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Are you intending to invest your money in a great project, a wholesale plastic bags with logo ? Are you looking for some structures to how to import from turkey and where to importing plastic bags with logo from? And do you searching for the top important places where you can find the best of suppliers in turkey. Here in this article we will show you the most plastic bags.

Today, import from turkey such as plastic bags with logo is the most successful way to make your project developing, we all for sure requires plastic bags, whether in packing anything such as: food, vegetables and fruits, clothes, books and anything you want to get packed or storage things in it, especially the younger they looking for printed bag with some unique logo that expressing them.

import from turkey
import from turkey

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plastic bag making machine in turkey

  1. Özmak Plastic Machine:

OZ-MAK company one of best places to get wholesale plastic bags with logo stepped in commerce field by producing bag cutting machines in Istanbul.the best manufacturing plastic bags company, by creating OZ-MAK brand in a short time, producing high quality products, and increasing the demand to its products from Turkey and abroad. They began working for institutionalization, and got necessary production certificates of turkish shipping abroad sales from many countries.

It has agencies in 14 countries. It contributed in the economy of its country by sealing machines and selling bag cutting to 61 countries worldwide and 39 regions in Turkey. plastic bag making machine cost different price from company to company you can contact them. it is to expand its market by participating in international fairs, complete its institutionalization process, producing technological machines.

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plastic bags manufacturers in turkey

  1. Adana plastic bag:

They are plastic bag respected manufacturer from Adana, Turkey. They are manufacturers of plastic bags and bin liners from both recycled and rawLDPE and HDPE. All of their materials used are carefully chosen to ensure that the end product is of excellent quality. Their Main products are: Refuse Sacks Bag, Garbage Bags, Heavy Duty Bags, Handle Bags, T-Shirt Bags, Medical Waste Bags, Industrial Bags, Pet Waste Bags, Garden Bags, Garbage Bin, And Bin Container.

They can be supplied with your brand printed logo on the bag or your details on the outer case to allow your customers to reorder from you easily. They can help you develop a range of bags for you or your customers and advise the appropriate size, thickness, packaging and style of wholesale plastic bags with logo that may be required. They mainly export to Germany, France, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Poland. And they are supply samples of stock items free of charge for trials.

  1. Upm plastic:

manufacturing of many different kinds of plastics namely (polyethylene, polypropylene) and offered biodegradable options for their customers. Their current factory handles a multitude of production lines. they have dedicated production lines for bags, oven bags wholesale for food contact products, for medical products, for rain ponchos, and more.

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plastic bag factory

  1. Kare big bag:

  • Kare Big Bag is one of the leading big bag manufacturers in Turkey.
  • they make really strong and environment friendly big bags, and it is supplying big bags to many factories in domestic market and exporting them to many countries.
  • Their Big Bags are exported to over than 29 countries abroad.
  • They are well-known, fibc, flexible intermediate bulk containers.
plastic bag factory
plastic bag factory
  1. Inter Plastik Ambalaj:

  • Founded in 1986 started with the production of zipper bags and re-sealable taped bags.
  • The factory believe that the package shouldn’t only be a tool to keep the product together. They want the package to add a value to the product within and they aim that the package will be stored even after the product is finished. This way the customer will be reminded with the logo and print.
  • They have different solutions for various applications, quantities, designs and time frames.
  • Inter Plastik is the representative of an ITW company in Middle-East and North Africa.

Currently they offer various combinations of Paper, plastic and aluminum for your needs; they can have your custom print on them and turn them into stand-up pouches, box pouches, Quad seal bag with flat bags or side gussets with different zipper and slider alternatives.

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plastic bags best price

How to know the plastic shopping bag making machine price and the factories offering the best of prices? We brought you the best manufactures to deal with them and find out the best offers they have and to get the latest prices. The prices of plastic bag making machines ranged from $ 15,000 to $ 100,000


  • A Turkish Manufacturer their main products in Plastic Bag Making Machine, Plastic Bag Making Machine, Plastic Bag.
  • And their main markets in: South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Mid East, Western Europe.
  • They have 50 kg plastic bag making machine maker here is the description:


Machine Type: Cutting Machine

  • Material: Plastic
  • Bag Type: T-shirt Bag
  • Computerized: Yes
  • Place of Origin: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Brand Name: GUR-IS
  • Model Number: MS-255 P
  • Suitable for High Density Polyethylene (H.D.P.E.) Low Density Polyethylene (L.D.P.E.) bags. And recycled bags.
  • High Speed operation and accurate -length to cut- thanks to servo motor, servo driver and the special program on it.
  • Perfect in cutting especially Sealing quality
  • Swinger Unit for perfect sealing quality.
  • Working either with or without Photocell
  • Bags length, production speed, bag quantity can be seen and changed easily via operator panel.
  • Low Noise Level and none-vibration working via 20mm Thickness Robust machine body and special machine design.

Hydraulic Press Plastic Bag Cutting Machine

  • The machine price from $3,458.70 – $4,035.15 get the latest price and contact the best suppliers.
  • Machine Type: Cutting Machine      Brand Name: HYDROLIC PRESS
  • Packaging: Plastic
  • Material: Plastic
  • Place of Origin: Turkey
  • Type: Special

In the End, we hope that we mentioned enough about wholesale plastic bags with logo and the most well-known manufactures in turkey with their details.


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