Olive oil importers Belgium

Olive oil importers Belgium …The best 7 suppliers of olive oil

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Olive oil importers Belgium

Do you need to know the olive oil prices in Belgium? Are you looking for the biggest importers of olive oil? what are olive oil importers Belgium? Over importing house you can find the dicuss all the details that you need.

Suppliers of olive oil

Are you looking for the grestest suppliers in Belgium? Do you need to know the best suppliers of olive oil? Here are they….


The company OMA GROUP, is a wholesaler olive oil bulk wholesale, operating in the dry fruits sector.  It also works in the sectors of coffee, tea, olive oil, honey, and herbal infusion.  It is based in Bruxelles, Belgium.


The company, DAPHNE OLIVE OIL, is the manufacturer / producer, working in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the sectors of organic olive oils, Greek olive oil, producer of olive oil and canned olive oil.  It is based in Polleur, Belgium.


Enterprise SAVEURS DE CRÈTE, is a distributor, operating in the dietetics sector.  It also operates in the distributor sectors of organic olive oil olive oil brands list, honey and its derivatives, and traditional balsamic vinegar.  It is in Overijse, Belgium.


The enterprise VIGOR, manufacturer / producer, operates in the olive oil sector.  It is based in Loksbergen, Belgium.


The firm PERE OLIVE, manufacturer / producer, operates in the olive sector wholesale olive oil.  It also works in olive oil sectors, olive oil, table peeled olives, and table olives.  It is based in Seilles, Belgium.


MABE, the manufacturer / producer, operates in the dry fruits sector.  It also operates in the sectors of edible oils and fats, olive nuts and dry vegetables.  It is based in Bruxelles, Belgium.


Firm R. VAN HOVE, manufacturer / producer, operates in the vegetable oils sector.  It also operates in the olive, mustard, and snack food sectors.  It is based in Lier, Belgium.

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Olive oil price in Belgium

Olive oil is considered one of the most important and useful oils in the world. Besides it has a delicious taste, it has lots of  important health benefits such as protection from heart disease, and there are several types of olive oil in the market The history of planting olives is associated with the history of the successive civilizations on the Mediterranean basin. And we inherited from our ancestors how to take care of this blessed tree.

And how to extract the finest oils from them. We have developed this knowledge and added to it modern methods to ensure the best quality products for our customers We are also keen to choose the best types of olives. It is hand picked and pressed in ways that combine our ancestral knowledge of our heritage. And with modern equipment to obtain excellent virgin olive oil olive oil in Belgium.

The oil is packed in suitable containers that protect it from any change in its properties or in its validity For human consumption provided that the used containers do not contradict the specifications. Then the oil is transferred to the filling line to be placed in containers of different sizes The volume of olive oil exports according to international standards reached 1.2 million dollars in the previous year

And it was exported to the following countries: Qatar – UAE – Iraq – Sudan – Belgium – Gulf Countries And with the permission of the director of the company. The costs of exporting olive oil to countries will be very competitive with international markets The product will be exported and shipped via the United Company. And based on achieving a wide spread of the product and a large withdrawal from other companies and countrie The volume of olive oil consumption at the international level is increasing continuously.

olive oil importers
olive oil importers

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What is the different types of olive oil?

There are many types of olive you can buy, some of which are much better for you than others, while some simply taste different:

1_Extra virgin olive oil: It is considered the finest type of olive oil and the highest price, and it is produced from the first juice of olive oil, and its acidity percentage is less than 1 percent.  Olive oil, which contains a high percentage of nutrients, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, has a good taste and therefore can be used in preparing all types of food.

2_Virgin olive oil: It is prepared in the same way as extra virgin olive oil, but differs from it in its high acidity, which makes it less good than the extra Virgin olive oil type olive oil types, it reaches 2 percent, which affects its taste and health benefits, which is therefore lower in price.

3_Refined Olive Oil: It comes in the third place in terms of quality after the previous two types, and thus it is the lowest price. Refined olive oil is manufactured by the refining olives and exposing it from the heat, thus affecting its taste, aroma and health benefits.

4_Pure Olive Oil: This type of olive oil is considered one of the poorest types and therefore its price is low as it reaches half the price of the previous types, and it does not contain any health benefits, nutritional elements, taste or smell as well, and it is manufactured from During the remainder of the olives (olive pomace), It is left from the manufacture of the refined olive oil type, some harmful chemicals are added to it, which makes it lose any health benefit.

Olive oil is the “nerve” of healthy life in the world. Individuals’ happiness in health is measured by the average presence of olive oil on the table of families and countries, and it contributes to reduce the health burdens that countries bear to protect their members from diseases The number of olive trees in the world is estimated at more than 750 million of the olive trees distributed over the world, 95% located in the Mediterranean region, and southern Europe is considered the most olive-producing region olive oil for sale.

The National Oil Office confirmed that international oil prices have maintained their level in recent weeks, with a slight decline in Spain.  The important stocks in Spain continue to affect the global olive oil market, with good production prospects for the next season.  Total stocks reached 1,092,000 tons by the end of April.

 The bureau expected that the decision of the International Council of Olive Oil announced in May 2020 to reduce the price of Spanish extra virgin olive oil below the threshold of 2 euros per kilogram will be reflected by registering another wave of decline.  Olive oil prices are currently affected olive oil wholesale price by the health crisis caused by the new Corona virus epidemic, which has led to fluctuations in international markets, as well as to a decline in consumption due to the closure of restaurants and the reduction in tourism activity in the world.

European production of olive oil is estimated at 1.89 million tons until April 2020, and the European Commission expects total production of 1.906,000 tons in the 2019-2020 season, down by 15.7%, and consumption of 1,382,000 tons, down by 4.1%, with stocks recorded at the end of the season.  About 693,000 tons, down 11.5% compared to last season.

Biggest importers of olive oil
Biggest importers of olive oil

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Biggest importers of olive oil

The Belgian economy is considered one of the most developed in Europe, as Belgium benefits from its position on the continent through the development of an advanced transportation network in addition to modern commercial and industrial bases Belgium olive oil. Belgium relies on its vast network that includes highways, railways, water channels and ports that helped it cooperate with neighboring countries industrially.  Industrial cities are often found in the northern regions with increasing population density, and in the capital, Brussels, the gross domestic income reached more than $ 512 billion in 2018 and the Belgian economy ranks among the 30 best in terms of annual gross income in the world.

The gross domestic income benefits from the Belgian industrial sector by about 19% and more than 20% of the workforce employs in it. The Belgian industry depends almost entirely on imports to secure the needs of its industries of raw materials or half  al-Masnah then completing the last stages that need expertise and then exporting it again  olive oil importers Belgium, and there are many industries in Belgium such as the filtering of petroleum products, fabrics, chemicals, steel, pharmaceuticals, food industries, electronics, machinery manufacturing and automobile industries. Although the Belgian heavy industries have gone through great stages of decline, they are still in existence while  The focus has increased on industries that depend on chemical and pharmaceutical research and development.


Aigremont is a family company founded in 1934. It is the manufacture of cooking and table margarines, and it is the production of oils and fats.

Our aims privilege the quality of the products, we have a policy of continually investing in technologically cutting-edge material and special attention is always given to serving clients.

2_Fuji Oil Europe:

Fuji Oil Europe, a leading supplier of specialty vegetable oils and fats, cocoa fillers and compounds.

Fuji Oil Europe has more than 25 years of experience in developing innovative and value-added solutions for applications where the right choice of vegetable oils & fats really makes a difference.


LA RIOJANA is the distributor olive oil distributor, established in 1982, and operates in the alcohol and spirits sector.  It also operates in the olive oil and import sectors.  It is based in Merelbeke, Belgium.


The company, TADAL, is the manufacturer / producer, operating in the olive sector.  It also operates in the food, import and export  olive oil importers Belgium, and goat cheese sectors.  It is in Bruxelles, Belgium.

Imports in Belgium

You can import lots of goods in Belgium such as  raw materials, machinery, and equipment, chemicals, raw diamonds, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, transportation equipment, oil products. It imports partners are again the Netherlands, Germany and France, US, UK, and Ireland importing olive oil. The imports from the European Union have decreased by 2.6 % in 2013, compared to a slight rise of 1.4% in 2012. Belgian imports from other  countries outside the EU increased by 10.9% in 2013.

Thus, we explained to you the best olive oil suppliers and we show the prices of olive oils, and we have explained the importers of olive oil. I hope to find it useful for you.

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