importing olive oil into Ireland

Importing olive oil into Ireland .. 18 companies help you

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importing olive oil into Ireland

Many tend to work on individual projects, to invest their money in useful projects, and one of the best current projects ever is importing olive oil into Ireland from Turkey.

 Turkey has been distinguished by the production of many products that you can import and trade in, and examples of these projects include buying olive oil in bulk from Turkey.

 Here are the best ways to do that, just read the report from The Importing House platform.

Importing olive oil

Popular markets are spread in Turkey, in which you can find all the products you need, and there are wholesale markets that provide you to buy quantities at reasonable prices, so you find wholesale shops selling olive oil in Turkey in these markets, and here are the most important Istanbul wholesale markets:

  1. Ramy Market

It is one of the largest wholesale markets for foodstuffs in Istanbul, where you find many wholesalers specialized in the food market, and each merchant is responsible for a specialty, including spices, vegetable oils, canned food, tea, sugar and coffee.

  1. Beşiktaş Pazar Market

The market is opened every Saturday and it offers a wide range of fresh products, as it offers dried fruits, extra virgin olive oil nuts, pickled vegetables and sugar, it also offers Turkish sweets, there is a bakery that offers all kinds of bread, and you find that the price of a liter of olive oil in Turkey is suitable for everyone since the production is local.

  1. Beyoğlu Balk Pazarı

One of the best Turkish markets in selling fresh goods, so you can find cheese, fish, meat, sugar, sweets, Turkish pickles, Turkish spices and spices, and Turkish tea.

The olive oil market in Istanbul is one of the most sought-after products as the quality of the oil is very high and there are degrees of oil from virgin to refined, so you always find the best for you.

The best type of olive oil in Turkey
The best type of olive oil in Turkey

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Turkish olive oil is generally considered one of the best types in the world, but there are brands that have been famous for their quality and originality for a long time, including Komili olive oil, which is an ancient brand with a unique flavor, and you can find it in all commercial markets as it is exported abroad in large quantities.

  • And if you find the best type for you and intend to import from Turkey, here are the import methods:
  • Buying from the source directly by traveling to Turkey and touring the markets and factories.
  • Contact Turkish suppliers and factories and choose products by phone or email.
  • Agreement with well-known shipping companies to ship the required products such as olive oil in Ireland in the specified quantities.
  • Communicating with a commercial broker in Turkey and agreeing with him to buy the required and ship it to you.
  • Agreement with import offices from Turkey in your country to obtain Turkish products directly.
  • You can also ship olive oil with Turkish shipping companies for foodstuffs, including:
  1. Halablioglu Company for shipping to Ireland :

 It is a Turkish shipping company that ships foodstuffs from Turkey to the rest of the world, and to Riyadh, and takes all measures and safety system in transporting the materials and provides them with the appropriate temperatures until they arrive safely.

  1. Muslukardesler Company, a shipping company for foodstuffs, vegetables and fruits, and professionally packaging shipments, which keeps them until they reach the place of receipt.

Wholesale bulk olive oil suppliers

Turkey is characterized by high-quality food factories, excellent raw materials and reasonable prices for everyone, which made the whole world tend to buy these products and search for them anywhere and Turkey is the second largest producer of olive trees in the world, and it is among the first five countries in the world in the production of olive oil. Turkey’s olive oil production in 2020 reached 183 tons, making it the fifth largest in the world in production.

Here are the most famous olive oil factories in Turkey:


It was established in 2018 and works in the field of olive cultivation and the production of pure luxury olive oil and is located in Izmir, it’s one of the best olive oil bulk suppliers

  1. ARNAS AGRO Factory

The factory was established in 2017 in Istanbul, and it produces foodstuffs such as olives, olive oil and Turkish coffee.


The factory was established in 2017 in Gaziantep and produces premium virgin olive oil.

As a result of the distinction of Turkish olive oil, Turkey’s exports of olive oil have reached most countries of the world, as the oil has purity, cleanliness and distinctive taste, and many Arab countries import Turkish oil, such as the UAE and Tunisia, and Turkey has come close to achieving a record in the global export of olive oil.

Many import and export companies work in exporting Turkish oil to countries of the world, and you find that many olive oil factories in Turkey cooperate with these companies to supply and export oils, and here are some companies that you can cooperate with to get the best Turkish olive oil:

  1. GUMUSTEKINLER Corporation

It is a Turkish company that produces one of the olive oil brands as well as exports it abroad. It was established in 2008 in Manias.


It is a company that produces and exports foodstuffs, including the luxurious Turkish olive oil, and operates in Ankara.


It operates in the field of wholesale distribution and export of some foodstuffs such as olive oil and dried apricots, and it is based in Ankara.

And if you are looking for Turkish olive oil for sale for your personal use, you can find it in supermarkets in Istanbul, and here are the most famous of these markets:

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  1. Migiro supermarket

It is the largest chain of foodstuff stores in Turkey, and offers you a bulletin of discounts every two weeks that you can benefit from.

  1. Jimma supermarket

It is the second largest chain of stores for foodstuffs, and it also contains electrical appliances and household items.

  1. Macro supermarket

It is a store that contains the products that you always need, and you find it inside residential areas and the store is famous for imported goods, so you can find imported olive oil in it.

  1. 1Tansas supermarket

It has many branches in Turkey and its activity started in Izmir, then it began to spread and you find everything you need is available there.

shipping to Ireland
shipping to Ireland


Olive oil companies

Turkey includes many fruitful olive farms, which have caused a large surplus in the number of olive oil factories to extract this distinctive product, Zueboeh in different markets.


A young company that mastered the rules of national and international trade Since Turkey is the main producer of pistachios and apricots, BioFood is committed to providing local products grown on Turkish territory only in order to provide regional and high-quality products, for each desired product it offers you a variety of brands at factory prices, to allow You can make the right choice for your food needs at the best prices, in addition to its services in the food industry.  It also represents a point of contact for establishing your business in Turkey.

 Export operations can also provide you with legal and tax advice in Turkey, after that we think we have answered your question where to buy bulk olive oil


May Group Olive Oil Factory in Turkey is a leading company in the field of manufacturing edible vegetable and chemical oils, and it follows in the manufacture of its products the international standards recognized, and exports its products to various countries of the world.

The company prides itself on providing high quality products like pure olive oil wholesale to its customers, with multiple packaging alternatives.

 If you inform the company about the product of interest to you and the quantity to be imported monthly along with full details of your company, it will be happy to send you its best price. The company imports acidic oils and refined palm oils.

  1. Al Shifa Olive Oils Trading Company Ltd.

Al Shifa Olive Oil Trading Company Ltd., a wholesaler, was established in 2004, and it operates in the olive oil sector as well as in the olive oil production and sectors.

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Wholesale olive oil prices

Turkish olive oil is produced with different qualities such as natural, refined and riviera, and it has been used for thousands of years due to its nutritional value and longevity, and the taste and quality of olive oil depends to a large extent on the type of olives used, the conditions of cultivation and production technology.

Olive oil prices range between $ 27.00 and $ 30.00, and it is the best olive oil in Turkey, produced by traditional methods and fats that protect the valuable nutritional components of olives from Turkey, but pure spilled oils are acceptable and may not meet the high temperatures disclosed.

 For frying and high temperature recipes like frying, you can choose higher acidic oils or Rivera olive oils that have a higher burning temperature due to their lower burning points.

The olive oil production sector in Turkey increased with ilgilenmiştir.türkiye olive oil exports to the United States, the first five months of the season increased by 206 percent compared to the previous season by about 16,500 tons. 1.2 million tons and 650 thousand tons of olives for olive harvest at the beginning of 2023, Turkey is trying to eliminate oil exports by about $ 3.8 billion.

The high demand for real Turkish olive oil from the United States from November 1, 2017 to March 2018, resulted in approximately $ 67.3 million, an increase of 251 percent compared to the same period in the previous season.

The average price of importing olive oil into Ireland was about 4 dollars, compared to about 3.5 dollars last season, and the price of half a liter of olive oil produced at 22 thousand Turkish liras, or about 6 thousand and 46 dollars, and the price of a ton of olives in Turkey reached about 4000 Dollars, which caused the increase in the price of the olive oil tin in Turkey.

Olive oil is one of the products that are always in demand, from which everyone seeks importing olive oil into Ireland so make sure to choose a distinctive type so that your business will succeed.

Importing olive oil
Importing olive oil

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