leather jacket factory Istanbul

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leather jacket factory Istanbul

You are radiant to import from turkey? Do you want to know the best places to buy a high quality leather jacket? In importing house platform we will provide you with all information you need to know about leather jacket factory Istanbul , just keep reading and take care of our advice to enjoy a good experience…

Leather jacket factory Turkey

Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, is consider to be one of the most fashion capitals in the world as clothing in turkey is characterized by high taste, and the import of leather jackets from turkey are very common, as the fashion and modern clothing industry in turkey are growing day by day as clothing has become like pants.

  • “Eser”

It is one of the most famous Turkey factors that specialized in manufacturing of leather products, it characterize by the use of original leather goods of the highest quality and inexpensive, cheap prices shoes, handbag and jacket and many other leather accessories . This factory produces one of the best turkey jacket brands.

  • “Hoteg”

It was founded in 1938, and its first branch was Kadikoy, Istanbul, which is one of the oldest stores in Turkey, and it’s one of the brands of clothing stores in turkey, and this brand is popular for modern men’s and woman’s clothing, and for men’s leather jackets in Istanbul, and offers a wide range of leather jackets options for Turkey, such as eco-friendly, breathable, and waterproof.


Best leather jacket factory Istanbul based in Turkey, manufacturing leather goods. You can see an image of their goods on their website. Bags category has several different types of items such as mother’s baby bags, backpacks, laptop bags, watch boxes and bags, and they are distinguished by manufacturing high quality leather jacket.


Due to the interest in leather, which has been the most commonly used natural material for human beings since prehistoric times, they joined the sector in 1982 and setup their own facilities, since the first day they establishment of bags, wallets, belts and they recently produce a high quality leather jackets in a low prices and quickly become one of the best manufacturer of leather jackets in Istanbul. They combine leather with traditional handcrafting and modern technology, turn it into modern goods in compliance with TSE and ISO 9001:2000 quality standards, and show it to your liking.

They manufacture 100% domestic leather bags, wallets, belts and range of leather accessories. In addition though supplying 97 at home and abroad, they deliver the best wholesale deals to many companies and organizations by fulfilling the bulk order promotion requirements of individual customers.

leather jacket manufacturers in Turkey
leather jacket manufacturers in Turkey

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Leather jacket shops in Istanbul

  • Biman

It is the most luxurious shopping destination in this country, and you will find in it all the women’s and men’s apparel, as well as various leather products such as leather jackets and shoes from various international brands

  • Faco

    1. The brand is consider to be the most luxurious and upscale in Turkey, and has its own shops and stores that are listed as one the most popular in the world, and within the store you will find a wide range of leather products such as their distinguished leather jackets and clothing that you may want to own all of them.
  • Atelier 55

It is one of the best outlet mall in Istanbul and one of the most popular store names in Turkey and is found in it from clothes to jewellery.

  • Istanbul markets

The market include several supermarkets, about 140 outlet, and a range of wholesale clothing Turkey, shoes, bags as well as dairy shops, crushers, spices, herbs and many more as well as gift shop and accessories, which offer a mixture of modern Turkish culture and ancient Ottoman culture.

  • Arasta market which contains many popular tourist attractions, where you can find the best stores selling leather products of the highest quality inside these markets, as they are one of the most beautiful.
    1. In addition to the presence of temples, several mosques, old museums and markets restaurants parks and the market is a narrow alley full of lovely shops selling items like traditional gift rugs, carpets and tourist things to remember.
    2. The Arasta market (Arasta bazaar) is a shopping street with stalls selling souvenirs, handcrafts, Turkish sweets, spices, accessories, antiques, and it is one of the largest Turkish markets to import handmade women’s bags from Turkey.

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Metis Deri is a small workshop founded in Istanbul in 1998 by Cumali Ulas, which manufactures high quality leather goods and accessories in Istanbul, Turkey. They make various shapes and sizes of leather good goods. You can buy one of the best leather jackets in Istanbul. They have their own brand for several companies.

They primarily work with Turkish leather, but they can also be used to import unique leather that you can order. Turkish leather is used by many world- famous brands that manufacture in Turkey, so it is of high quality. They are already being shipped to Europe, the Old Russian Republics, Africa and the Middle East. They have business in the UK, Holland, Germany and the rest of Europe.

  • Derimod

It is the most important brand in the world for leather products, as well as a company specializing in the selling of leather products such as shoes, bags and leather jackets. It is distinguished by the use of original leather material, which are very high quality and at reasonable prices compared to the rest of the world. You can also buy Turkish leather jackets at the best price from these sites:

  • Modanis

  1. It is a Turkish site specializing in women’s clothes, providing distinctive fashion for veiled woman, offering large sizes for women who want to do so you can shop in it from all over the world.
  2. Civil It is a nice and helpful place if you want to buy any children need. This site is one of the children’s clothing wholesale suppliers turkey.

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Prices of leather jackets in Istanbul

There is a one- lira market to shop in Turkey, and there are a lot of leather jackets brands in Turkey, as there are a lot of the oldest Turkish streets that Arabs love, foreign brands that fits all the tastes and styles you can find there. Famous factories such as imitation factories in Turkey and bag markets in Istanbul differentiate Turkish goods by quality, and models modern styles that fit young people and other that suit woman in society at prices are suitable for all levels and this place are wholesale clothing Turkey.

Leather goods price in Istanbul
Leather goods price in Istanbul

The price of high capacity container is between 23.00 and 29.00 TL.

Turkey’s leather jackets prices in Turkey vary from 133.00 to 233.00 TL depending on the longevity of the leather standard.

The prices of high quality Turkish leather jackets range from 144.00 to 248.00 TL depending on fabrics, quality and style.

In short, it can be said that Istanbul has more than 200 great markets for importing cheap leather products form Turkey all over the region, and the markets in Istanbul give you a wide range of good and cheap leather products at low prices, and you can simply import from Turkey, and there are several sites where you can buy the best brands. As these pages, you can import Turkish jackets online in a variety of ways, the most important of which is: Searching online on sites such as Alibaba, Trendyol on the internet, depending on Google, or even travelling to Turkey (do not rash and spend a lot of time searching to find the best possible source of goods).

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Where to buy leather jackets in Istanbul

  • Fatih market

Fatih market in Istanbul is one of the most popular and distinguished markets in Istanbul, known as Wednesday market, since it takes place every Wednesday and sells items at wholesale prices, including shoes, accessories , as well as it is a hijab suppliers Turkey , fruits, vegetables and others. Its place on Fatih street, where it has a landmark, it is the most characteristic of this market. Istanbul’s historic tourist destination, thanks to its proximity to Fatih mosque and the grand bazaar.

  • Marter Market

It is one of the most popular markets for selling all goods in bulk to the Arabs and you can buy children’s clothing wholesale suppliers turkey, a range of leather products, men’s clothing, veiled clothes and other items of the highest quality and cheapest prices and this market is characterized by the presence of customs specialists who make a lot of contributions to the market.

  • Osmanbey market

Osmanbey market is one of the most popular wholesale markets in Istanbul and specializes in women’s need in a higher percentage, as it include all women’s supplies and is also famous for selling wholesale clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, accessories and others. From this market you can buy best woman leather jackets in Istanbul. This market distinguished itself by being close to Taksim Square, which is one of the most famous tourist areas in Istanbul.

  • Lalali market

The lalali market is considered to be one of the most famous and well-known local and influential wholesale and high quality goods market. There are a variety of stores selling wholesale leather products such as shoes, clothes, leather jackets, accessories and more you can buy the best women’s the best leather jackets Istanbul from this market. There is high demand for this market especially from tourists and locals, because the market is located in a very lively place, in addition to the excellent prices that suit everyone. 

In the end, we have provided you with all information you may need to know about buying leather jackets in Istanbul, we provided you with the best brands and shops where you can buy from. If you are ready to buy wholesale clothes from leather jacket factory Istanbul we have mentioned the most popular wholesale markets that you can deal with leather jacket factory Istanbul .


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