leather jacket manufacturers in Turkey

20 Leather jacket manufacturers in Turkey to best deals

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leather jacket manufacturers in Turkey

Will you like to import jacket of leather from Turkey? Would you like to know the best leather jacket manufacturers in Turkey and Confidence worthy of which they are popular in Turkey for leather jacket producers? Are you curious about the simplest and most popular way to import them through an importing house you will find out what you need to know about importing leather jacket from the best factories and producers of Turkish leather Jackets.

Leather jackets manufacturer in Turkey

Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, is considered one of the world’s most famous fashion capitals, as clothing in Turkey is characterized by a very high taste, and import from Turkey is very common as the fashion and modern clothing industry in Turkey is growing day by day as clothing has become like pants.

Leather goods price in Istanbul
Leather goods price in Istanbul

As many importers around the world purchased and still buy different goods from Turkey, importing from Turkey was and still is a road to achieving riches, and definitely you can also import leather jacket from Turkey because of the high quality and fair sales prices in Turkey. Turkish industries are considered to be among the most pioneering industries at this time, including the production and manufacture of many branded leather jackets known for their high quality and diverse brands and the production of the finest and best Turkish leather jackets. You can buy from the following locations when you begin importing Turkish clothes.

1-Waikiki Company:

 This store shows its goods in 567 stores in 27 countries and is distinguished by its high quality products and fair prices.

2- Colizione:

In the commercial sector in Turkey, it is one of the leading brands.

3- Ipekyol:

Ipekyol was founded in Turkey in 1986, and the company is known for its beautiful and modern women’s clothing.


It was founded in 1938 and its first branch was in Kadikoy in Istanbul, and it is one of the oldest stores in Turkey, and it is one of the names of clothing stores in Turkey, and this brand is popular for modern women’s leather jacket they also provide you with a fantastic and exclusive new collections of fashionable men’s leather jacket sale offers you a wide and varied range of leather coat options from Turkey, such as eco-friendly, breathable, breathable,, There are 26 suppliers in Asia for leather coats in Turkey, which include Turkish brand jackets, and you can also choose whatever colors you want.

5-Mavi Jeans:

Founded in Istanbul in 1991, it consists of 427 branches in Turkey and abroad.

6- Koton:

This firm was founded in Istanbul in 1988.

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Leather jacket factory Turkey

At this time, Turkish industries are considered among the most pioneering industries, including the manufacture and production of many branded leather jackets renowned for their high quality and diverse brands and the manufacture of the finest and best Turkish leather jackets. We will show you the most famous leather jacket factory:

Where to buy leather in Istanbul
Where to buy leather in Istanbul


 Because of their interest in leather, they are best leather jacket manufacturers in Turkey which has been human beings’ most used natural commodity since prehistoric times, they joined the sector in 1982 and set up their own production plant. Packs, wallets, belts Turkey have been founded since the first day and deliver items such as leather jackets in bulk to the collections of major clothing brands. In compliance with TSE and ISO 9001:2000 quality requirements, they combine leather with traditional handcrafting and modern technology, convert it into modern products, and demonstrate it to your taste. 100% of domestic leather bags, wallets, belts, and leather accessories are produced. In addition to delivering 97 at home and abroad, they offer the best wholesale prices to many businesses and organizations by meeting individual customers’ bulk order promotion requirements.


It is one of the most popular factors in Turkey specialising in the manufacture of leather products, distinguished by the use of high-quality original leather products and cheap, cheap prices for shoes, handbags and jackets and many other leather accessories. One of the best Turkey jacket brands is made by this factory.


: The company based in Turkey, produces leather goods. On their website, you can see a picture of their products. There are many different types of items in the category of luggage, such as mother’s baby bags, backpacks, laptop bags, watch boxes and bags, and they are characterized by the development of high quality leather jackets.


Centered in Turkey, the company manufactures leather goods. On their website, you can see pictures and descriptions of products. The category of leatherjacket has several different kinds of items, such as mother baby bags, backpacks, laptop bags, watch boxes and leather jackets, rosary boxes and bags, accessory bags for jewellery, bags for men and women. Only give them a prototype if you want to manufacture your model.


They are producing belts, bags, wallets, handbags and all leather goods TURKEY using the best Turkish leather.

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Leather jackets Turkey online:

Turkey is one of the world’s most luxurious shopping destinations, as it is renowned for being a major tourist destination that draws visitors from various parts of the world, so it is important to have a number of the most prominent and elegant shops and stores to meet the needs of this enormous number, and to be a country characterized by the textile and leather industry and one of the most, As for Istanbul’s purchase of a long jacket for veiled women, which is one of the most prevalent latest fashion trends and is more like a long petticoat, but with light summer-friendly materials such as chiffon and cotton, and this clothing model has spread because it gives women a modest look, particularly in the case of wearing pants and straight skirts that take the shape of the body.

And if your experience is the first on, wholesale clothes Turkey online do not hesitate to purchase, and there are suppliers of Turkish jackets for veiled women in Turkey at the best prices and high quality in Turkey, and long coats suit the veiled more and buying a leather jacket in Istanbul for veiled women is also made of soft fabrics, including linen, velvet and silk, and that look. The veiled woman is content, because beauty and decency are mixed. Jackets for veiled women from Turkey are mostly made of soft materials, including linen, velvet and silk, and look like that. Since it blends beauty and decency, the veiled woman is pleased, and the jacket can be coordinated with pants and a soft blouse under it and several companies are known to ship to Arab nations to help ship a men’s jeans jacket in Turkey:

12- Adoit Logistic Company for shipping in Turkey.

The Oriental Pearl Company for Commercial and Air Shipping in Turkey, and to complete the purchase of a men’s jeans jacket Among the most famous names of stores in Turkey:

13- Biman:

It is the most luxurious shopping destination in this region, and both women’s and men’s clothing, as well as shoes from different international brands, can be found in it.


The company based in Turkey, produces leather goods. On their website, you can see a picture of their products. There are many different styles of goods in the category of luggage, such as mother’s baby bags, backpacks, laptop bags, watch boxes and bags, and they are differentiated by high-quality leather jackets

15- Faco:

The brand is considered the most luxurious and upscale in Turkey, and it has its own stores and shops that are listed as one of the most popular in the world, and you can find a wide range of accessories and clothes within the store that you will want to own them all.

16- Atelier 55:

It is one of the most common names for shops in Turkey, and it ranges from clothing to jewellery.

17- Midnight Express:

Clothes, bags, accessories, jewellery made with distinct parts from


Metis Deri is a small workshop established by Cumali Ulas in Istanbul in 1998 that produces high-quality leather goods and accessories in Istanbul, Turkey. They make good leather items in different shapes and sizes. You can purchase one of best leather jacket in Istanbul. For several businesses, they have their own brand. They work with Turkish leather mostly but they can also be used to import unique leather that you can order. Turkish leather is used by many of the world-renowned brands made in Turkey, so it is high quality. They are already being sent to Europe, to Africa and the Middle East, to the Old Russian Republics. In the UK, Holland, Germany and the rest of Europe, they have company.

     And elegance, Boutique Katya is the perfect place for that and there are high-quality and reasonably priced coats in Turkey and a wide range of fur jacket choices in Turkey, such as fur, 100% polyester and polyester / cotton, and you can also choose from anti-shrinkage, environmentally friendly and wrinkle-resistant, and there are 228 fur coats in Turkey. Barbour on Farfetch and the Barbour Turkey men’s jacket are exclusive items from the finest foreign brands. You can also purchase Turkish leather jackets from these pages at the best price:

19- Modanis: It is a Turkish website specialising in women’s wear, selling distinctive veiled women’s apparel, offering large sizes for women who want to do so that from all over the world you can shop in it.

20- Civil: It is a nice and helpful place if you want to buy any children need. This site is one of wholesale clothes Turkey manufacturer. In the end, we gave you all the details you would need to know about buying leather from leather jacket manufacturers in Turkey , we gave you the best brands and stores from which to purchase.

We have listed the most famous wholesale markets you can deal with if you are ready to buy wholesale Turkey clothes. We wish you the best luck.ز_danis choose from anti-shrink

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