importing olive oil into Singapore

6 suppliers offer importing olive oil into Singapore

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importing olive oil into Singapore

st like medicine as an essential ingredient in overcoming diabetes, this is confirmed by scientists in Singapore, which launched an expanded campaign to combat diabetes, so the importing olive oil into Singapore is very welcomed.

 The Ministry of Health has allocated 15 million dollars to support the food industry in developing sweets, sauces and soft drinks without sugar, and use more olive oil.

 While the Health Promotion Board aims to help Singaporeans reduce their sugar intake by nearly a quarter by 2020, especially since diabetes now affects one in nine Singaporeans.

 The Singaporean “Straits Times” newspaper reported that current efforts focus on combating diabetes in terms of food. So in Importing house we will show you all details you need to know…

Importing olive oil to Singapore

According to reports and studies published by health institutions around the world, virgin olive oil is one of the safest oils for human health. For this reason, it has a global reputation and high demand all over the world.

If you go to any country around the world and enter a supermarket, it is normal to find bottles of extra virgin olive oil available from different brands at different prices, and the opposite is not normal, so many of olive oil distributors know that.

Speaking of the most important countries producing high-quality virgin olive oil, we will find that among them are about a few countries (Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Algeria, Jordan, Libya) that contribute to a rate that may reach a 1/4 of the global production.

And the exporters work in these Countries have to choose the purest and finest types to export to various world markets at prices that guarantee them abundant profit, and certainly anyone who wishes to start a profitable investment can join these investors. If you are this person, follow up with us, where we explain the intervention in this field, how to buy, how to issue and how to reap profits.

olive oil wholesale
olive oil wholesale

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How to export olive oil wholesale to Singapore?

  • Market study: –

The first step is always with studying the markets, whether local or foreign, studying the local markets will make you able to determine the best olive oil products, how they are sold and how much they are sold, who are the best producers that can be dealt with, who are the olive oil exporters in your country, and the opportunities that you can exploit And other important things.

  • Establish an import and export company: –

After studying the local and foreign markets, it remains for you to have a company in order to be able to export goods abroad legally, and correspondence with companies, whether you want to buy from them or export to them, will be easier when you communicate in the name of a company and not in a personal name.

  • How to export olive oil: –

Exporting olive oil is like exporting any other type of food. After communicating with import companies abroad and knowing their requirements in terms of quality and price, suitable samples of products that are able to provide in huge quantities are sent through shipping companies such as Dhl or FedEx or others.

And the merchants who importing olive oil into Singapore and They accept the samples of olive oil bulk wholesale and agree with them on the quantities, prices, packaging conditions, shipping methods, and other necessary matters, and after the agreement is completed, you, as an exporter, provide the quantities with the specified specifications from your various sources that you became acquainted with during your study of the local markets and then complete the export procedures.

Olive oil wholesale distributors

“The senses must all come together,” says Greek farmer Giorgos Paraskifopoulos, tasting olive oil.

“Choosing the right olive oil is difficult … it must have an excellent aroma, taste and appearance,” added Paraskevopoulos in the southern Greek resort of the Costa Navarino, where the annual olive harvest is in full swing.

The resort near the city of Kalamata, which gave its name to its chunky-meat olives and is known around the world, is at the center of a new campaign in Greece aimed at reforming the country’s olive oil industry, which is facing a stifling economic and financial crisis.

 Thousands of acres of acres are being farmed, and new presses are being built, as producers are investing heavily in packaging and marketing to improve the public image of Greek olive oil.

 Greece was a big producer of olive oil in the ancient world. In recent decades, trade has become mainly dependent, and almost solely, on exports to Italy, where about 60% of the annual olive harvest in Greece goes.

Where to buy olive oil to Singapore?

  1. McKinsey & Company in Greece

 The consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, says in a report that Italian companies achieve a 50% increase in addition to the price of olive oil that they produce and sell, from Greek olives.

“Greece is the 3 largest producer of olive oil,” said Gregory Antoniadis, president of the Association of Greek Olive Oil Bottling Companies. In the world, during the past five years, we have witnessed a new trend in the overall increase in olive oil exports, mainly by olive oil producers who are currently bottling and branding it and describing it as their own product.

  1. Sarantos Polizoys

 Sarantos Polizoys, who runs a modern olive mill in the village of Cremedia in Messinia and exports his produce to Germany and Austria, says Greek olive oil is facing an identity crisis.

“We should explain to foreign buyers the value of choosing Greek olive oil, rather than Italian or Spanish. We need to explain why we are different and why Kalamata olive oil is among the best in the world, due to its geography and climate. ”

  1. Navarino Icons brand

“Greece was not aware of modern art to market itself to consumers,” said Peter Paulos, who along with Marina Papatoni founded the Navarino Icons brand three years ago.

 “Its products are really amazing, but they are not known in the big famous market, until now.” “We realized the need for high quality Greek food and cultural products and beautiful packaging on the global market,” added Polos.

  1. Costa Navarino extra virgin olive oil

Currently, you can find Costa Navarino in the best supermarket olive oil around the world, including Dean& Deluca in the United States and Harrods and Marks and Spencer in Britain in addition to Shops in Hong Kong and Singapore.

“We are actively trying to expand in the markets, and we realize that consumers who value the quality of Greek products, including in the rest of the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia,” says Polos.

And there are still many farmers, who harvest olives by hand, who refuse to use mechanical vibrators.

“The best brands of olive oil such as extra virgin olive oil, which has a acidity of less than 0.8,” Paraskevopoulos says, noting that more than 10,000 trees produce the variety Chroniki olives on the Costa Navarino, with pH levels below 0.3.

Olive oil wholesale distributors
Olive oil wholesale distributors

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Olive oil wholesale suppliers

Turkey is one of the most important food-producing countries, in addition to the fact that Istanbul is one of the capitals of gourmets in the world, and in the recent period there has been a significant increase in demands for Turkish food products, the most important of which is olives, due to the high quality of these products.

  1. BioFood

It is one of the most famous olive oil suppliers they master the rules of national and international trade. BioFood is committed to providing local products grown only on Turkish land in order to support regional products.

 For each desired product we offer you a variety of brands at factory prices, to allow you to make the right choice for your nutritional needs at the best prices.

In addition to their services in the food industry, they also represent a connection point for establishing your business in Turkey, and help you in how to import olive oil

They can negotiate with Turkish industrial companies on your behalf, and organize B2B exhibitions, in addition to sea and air services that are in line with export process. They can also provide you with legal and tax advice in Turkey.


MAY GROUP is a leading company in the field of manufacturing edible vegetable oils and oils chemicals, and it follows in the manufacture of its products recognized international standards, and exports its products to various countries of the world, and knows well how to import goods into Singapore

The company prides itself on providing high quality products to its customers, with multiple packaging alternatives.

  If you inform the company about the product of your interest and the quantity to be imported monthly along with full details of your company, they will be pleased to send you their best price.

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Olive oil wholesale price

Two months ago, the olive harvest and pressing season began in Hatay, southern Turkey, which is one of the most important centers for olive oil production in the eastern Mediterranean region, because it contains five million olive trees.

 It is expected to produce 7,500 tons of olive oil by the end of this year, at which the price of a liter will reach more than 20 Turkish liras (equivalent to approximately 2.5 dollars).

Yilmaz Donmaz, head of the Association for the Protection of Businesses and Olive Oil Producers in Hatay, expressed the start of the season of selling olive oil and the increase in demand for it greatly, especially our access to foreign currency. “

Donmaz added, “We are receiving heavy demands on our olive oil at the moment, and we are working hard now to be able to keep pace with the increasing demands.

The bulk olive oil prices of our region oil suits both the producer and the consumer very well, as one liter is sold for more than 20 pounds when looking at the average production.” The 3 years in our region of producing and exporting olive oil. Our income ranged between 1.5 and 5 million dollars. “After that part we have mentioned everything about importing olive oil into Singapore.

Importing olive oil to Singapore
Importing olive oil to Singapore

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