import olive oil from turkey

import olive oil from turkey the most 6 famous places are guarantee

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 import olive oil from turkey

Are you intending to import olive oil from turkey ? Do you want to know the best of their largest olive oil manufacturers? Are you hesitating to deal with some unknown company? Don’t worry, through importing – house platform we will make sure to give you enough data.

importing olive oil from turkey

The export of olive oil is one of the most needed oils in the world, because of its importance to human health, and for this it enjoys a global reputation. There is a great demand for it at the global level and not only at the local level, there are plenty of olive oil shops in turkey to export and import olive oil from Turkey. as it is one of the most important countries that manufacture it, and you export it to the rest of the world at prices that guarantee profit, and make it a profitable project for you.

is olive oil from turkey good? Are you intending to import olive oil from turkey? It’s a great idea as food products requires in all markets abroad especially olive oil as it known for all use and it benefits for your health, so yes turkey has many of olive oil factories that they are producing fresh organic olive in their green area on nature.

is olive oil from turkey good
is olive oil from turkey good

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olive oil price in turkey

 Turkish olive oil companies itself are importers of olive oil from abroad to make up for shortages in the domestic market.  The Turkish brand Komili, which produces different types, including extra virgin olive oil, is one company which is importing olive oil from other country, like Tunisia.

The price of turkish olive oil has continued to increase to the current price of 12 Turkish Lira ($4.88) per kilogram, the price ranges from 27.00 USD to 30.00USD. However, domestic producers still holding off selling their stocks in hopes that the price will increase in response to high worldwide demand given the poor harvests in Spain and Italy and the overall decline in world olive oil production.

turkish olive oil
turkish olive oil

where to buy turkish olive oil

Are you wondering from where you can buy the best olive oil Istanbul? Don’t worry, we will suggest for you in these below lines the good places of Turkish olive oil manufacturers and their biggest companies in Turkey.

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olive oil manufacturers in turkey

 Aegean region is one of the most famous regions for olive production and cultivation in Turkey, and Ayvalık region is more than 180 million olive trees grown in Turkey, they employ workers to pick the olives with their hands instead of using modern machinery, you can import from turkey as it produces different types of olives and olive oils then exported abroad, here some of olive oils manufacturers:

  1. Aurora Olive:

A foodstuff manufacturer located in Aegean region of Turkey. They have started producing olives and olive oil and throughout years and they have extended their product portfolio for other foodstuff such as pickles, sun dried tomatoes, roasted eggplant, rice stuffed eggplant, vine leaves and rice stuffed vine leaves. They are a supplier who can serve you with variety of different foodstuff.

  1. Meras Yağ San.Tic.Ltd.Şti:

AL SHIFA OLIVE OILS TRADING LIMITED CO, is a wholesaler, was established in 2004, and it operates in the olive oil. Also, they operate in the olive oil producer and sectors. It is based in Karaduvar, Turkey.


They have been active for years producing, filling and marketing of olive oil, the oil is much more than a product.  as it has been exported all over the world as a synonym for quality of life. They work with the best olive oil which is obtained from the best olives, harvested at the right level of ripeness and pressed with a traditional cold system.


 Al-Hassan olive oil is a product of the Syrian olive press, a first cold press. The method of squeezing this oil is purely mechanical 100% natural. This is in addition to filling the oil in containers conforming to the health specifications approved in various countries. Their bulk olive oil turkey, metal or glass containers are completely safe for health and do not produce carcinogenic chemicals or cause any health risks. Also, they providing wholesale foodstuffs.


A Manufacturer and producer, was founded in 1954 in Balikesir, Turkey, working in the olive oil sector.

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olive oil companies in turkey

You can go shopping in turkey as there are all kinds of olive oil in the Istanbul market as there are: natural, refined and riviera olive oil, where the Aegean region is one of the most famous for the production and cultivation of olives in Turkey, and one of the conditions for importing olive oil is that it conforms to international standards, so, there are many companies and turkish olive oil brands including:

  1. Komili Kırlangıç:

Komili Olive Oil is obtained from the best olives of the Aegean, especially Ayvalık and the gulf region. All the orders are shipping olive oil via DHL, they ship worldwide by DHL and they will inform your tracking number immediately after your order is shipped.

There are 2 options for delivery:

1- DHL Express and it is the faster option. Your order will be at your shipping address 1 day to 7 days.

2- Normal shipping. Delivery time takes 25 days to 30 days for Normal shipping.

The shipping cost is calculated by the total price of your order they have wholesale olive oil suppliers. If your cart total has many quantities, the shipping cost will be lesser. You will get free shipping when your order total is over 100$.

In conclusion, we recommend import olive oil from turkey, as Turkey is the fourth largest country in olive cultivation in the world, and olive oil is used in Arab cuisine.



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