Leather suppliers in Turkey

Two of the largest Leather suppliers in Turkey

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Leather suppliers in Turkey

On the importing house platform, we help you find the best leather suppliers in Turkey and the most important information about them. Leather products are one of the most popular types of industrial products that are popular, and also expensive due to their complex manufacturing process that goes through several conveniences.

Leather supplier Turkey

  1. Kani Leather

Tannery established in 1962 by Mr. Mehmet Nuri Toktas in Kazlıcesme/Istanbul/Turkey, the energy of tanning cowhide has passed from granddad to grandsons today. Their experience, has begun in 1962, in 1990, Kani leather wholesale Tannery has moved to the new plant in Usak area which is coordinated modern Zone with squander water purging plant. Since the start of the business, Kani Leather Tannery has been demanding nature of calfskin, climate care and it’s representatives rights.

Kani online leather store with its wide scope of items and developments, produce completed sheep calfskin, sheep cowhide, goat cowhide and ox-like cowhide. The most requested sorts of calfskin from Kani Leather Tannery by it’s clients are; Nappa Leather, Plonge Leather, Vegetable Tanned Leather, Stretch Leather, Washable Leather, Suede Leather, Chrome Free Tanned Leather and Full Grain Leather.

Kani Leather Tannery has dispatched the undertaking, which need to build up a tanning technique that doesn’t utilize items containing weighty metals. Kani Leather Tannery limit the import of crude calfskin to those nations whose creation principles and acts aware to the nature, human and creatures.

Kani Leather Tannery complete periodical investigations on style patterns as a fundamental advance to make recommendations and assortments of articles. Kani Leather Tannery follows its scope of items dependent on the motivation of the main worldwide style fashioners. In Kani Leather Tannery, the creation pattern of calfskin tanning is portrayed by the combination between customary procedures and present day innovations.

After they get their sheepskins, lambskins and cowhides it experiences numerous stages to keep it. Kani wholesale leather supplier likewise meet with their shading fans and are offered to your administration. In their research facility, furnished with current advances, they test all cowhide covers up to check that prerequisites of strength and natural insurance are met. Kani Leather Tannery grasps a way of thinking of value in cowhide tanning; subsequently, significant examination endeavors are made focusing on unique impacts and make calfskin an advancing item second to none.

Kani Leather Tannery guarantee quality creation with it’s inventive quality calfskin items and several references.Kani Leather Tannery forces unbending principles at the base of its cowhide creation to guarantee a more significant level of wellbeing and security assurance for their workers and spots, just as a perpetual obligation to ecological manageability in the field of water and energy putting something aside for the present and the upcoming residents.

 wholesale leather supplier
wholesale leather supplier

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Turkey leather factory

  1. Göryakınlar leather:

Best leather suppliers in Turkey, which was established as a marketing company, started to operate as a leather factory in Kazlıçeşme in 1983. In 1991, their factory moved to Istanbul Leather Organized Industrial Zone. Their factory, which is established on an area of ​​8.000 m2, serves its customers with the latest technology leather hide store machines and the quality of workers producing quality leather.

1,000,000 m2 Annual production capacity with their plant in Turkey and the brands that they produce in many countries. With their production and marketing staff of 120 people, they serve the shoe, bag and saddlery sectors by using cattle leather. Turkey and aiming to grow in the world leather industry, their company is continuing R & D efforts in order to make appropriate standards of production to the wishes of their customers.

Quality policy:

  • Göryakınlar leather for sale has adopted the principle of providing reliable and trouble-free products to its customers with its expert management staff and personnel by using advanced technology and modern engineering solutions in production.
  • Their employees, who have adopted team spirit and work devotedly, are the basis of their quality. The assurance of the continuity of their quality is their meticulous work and the service they offer.
  • Their “Quality Policy” is to apply continuous development and improvement in all units, to accept customer satisfaction as the first target, to fulfill the requirements of ISO Quality Management System Standard and to continuously improve its effectiveness.

Environmental policy:

  • To comply with the environmental legislation in their country and to keep it up to date.
  • To ensure measurable continuous improvement in every possible field related to the leather bulk environment,
  • To determine the environmental dimensions, to determine the types and damages of environmental effects,
  • To minimize pollution and wastes and to ensure the disposal of their hazardous wastes with minimized environmental impact,
  • To provide continuous training to employees and subcontractors and to encourage them to apply these principles,
  • In this direction, determining the goals and objectives, reviewing each year and explaining the progress,
  • To continuously improve their environmental management system in the light of these principles.

These principles will be announced to the public using communication facilities and will be open to public opinion. The management will be a constant follower of the implementation of the environmental policies and targets it has committed.


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Turkey leather industry

The Turkish leather industry, which was highly affected by the political and economic conflicts with Russia in the past years, left the crisis behind and started to recover again and increase both production and export shares. While the leather industry is still one of the leading sectors of Turkey in terms of production value, it has reached a position that competes with the world giants with its competitive power, experience and high production capacity.

 Importing from Turkey has also increased as the 11th largest supplier of leather in the world. In addition, Turkish leather industry, which has reached the level of exporting technological hardware and technical knowledge, has reached the potential to employ 70 thousand people in nearly 7 thousand enterprises today.

leather products manufacturers in turkey
leather products manufacturers in turkey

Leatherworking Today in General Lines:

Although the Turkish leather industry has reached a certain level of competition with its infrastructure, technological developments, export and production, the production capacity of the raw leather, which is the main input of the sector, is not very suitable and sufficient for the standards throughout the country, keeping raw and semi-processed leather imports at a high level.

The children’s clothing wholesale suppliers Turkey and leather types produced in Turkey today are sheep, hair goat, angora goat, cattle, water buffalo, gazelle and camel leather. In the past years, the Turkish leather industry, which transformed the imported raw and semi-processed leather into high-value products and exported these products to northern countries through suitcase trade, has started to focus more on registered exports with the decline of this trade form. In Turkey, the leather processing industry is concentrated mainly in Istanbul-Tuzla, Tekirdağ-Çorlu, Izmir-Menemen, Bursa, Uşak, Bolu-Gerede, Balıkesir-Gönen, Manisa-Kula and Isparta. seems to be closed.

Leather Sector Export Figures in Turkey:

According to the latest data, the overall export figures reached 11.9 billion dollars, while exports of leather and leather products in Turkey was realized as 120.7 million dollars. The share of leather and leather products industry in total exports is around 1 percent. Leather shoes had the highest share with 51 percent in this export rate. The share of leather goods and skins has reached 24 percent, furs has reached 10 percent, and the share of raw and processed leather products in Turkey`s exports has reached 12 percent.

As of 2017, the most important export market in Turkey brand clothing wholesale and leather and leather products exports was Iraq with a rate of 9 percent and a figure of 11 million dollars. Russia has the second highest share with a share of 7 percent and $ 8.5 million in exports in the same area. Exports to the European Union were realized as 46 million dollars. Finally, exports to the Middle East Countries group declined to 25 million dollars with a 6.5 percent decrease compared to last year.

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Leather wholesale Turkey

Leather Export Status by Product

  • Shoe:

In the export of wholesale leather goods and leather products, shoes take the first place in terms of products with a share of 296 million dollars and 51.1 percent. The biggest export market of the leather shoes industry is Iraq. This country is respectively followed by Russia, Bulgaria, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

  • Leather Clothing:

The figures in the export of leather clothing product group are seen to approach 40 million dollars. In this product group, Russia has the biggest market share with 10 million dollars. Germany, France, Italy and USA follow Russia respectively.

  • Fur Clothing:

One of the products that has an important share in the export of leather products is fur clothing. The most important export market of this group, which has reached an export figure of approximately 19 million dollars, is again Russia with cheap leather price 12 million dollars. The list with Italy in the second place is followed by the USA, France and Germany, respectively. In the field of semi-finished finished leather, which has an export share of 65 million dollars, the country to which we export the most was India. Then come Italy, Germany, China and Bulgaria.

  • Processed Fur:

In the processed fur product group, which has an export figure of 15 million dollars, the country with the highest import from Turkey was Italy with 5 million dollars. Italy is followed by China, Germany and France.

  • Saddlery Products:

Having a high share of 60 million dollars in the field of leather exports, the country where Saraciye leather products are exported the most is Germany. England, Iraq, France and Italy follow Germany.

Future Prospects of Turkey Leather Industry: The Turkish leather industry is dependent on raw leather imports due to the insufficient number of domestic animals. This situation increases the sensitivity of the sector to developments in the exchange rate.

In addition, the leather industry cannot reflect the increases in costs to the consumer. This situation puts pressure on the profitability of the sector. The biggest expectation of the sector is to do the necessary work to minimize these negativities.

In addition, investments in the leather sector are carried out under the leadership of companies that manufacture shoes. While the calls for investments towards modernization in the tanning sector are waiting for an answer, here a leather suppliers in Turkey, the leather and sheepskin apparel sector, which is at a very low level, draws attention as the groups waiting for investment.

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