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turkish rug supplier … top 3 turkish rug supplier you will love

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in turkish rug supplier; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

turkish rug supplier

Turkish rugs are distinguished by their luxury, high quality and reasonable prices. They are used to decorate the house and make a better and more beautiful shape. So, there are many turkish rug supplier and factories in Turkey specializing in the textile industry and exporting to most countries of the world. Importing-house will help you find the best suppliers in Turkey.

turkish rug suppliers

You must first determine the required rugs, and you can base your choice on repeated customer requests, and then you can order it from one of the turkey wholesale suppliers and also provide many options and models, and you can choose from them as well. Among the best rugs suppliers and where you can buy rugs made in turkey from there:

turkish rugs
turkish rugs
  1. My home textile products manufacturer in Turkey My Home turkish rug supplier started its work in the rug field more than 49 years ago. Its products have new and innovative designs: delicate rugs and rugs carpets – Ottoman design rugs – classic rugs – wool rugs – thread rugs – leather carpets – distinctive carpets – hand woven carpets. The main headquarters of the rug company is located in Basaksehir, located in Istanbul.
  1. Royalhali: a luxury carpet manufacturer in Turkey. The Royal Company was established in 2005, and the turkish rug supplier started providing its services in the field of producing luxurious turkish rugs for sale. The company offers a wide range of carpets with many designs and colors to suit all rooms of homes. With the use of the latest technologies and the company includes an expert work staff. The company continues its distinguished work in this field.
  2. Atlashali carpet manufacturer in Turkey Atlas was established in 1967, the company started to provide its services in the field of rugs production, as the company offers its customers a wide range luxury carpet with many designs with long experience and the use of the latest technology. The company continues to excel in this field. The company offers a large portion of its products through its representatives to many regions in Europe.

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turkish rug factory

Many are turning to import Turkish furniture, as it is characterized by elegance, modernity and at the same time you find it has not lost its durability and strength, so you can find the best wholesale furniture turkey to import from Turkey there, and among the most distinguished rug factory are the following:

carpet industry in turkey
carpet industry in turkey
  1. kasmirhali carpet manufacturer in Turkey

KashmirHali manufacturing was established in 2005, the company started to provide its services in the field of carpets. They offer a wide range of large rugs for sale and medium-sized carpet designs. The company has its own factory equipped with the latest technologies with an area of 75,000 square meters. In addition to there are more than 1000 sales centers in Turkey.

  1. boyteks carpet manufacturer in Turkey

Boyteks, which is one of the important companies in Turkey, has its work in the field of large production of carpets and home fabrics, where the company offers: a wide range of carpets such as salon carpets – wall to wall carpet – carpets for kitchens -bathrooms – carpets for offices and villas. The company owns its own factory, with a total area of 112500 square meters. The company includes 1200 dedicated and integrated work team to ensure a world-class service to its clients.

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turkish rug price

Turkey is famous for the fact that the prices of Turkish carpets in it are somewhat high, but when buying in bulk and choosing the turkish rug supplier that sells at an affordable price works to reduce the price of carpets. The raw materials used in the manufacture of rugs are from Turkey, where they are made of silk or wool or according to their type, and the types of Turkish carpets that are widespread in the market are divided into salon carpets, silk carpets, floor carpet for sale, Turkish textile carpets, Turkish decorative carpets, Turkish corridors carpets or what is known Walkers, living room rugs, and more. The price of handmade rug from Turkish factories ranges around 6.5$-18$ US.

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turkish rug wholesale

He found more than one effective method that can be relied upon, and we will remind you of each method with its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Traveling on your own: It is the best way as it is characterized by that you will visit rugs stores and the factories from the inside and know the extent of their quality, and you will examine all your products and choose them carefully, and what is wrong with it is that it is more expensive than other methods in addition to that you may face some difficulties in dealing with some people and you will need an accompanying interpreter in addition to you will need to extract the import card, and this is not a defect, but it is a requirement and can be extracted easily.
  • The mediator: meaning that you specify the Turkish carpet models that you want and assign one of the people who travel frequently or one of import from turkey offices to buy them for you in exchange for a commission agreed upon between you. The advantage of this method is that its costs are lower than the travel costs, but at the same time the mediator may not be able to provide what you need exactly.
  • Online purchase: You can buy carpet online from turkish rug supplier on the website of each manufacturer, and this method is characterized by being very low in terms of costs, but you will not be able to inspect your goods until after it reaches you, as the options in front of you are not as many as other methods.

Finally, the Turks have a special style and character in rugs so we recommended buying from the best turkish rug supplier.


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