wholesale carpets in turkey

Most Plush wholesale carpets in turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wholesale carpets in turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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wholesale carpets in turkey

Via this article, we will show you the most famous wholesale carpets in turkey, and we will also show you the most decorated city with the best carpet sales in Turkey, as well as the most important carpet markets in Turkey you can know through importing house .

wholesale carpet turkey

Checking out the bulk carpet market in Turkey? Would you want buy turkish rug  and  to find out about the right kinds of rugs to buy in Turkey? Don’t worry, we’re planning to present you Turkey’s best and most popular carpet stores now to shop for the best carpets and wholesale carpets in turkey , follow us:

buy turkish rug
buy turkish rug

1 ) Dhoku Shop: It is also one of the most common and most prominent rug stores in the Grand Bazaar, offering the finest handmade rugs at the highest quality and at the best prices, and offering Turkish rugs in bulk and it is one of the best shops that offering wholesale carpets in turkey.

2) SISKO OSMANTurkish Carpet Shop: one of the most famous, oldest and most luxury Turkish carpet shops selling Turkish carpets in Turkey, with a valued selection of antique and contemporary Turkish carpet shapes and you can find turkish carpets for sale also.

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turkish carpet manufacturers

Are you hunting for carpet factories in Turkey? Would you like to get to know the most famous carpet factories that Turkey can buy from them? It would be good for you to read: importing fabrics from Turkey … Quick interference from these producers:

turkish carpet manufacturers
turkish carpet manufacturers

1) ENSAR HALI SAN. VE TIC:: This manufacturing plant is one of Turkey’s most prominent, famous and strongest carpet factories, producing 19th century carpets in Turkey, making it one of Denizli, Turkey ‘s oldest and highly experienced factories and factory headquarters.

2) KRC CARPET:: This organization is one of Turkey’s most famous and best carpet factories, where the factory designs and manufactures the finest carpets at the highest quality and best prices in Turkey. This plant is located in ankara, Turkey, so you can purchase that from Turkey.

3) ENSAR HALI SAN. VE TIC:: This plant is one of Turkey’s largest famous, respected and oldest carpet factories, producing 19th century carpets in Turkey, making it one of the oldest and most experienced factories and industry headquarters in Denizli, Turkey.

4) MY HALI:: the whole manufacturer is also recognised one of the most valuable and classiest carpet factories in Istanbul, where the best types of rugs are produced and sold at the best prices and good quality. This factory is situated in Istanbul, Turkey, as you can look for the best types of Turkish rugs

5) ÖZKUL CARPETS:: This company is among the most famous carpet factories in Turkey, where the factory manufactures and produces the finest and most popular carpet types in Turkey with the greatest quality and the best price, so it is named the best carpet factory in Turkey, as well as the most renowned aspect about this factory is that it works in the handmade carpet sector and producing good carpet  in Turkey

6) DEGER TEKSTIL:: This organisation makes and markets the finest carpets at the highest rates, as it is renowned for its wholesale trade in some industries, such as carpets and domestic textiles, centred in Istanbul, Turkey.

turkish carpet suppliers

Searching for carpet origins in Turkey and want to buy cheap carpet ? Will you want to purchase carpets and look for carpet factories from Turkey to import them? Don’t worry, the most important information and details about the city famous for selling carpets in Turkey are going to be revealed to you.

wholesale carpets in turkey are one of the most popular manufacturing economies in Turkey, where tourists often welcome them, so carpets are often sold in souvenir shops, so many carpets are bought from Turkey, there are now two types of carpets, hand carpets and this is higher in price due to its high quality and carpets manufactured within factories and this is substantially cheaper, carpets are considered one of the best

In the fourteenth century, over the years, and its growth has evolved and taken various kinds of flowers and geometric forms and animal shapes, so many import Turkish carpets, so many import Turkish carpets These places are known for manufacturing woven carpets and modern turkish carpet as well as taking the sizes in metres of Turkish carpets, where handmade carpets are manufactured in two ways: yarn and flat weaving, carpets are made of many materials including silk , cotton, wool and viscose, and the most significant carpet styles (two types-klim-oshak) and klim is considered the most popular and less expensive when using it.

wholesale carpets in turkey have become the most common in the Arab world, and as your audience is there, you profit from your decision to exchange them, simply use the right side import from turkey and start directly.

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Rugs factory in Turkey

There are amazing and luxury rugs in Turkey with trusted factories;

1- Carpet:

Supplier From Turkey, Turkey

Place: bedroom, decorative, home, hotel, outdoor.

Shape: as customer demands.

 Material:100% Polyester.

 Style: Plain & other.

 Pattern: Shaggy, and many more.

 Design: modern, as required.

 Technics: Hand Woven &U others.

 Use: Bedroom, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Outdoor, they offer rugs online.

 Size: all sizes.

 Place of Origin: TURKEY/Antep /Gaziantep.

 Carpet Label: example from clients or design Request a quote for the container they  have a carpet factory in Turkey and Indonesia.

Rug shops in Istanbul
Rug shops in Istanbul

2- Carpet, Mat, Runner, Stock Carpet:

Supplier From Nilfer, Bursa, Turkey

Stocklot carpets It is available in the stock in different designs and sizes to see details, please contact us

3- Non-Slid Printed Carpet, Rugs , Mats:

Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey

They have large collection of rug cheap rugs, runner roll sizes Size80cm100cm160cm180cm Pvc felt basevvvv.

piece sizes: Sizes 80x15080x20080x100100x100100x160160x160160x230180x290 Pvc felt base vvvvvvvv Pad faux leather basevvvxvvvx Wash and care instructions.

  1. Hand or machine wash sensitive degrees.
  2. Do not use bleach.
  3. Avoid tighten and squeezing.
  4. Do not iron. 5. Do not dry clean.
  5. Not made in drying machine.
  6. Do dry heat sources close to.
  7. Lay flat to dry on a flat surface.

 Attention: the first after cleaning products make light pubescence. It will disappear in repeating washing’s.

Turkish rugs wholesale

Like the rest of the textile industries located in this region, Turkish carpets are distinguished by their glory and their high quality and are often used to decorate the house and make its form better and nicer.

 And for Turkish rug wholesaler’s the concept today is based on importing where you can naturally import from Turkey Turkish carpets like an ordinary individual, depending on many methods they will list later in the section and you will know all details through importing house.  where to buy a rug? The best answer is the following;

5-Yasin Kaplancarpe plant:

one of the prominent companies renowned for its high volume, where it competes to raise it all the time, it is one of best carpet companies ,the regular output productivity of the firm hits about 30 thousand square meters, at the rate of 750 thousand square meters per month, and 9 million square meters a year, which means that the spinning factory’s total production is about 2500 tones per m per year.

6-CityOne :

of the benefits of this industry is the ability of the trader to create a special pattern or select various colors, new Turkish rugs and requirements, they have beautiful cheap rugs for sale, whether in terms of paint, design and others, and is sent to the factory via the internet and printed since the carpet has become trendy, tasteful and the buyer can design any engraving via variety design programmes and send it to the factory.

7-Bedouinand professional :

As for the colors are diverse and vivid, and they are made by Bedouinand professional workers in Turkey, where it is called Anatolian carpets and the nodes in the square inch vary between 40 and 100 knots, and also what distinguishes Turkish carpets hand ID the use of their suppliers for the bright red color of the carpet all or a big part of it, and there are many carpet manufacturing factories in Turkey.

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Rug shops in Istanbul

These are shops found not in the historical bazaars of Istanbul, but in the vicinity.

8. Nakkas Oriental Rugs:

Has one of the largest carpet collections in Istanbul, ئئ. It is found in Sultanahmet, the center of Istanbul Old City. It is contain walking distance to the Hippodrome, one of the most visited historical monuments in the Sultanahmet area. Apart from the carpet, you can buy Iznik Tiles also from Nakkas Carpet Store. Also you can visit Nakkas only for The Museum inside it. Rebuilding 1500-year-old Byzantine cistern and transforming it into an exhibition, Nakkas has created a digital exhibition depicting the chariot races in Hippodrome.

9. Punto Carpet:

If you want to shop for carpets near the Grand Bazaar, you can choose Punto Carpet, you can purchased carpets online by thir website, Nuruosmaniye Gate, which is the 1st gate of Grand Bazaar, opens to the courtyard of a large mosque. This mosque called Nuruosmaniye Mosque is an imperial mosque built in the 18th century.

10. Ninova carpet company:

It is one of the famous companies specialized in manufacturing Turkish carpets and has been operating since 1989 in Gaziantep, Turkey. This company offers customers all kinds of Turkish carpet design Turkey carpets and rugs, that you can imagine in all sizes as well, and it has polypropylene PCF carpets, thermal carpets, frieze carpets, shaggy carpets, acrylic carpets, Viscon carpets, and it is also making rugs and has been able to expand to become The largest industrial company that has its products mainly carries out international trade and exports abroad.

11.Yasin Kaplancarpe Factory:

You will hear about this factory a lot because it is the best carpet manufacturer in Turkey, and one of the leading places in the carpet industry, which was founded in 1983, and since its inception the company has sought to be the best Turkish carpet modern factory in Turkey, they have all sorts of rug cheap large rugs and small sizes, and through the support and encouragement of the volunteer work team, it has already become so.

The company also always seeks to know the reactions of its customers about the carpets it produces to satisfy them and to bear the responsibility towards their clients and suppliers.

Rugs factory in Turkey
Rugs factory in Turkey

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