Wholesale children clothing in Turkey

where to buy wholesale children clothing in turkey

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Wholesale children clothing in Turkey

The most cutest clothes, specially wholesale children clothing in turkey, are available at factories, wholesale markets, online shops at Istanbul, let’s see the best!


Wholesale baby clothes in turkey

The businessmen’s journey to buy Turkish children’s clothes at the retail price begins with searching for Turkish clothing companies, markets and factories manufacture clothes for kids, and Turkey includes a huge group of wholesale markets, and famous stores. There are a number of fashion exhibitions in Turkey for all categories, including the children’s fashion exhibition 2020 in Istanbul – Max Medhool exhibition, and the Istanbul fair is considered the largest global exhibition in Turkey in the newborn baby clothes in Istanbul , and the exhibition is organized twice a year as it is held in January under the name The international exhibition for mother and child products, the exhibition provides the most famous brands of baby clothes made in turkey.

The exhibition is organized in June under the name of the Istanbul Fair for Children’s Clothes, and the exhibition is attended by wholesale children’s clothes distributors, and is organized on the grounds of the Istanbul Exhibition Center. Textile, the exhibition presents the new collections of local and Turkish companies participating in the field of children’s clothing.


Children’s clothing manufacturers in turkey

  1. Melani & Mettini

The factory is located in Istanbul and provides you with everything you need.

  1. Panço

If you want kids’ wear for sale, then this is the best factory for manufacturing clothes for all ages, from newborn to 12 years old. They have branches in almost all parts of Turkey, and you can refer to the official website for them to know their branches specifically and communicate with them by sending a message to the site directly. It also cares about Turkish baby clothes sizes .

  1. Danışan

It is one of the Turkish factories that we consider the best baby clothes factory in Turkey, and they have women and men clothes too.


  1. Kayhan

It is considered one of the most important clothing factories in Izmir. This factory, which is owned by Mehmet Kayhan, is not only dedicated to children’s clothing, but also women’s and men’s clothing. You can find out details about the method to import from turkey and communicate with them, and know  their locations through their official website, Which provides the advantage of changing the language to English in order to make it easier for those who do not know Turkish to reach their destination. One of their most famous products is Turkish baby girls ’clothes.

Children’s clothing factory in turkey

Before signing a formal contract and agreement, you must put an element in the contract that is binding on the company to export goods to you identical to the samples you brought from the wholesale market in Istanbul, otherwise the contract will be canceled and the commitment clause will also be placed on the date of delivery and shipment of the goods or the company will not bear the financial penalties upon delay and also set a method The item for shipment of goods, which is shipping by sea or air, as well as the method of paying the amount and import costs, and you have more than one way, for example, through bank transfers and through Western Union, and also by delivering them to the company and signing documents and this is what is required and it is preferable not to fall into the process of installing a company Or a misunderstanding under the pretext that the money did not arrive.

Wholesale children clothing in Turkey
Wholesale children clothing in Turkey

Best turkish websites for clothes

  1. Civil website

It is one of the wonderful and useful sites if you want to buy clothes for your children, you have to find many products suitable for you from double and triple strollers, small children clothes as well as infants in case you are waiting for the emergence of a new child, there is a special section for pregnant women through which the pregnant woman can shop The needs of the child or the new crown prince, We consider it the best Turkish clothes online website.

  1. Adwhit site

This site is your request, as it provides you with a range of modern clothes and luxurious models for young women. Do you have a child you want to shop for online? You can, through Adwhit, choose what is suitable for your child from many varieties of clothes and pajamas, clothes for the outings and going out, occasion clothes such as evening and wedding dresses. The imported clothes from this website are amazing!

  1. Mini City

Anew online shopping site for children, with many models of different shapes and varieties. You can buy the best Turkish clothes for children 2020 from many Baby clothes Shops in Istanbul, but really this one is good. It has a large amount of offers that suit all traders and foreigners like you, it has infants’ wear and those in the nursery, or in the early years of school, a variety of options and many varieties, and you only have to take out your credit card and buy what you think is appropriate to get you to the door of the residence in which you live.

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  1. LC Waikiki website

LC Waikiki is one of the sites that provide the most famous and best brands in the world, including foreign and Arab ones. It is a chain of selling clothes spread in many countries of the world, including Turkey, as it has many of the most beautiful children’s clothes as well as for teenagers, which suit all ages. There are open areas for choosing the best and most beautiful among many Turkish clothing goods and other costumes. The site is safe and protected, and your order from clothing or anything else you will receive where you can track it, when completing the purchase process, a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail to confirm the purchase order and information about the method of contact and delivery attached to it with a tracking number, which you can through the number track the order until it arrives at your home.

  1. Mango site

The last site in a series of Turkish children’s clothing sites was for mango. It has a lot of baby clothing styles that you can buy immediately.best Turkish baby clothes brands

Wholesale children clothing in Turkey
Wholesale children clothing in Turkey

Now, choose  the brand that your clients will need for their children.

  1. KITTI

Kıttı is one of the first brands to produce children’s clothing in Turkey, which is famous for its quality, and unique products; it designs that keep a standout for children up to 15 years old.The KITTI logo was introduced in 1998, it’s name is derived from “kitty” in English, the brand name for girls and boys has won the admiration and affection of customers in the exporting countries. The kitty brand’s stylish product range is regularly updated, so the store’s physical visibility is preserved. KITTI products are popular all over Turkey, and they are exported to Europe, the Balkans, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Algeria,

  1. Woody brand

A lively, fun and ubiquitous baby pajamas brand that caters to fashion for the whole family including Women’s plus size clothing online .

  1. Wennes Kids

Founded in 1998, Wennes has more than 520 stores in 68 countries, with products sold in stores such as YKM and BOYNER.

  1. Benetton

Today the Benetton Group is one of the best known fashion companies in the world, and it is present in the most important markets of the world; It includes a network of more than 6000 stores. Customers can enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories for boys and girls up to 14 years old

  1. Tommy Hilfiger Kids

Abrand loyal to the brand’s “Classic American Cool” fashion. This season, Tommy Hilfiger kids’ fashion revolves around red, white and blue, without forgetting to appreciate the magical colors of autumn, the concern for style and quality is among the cool designers and major fashion brands.

  1. tartine-et-chocolat

Since its inception, Tartine at Chocolate has dedicated itself to the world of childhood, with an emphasis on elegance, and timeless beauty.

From baby necessities to kids’ wardrobes, from girls’ collections to toddler boys to Ptisenbon, the brand has imposed a minimalist and ageless style with lines that combine modernity and sizzle, so don’t ask after that where to buy baby clothes in Istanbul !

  1. sportive

A sports store serving all corners of Turkey, the store provides children’s sportswear, sleepwear, and children’s accessories. The brand Sportive presents the world-famous sports brand, which serves the four corners of Turkey.

  1. SMYK

The SMYK Series provides a wide range of toys, accessories, baby essentials, as well as clothing and shoes for babies from birth to 14 years old. SMYK is a unique chain clothes store ; Where customers will find “everything under one roof” for their children.

  1. panco

The brand Pancho children’s wear was established in 1978 as a wholesaler in Istanbul, the first step for the retail business was the opening of the store in 1984 in Sisli, IstanbulToday Pancho has about 80 stores along with 250 corner points located all over Turkey.For 34 years their production has been driven by the principle of “Quality Production for Children’s Health” while the basis of retail service is based on “Trustworthiness and Honesty”.

  1. Orchestra

A brand for the whole family, it includes colorful fashion products in bright colors, exploding with joy and energy, for children full of life, it is the best brand in the field of baby clothes, and maternity.

  1. Modo Kids

Modo Kids offers cheerful designs for children from 4 to 10 years old, whose designs carry elegance and quality, and derives their inspiration from the idea of ​​being comfortable and elegant for boys and girls.Modo collections offer shirts in different colors, and stylish leggings

  1. Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti stands out in all its exclusive collections for the quality of its products, and was founded in 2003.Massimo Dutti introduced a new line dedicated to children, with quality, and interior design being the primary value.

Wholesale children clothing in Turkey

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Turkey office wear

If you want to deal with the office of importing clothes in the Kingdom, then Anwar International Office is the best solution for you, as it is a Saudi company based in Jeddah working in the field of import from Turkey, especially importing  baby clothes made in turkey, and clothes for women, men, children, shoes, as it is the most famous Turkish women’s clothing import office. It works in the field of real estate investment in Turkey.

After determining your goal of what you want to import if you have a picture of the product you want, send the image to the company via its e-mail and give the company a special e-mail for you to communicate with you, if you do not have a picture of your goods then go to the Internet and search for the same goods that you want and you can download Pictures from the sites on your device and then send them to the company by e-mail or send the company to a link to the site where you found goods that you want to import like them and ask the company to send you samples to verify the goods before agreeing to anything.


Shipping company


 Al-Manara Shipping Company is distinguished by the leadership and speed in transporting your shipments to all countries of the world, if you are looking for shipping companies in Turkey and want to work with the best, initiate and contact them and they are ready to meet all your logistical needs related to international shipping, customs clearance and extract all Papers in the fastest time and less expensive. Al-Manara Shipping Company provides you with all international shipping  goods to import from turkey Such as services, including land, sea, and air freight from Turkey to all countries of the world and provides the best solution to ship your shipment depending on its quality and volumetric weight to ensure the exact  cost. The most of  Turkish traders are working with them since along time.

Tnt company

TNT is one of the struggling shipping companies in the field of shipping, working to provide distinguished services to provide convenience to customers and gain their satisfaction and provide air, sea and land freight services. After a short period of stopping the fighting in World War II in Asia, Ken Thomas of Australia founded the Thomas Shipping Company and worked on one truck in Sydney.


Today, FedEx Corporation provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad spectrum of transportation, e-commerce and business services. With annual revenues of $ 36 billion, the company has provided a group of integrated commercial projects through operating companies that compete together and are managed collaboratively, under the FedEx brand banner.

DHL Express

 Is a division of a German postal center that provides international express mail services. It was established in 1969. However, the company expanded its activities worldwide in the late 1970s. If you don’t to travel or communicate with websites, you can work through a mediator: It depends on the import and export company to complete the import process without any interference from you, and in this way you will achieve comfort and in order to reach the best safe companies to import goods from Turkey and clothes in particular, you must follow the following:

– Go to the Internet and search for companies that import Turkish baby boy clothes or enter the commercial directories. It displays the addresses and names of companies, factories, and agencies for importing clothes from Turkey and other goods.

– After acquiring many companies, start communicating with them either by fax or by e-mail, and it is necessary to take care of the companies supplying Turkish goods or the companies that supply in general are interested in dealing with a company and to be a small private company, this is better for them than dealing with individuals because it is given to the import deal Seriousness, clarity and interest. If you do not own a company, you can import through any company of a friend of yours or deal with intermediary companies through which it imports, but be careful not to fall into a fraud.

Finally, try to chose the factory, or shop, or website that has a good review at the business website such as go4world business.com, good luck.






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