken on the way Import cross travel it is the most expensive.

Online import:

Is common method and it is the cheapest, but you must be careful to buy from a company with high ratings by buyers, for example there are major commercial sites that include a number of Turkey wholesale clothing online and Turkish companies specialized in selling different types of goods.

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Import by traveling to Turkey

Importing via an intermediary:

In this way, you will achieve comfort and in order to reach the best safe companies to import goods from Turkey and leather, as there are plenty of Turkey wholesale sites especially you should follow the following: Go online and search for the best Turkish leather belts suppliers.

In conclusion, we have talked about best of leather belt manufacturers in turkey which you can deal with, we hoped you get what you need.


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