olive oil wholesale Ireland

Olive oil wholesale Ireland … 12 reliable places

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olive oil wholesale Ireland

If you are looking for places to trade olive oil wholesale Ireland and do not find someone to guide you, so we are on the importing house platform, we will mention to you a lot of olive oil importers and the trusted suppliers and olive oil prices in the market, so keep reading the article with us.


Olive oil suppliers Ireland

There are many olive oils companies and suppliers in Ireland, so let’s get to know them:

The Source Bulk Foods:

They are offering a unique shopping providing quality ingredients, where you only buy what you want without unnecessary packaging.

This foundation established in Australia 2012 and has joined a local partner to bring the Source Bulk Foods to Ireland, in their first store opening in Dublin.

If you want an extra virgin olive oil Ireland so it is the best choice to import oils, as Australian oils put it simply, it has excellent extra virgin which is the gold standard of olive oils. Virgin, or pure oils.

Their Olive Oil are from olives crushed within 72 hours of picking. It has been cold pressed which means also extracted by a mechanical process without heat without the use of chemicals or solvents.

Their bulk olive oil Ireland and Extra Virgin Olive Oil processed below 30C without the use of chemicals, within 24 hours of harvest. A premium blend of 4 olive varieties creates a versatile oil, free of added preservatives, A medium to intense fruity taste that shows seasonal variety

And their olive oil product has plenty review as it is paired with a clean finish on the palate to make this an excellent all round olive oil that everyone’s taste buds will enjoy.

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Olio Novello:

They have the greatest Extra Virgin Olive Oil available for a limited time, offering the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Their products range created with Coratina Olives that are full of antioxidants making these oils are delicious in flavor and also great for your overall health.

If you like the flavor of quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then they have the same lovely tasty olive oil products in Ireland. Picked and pressed at the beginning of Autumn.

This cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is created from antioxidant-rich Coratina olives which make the Olio Novello olive oil a super overall health tonic, they have the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Ireland providing it from the south of Italy to your kitchen, exclusively available for with great offers. available to use for all types of frying;

Olive oil suppliers Ireland
Olive oil suppliers Ireland

Pure oil ie:

Pure Oil has a good reputation trusted foundation for providing high quality vegetable oil products all over Ireland and known for the best olive oil in Ireland.

Their extended life pure Vegetable Oil suitable for frying, deep fat frying and sauces; available to use for all types of frying; while their long-life oil is suitable for heavy duty operations with a GM and Trans Free standing.

An olive oil online Ireland sustainable sourcing of raw materials is top priority for Pure Oil as well as being an extremely important factor to their customers. they work with internationally recognized suppliers that offer the same safety factors as themselves.

Contact them for a bulk oil delivery quote for Bulk Quantities like 20 LTR at sales@pureoil.ie.

As for sustainable sourcing of Edible Oils, they continue their policy and engagement with their suppliers to drive and ensure sustainability in the supply chain.

To maintain product quality, they also test every batch of oil they already receive, carrying out a Free Fatty Acid test and Peroxide Value.


Olive oil Ireland:

El Olivo provide the best quality Olive Oils and more, cooking drove them to find the best Olive Oils to bring to their customers. They offer to their customers a range of Olive Oils, sustainably sourced and crafted, using traditional methods to guarantee the highest quality.

They carefully selected ingredients are the crucial point of cooking, whether you are a professional chef or you are cooking dinner at home. As if you using premium Olive Oils for preparing and cooking helps you to carry the flavor of foods and spices, this provides a satisfies the appetite.

They directly import their products from the manufacturer in order to provide as much information as they can to their customers about the olive oil wholesale Ireland.

The Olive Oils where you can buy in their shop come from two different historical areas of Spain in terms of Olive framing and Olive Oil producing.

The types of Olive cultivar have its own characteristic, In Olive Oil Ireland you can find Olive Oils made from 4 different Olive cultivars. The Olive Oils made in Andalusia; made from 100% Picual Olives. Their Olive Oils made from Manzanilla, Morisca and Carrasqueña Olives come from Extremadura, Spain.


They have been in oil business industry for more than 30 years, providing to you a unique supply and collection service, offering nationwide coverage throughout Ireland. their levels of customer service are unsurpassed and their oils are healthy in the highest quality.

Olive oil company Ireland

The real olive co:

A source of real trusted Mediterranean foods which they sell some of olive oil brands Ireland through their market and their wholesale network across Ireland.

They have a stock of more than 20 different varieties of olives for limitless time, several types of extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, sun dried tomatoes, pickles, preserves, dried fruits, Iberico meats of the highest quality and more.

They have Organic Portuguese Extra Virgin Olive oil €11.00

Puglia 500ML extra virgin olive oil €10.50

Aragon 700ML extra virgin olive oil €8.00

Sierra de gata extra virgin olive oil 5L €32.50

Extra Madura 700 ML extra virgin olive oil €8.00

Pedro Ximenez sherry vinegar €6.00

Aragon extra virgin olive oil 2L €14.00

La Chinata extra virgin olive oil 1L €9.00

Reserva Sherry vinegar €6.00

Kalamata extra virgin olive oil €9.00

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Bomar ie:

They are located in Ireland in their own 10,000 square foot warehouse, having a shop on site where you can visit and discuss your needs.

They have been established in the 90s and supplying the highest quality products across Ireland. also, they offer custom packing of oils into your branded packaging, manufacture of cold process soap or manufacture and assembly of reed diffusers.

Also they are package products from bulk so if you require a size that is not listed just drop them an email to contact them about your need.

Millbrook Edible Oils:

Millbrook Edible Oils have in olive oil industry for 30 years’ experience in the procurement, shipping, packaging, distribution best quality of olive oil in Ireland, they are the well-known provider of edible oils to the wholesale and manufacturing in food industries.

They have been established partnerships with Europe’s leading, provides technical and professional assistance for food developers and manufacturers.

Also, provide excellence between Europe’s premium oil refineries and the Irish food Industry and a variety range of products available for wholesale needs from 5 LT to above and in food service packs to Bulk supply.


Maglin Fine Foods:

They supply maple syrup and honey products as well as olive oil offering these packed as own labels or branded or bulk.

Olive Oil is the cornerstone of the famous Mediterranean, most people choose olive oil because of its many proven benefits to human health. The health benefits of organic olive oil Ireland are extensive attributes being discovered all the time to bolstering the immune system to protect against viruses, olive oil also effective in fighting diseases.

El Greco ie:

This company based in Ennis, Co Clare Ireland which open for business from 9:00 to 6:00 on Monday to Friday. their products available through wholesaling to shops, restaurants and hotels or directly from them to you. For more information about their products, prices and delivery options get in contact from their site options and they will happily answer your questions.

Tesco ie:

It’s an Online Shopping where you can buy olive oil Ireland. You must register your details and signed in; and choose a delivery slot.

olive oil online Ireland
olive oil online Ireland

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Olive oil prices in Ireland

There are plenty of quality of olive oil in the markets that between $15 and $35 range, trendy olive oils like cost more, at $37 and $45.

The Wholesale organic extra virgin olive oil $ 41.00

Carbonell – Extra virgin olive oil – 1000 ml – € 29,00

Tesco Ireland olive oil €2.29

Tesco Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500Ml €6.35

Olive Oil – Extra Virgin Organic 500ml for €9.00 to 25kg for €290.00

Olive Pomace Oil €2.45 – €140.00

Olio Novello Coratina – 1lt bottle €22.00

Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Vero” 1 LT €15.00

Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Vero” 5 LT €60.00

Tesco Extra Virgin olive oil spray bottle Ireland 200ML €1.89.

Where can i buy olive oil in Ireland

taste with gusto:

They share their passion for Italian and artisan foods in Dublin, providing the best in traditional pastas, along with the best organic extra virgin olive oil and Balsamic Vinegars on the market

So, you can buy olive oil online Ireland as they are offering the very great quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils. As their products range created with pure Coratina Olives which known as containing antioxidants.

The fresh taste of this Ireland Olive Oil is perfect in salad, in marinades and rubs for meat, poultry and seafood, as most cooking (frying, roasting and baking) is done below the smoke point of a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which means you won’t be producing harmful chemicals when cooking with it.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil aim to absorb the antioxidants and vitamins in the vegetables while cooking, as for Olive oil can be very soothing and moisturizing when applied to the skin and for massaging.

Final words, we have talked about olive oil wholesale Ireland and mentioned very respectful companies that providing best quality of their olive oil products that we recommend you to contact with them.


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