Website to buy clothes from turkey

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Website to buy clothes from turkey

I know that you don’t want to travel by yourself, so I will tell you the most famous website to buy clothes from turkey , and I’m sure that you’ll work with it forever.


The best site to buy clothes

Turkey has been characterized in recent years by kids, men, and modest women’s clothing, under the term (veiled clothes), as these clothes varied between different tastes, designs and prices, to keep pace with the world of fashion with a different Islamic flavor.The trade in clothes expanded and developed with the development of online shopping.

1- Modanisa:

Launched in 2011, is the first Turkish fashion clothes platform to offer online shopping for clothes and Veiled women’s wear with such diversity. This site originated specifically in Istanbul, which now houses the first Modanisa distributor on the ground. The site offers its service in five languages: Turkish, Arabic, English, French and German. Each month, the site reaches 20 million visitors from all over the world through its various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The site is characterized by the diversity of its contents to suit all tastes, as it sells to more than 650 brands, and offers more From 70 thousand products. The prices in it vary between low and high prices depending on the quality of the product and the season of sale.

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2- Sefamerve

Safa Marwa website is one of the most famous websites for Turkish clothes for sale .  you can find veiled clothes for Muslim women. The site is characterized by its low prices, which makes it a favorite of many women around the world. The site supports several languages, including: Arabic, English, German, French, and Turkish, of course. The site is full of all that is new of designs and modern costumes for veiled women. On this site, you must take into account that the lower price means enjoying a lower quality of products, so the goal of the site, It is providing all modern fashion at a price that suits everyone.

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3- Tesetturisland

It is one of the most famous websites for clothing turkey online , specially veiled clothes in Turkey and abroad. The site is characterized by its low prices, especially for modest Islamic evening dresses, The site supports several languages, including: Turkish, English, and French. And the site abounds in all that is new of designs and modern costumes for veiled women.


Turkish famous clothes brands

In this part, we will show you the most famous brands in Turkey, chose the suitable for you:

1- LC Waikiki:

It is a French brand originally purchased by a Turkish company 100%. It is one of the most famous and popular clothing brands in Turkey. The reason for its popularity is that it is an economist that provides products for different age groups at competitive prices. LLC offers different collections of Turkish female clothes , men’s, and children’s clothing. It recently added a new home products division. The branches of this brand spread within Turkey with 415 shops, and outside Turkey in 27 countries with 193 divisions.

Website to buy clothes from turkey
Website to buy clothes from turkey

2- Kiğılı:

This brand is concerned with men’s clothing only. Its branches began as shops selling fabrics, until its owner became one of the most important businessmen in Turkey who owned one of the most famous Turkish clothes wholesale The Kiğılı brand has won several awards, the most important of which is the (Super Brand) award for the year. Today, it is considered one of the most prominent brands that export luxurious men’s clothing with high-quality fabrics on the Turkish and international levels.


3- Wow clothing brand

WOW is a new, developing clothing brand from Poland. It aims to supply unique and the world’s top design and quality clothes that are wearable and practical at the same time. It will never use any ‘Made In China’ or similar label – it’s and always will make their products in it’s workshop.You can make an order from wow wholesale to buy all what you want.

Website to buy clothes from turkey
Website to buy clothes from turkey

4- Koton:

 Founded in 1988 in Istanbul, it has expanded to more than 430 stores in 28 countries around the world and employs about 8,500 employees. (Cotton) Company occupies an important place among the most famous Turkish brands for women’s clothing online turkey in particular, and children’s and men’s clothing in general.

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Order clothes from website

The Internet user must know the culture of buying from the Internet and what the work of the sites promoting products or clothes or any kind of goods offered online! Ensure the authenticity of the site by searching for it on the Google search engine, for example! See the reviews of people who have previously dealt with the site you want to buy wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul ! Which helps to gain confidence and credibility towards this site, you should also ensure the encryption protocol HTTPS, Stay away from links spread on social sites, and don’t forget Making sure your antivirus software is updated.

At the end, you should searching well about import from turkey to make sure dealing with the right website.

Prices of clothes in Turkey:

Prices are a little different from, what they find in Nissa’s fashion. In addition, the site, also provides services to all the countries of the world. East Asia its price is cheap. This store is an e-shopping store, that provides various types of clothing from different cultures. For example, the store provides combinations of Turkish, Indian, and Pakistanese-made Turkey designer clothes at a price of $5 per piece. What makes the store suitable for all is, that it provides shipping to all countries. There are no special barriers between you, and you’re arriving in Turkey The store gives you access to Islamic women’s, and men’s fashion, with payments available through more than one different method. Please shop at Essenes Show payment methods, and methods Show shipping time Show return, and replacement time Show discount coupons Language browsing Advertising the ADL is a Turkish women’s shopping site the site offers a range of fantastic female clothing, and accessories.

The store is available in both English, and Turkish, which makes shopping easier, and it also has a very attractive offer: clothes start at 19 Turkish Liras (approximately US $5.14), and KR 19.27 at the current exchange rate, and secure payment via credit cards.

On the other hand, the site offers free shipping for purchases over 150 Turkish Liras, and can track shipments, but unfortunately the site does not offer direct shipping, and importing from Turkey, so I recommend using the above-mentioned trans-shipment services to get an address inside Turkey Please shop for your methods, and methods of payment Show time of shipment Show time of return, and replacement Show discount coupons. The fashion industry in Turkey has witnessed great growth day by day,

as elegant national clothing brands in Istanbul, such as wide pants, luxurious short jackets, and hijabs are becoming more popular. A pair of jeans (Levis 501, or similar) 221 Turkish Lira A summer dress can be purchased at the High Street Store (Zara, H&M, or similar retailers) 169 Lira 1 pair of sneakers (Nike, Adidas, or similar brands) 352 Lira 1 pair of business leather shoes 325 Lira. Men’s clothing prices in Turkey Men’s suit price 309 Turkish liras – pants suit for 160 liras – tie for 44 liras – woollen jacket for 551 liras – men’s evening suit price 496 liras – men’s jeans for 121 liras – woolly nightclothes for 132 liras – cotton shirt for 121 liras.

Prices of clothes in Turkey
Prices of clothes in Turkey

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Where to buy wholesale clothing in Istanbul?

Why do we resort to Turkish clothing shopping sites? if there are Arab clothing shopping sites, that offer the same quality as well. The answer is, that Arabic websites certainly provide us with a unique set of clothes. But it is well known, that Turkish fashion has a special flavor. Second, we Arabs turn to Turkish shopping sites for several reasons. First, the price of Turkish clothes is not expensive, or cheap. Another reason is design. Combining the elegance of East, and West to create a unique product of high taste, high manufacturing quality. Eco Fashion Shopping Top 10 Turkish Shopping Sites for 5 years Advertising Top 10 Turkish Shopping Sites Advertising Top 10 Turkish Shopping Sites Selling Apparel and Apparel Why do we resort to shopping in Turkey: Istanbul clothes Sites as long as there are Arab Shopping Sites offering the same service as well as high quality?

 The answer is that Arabic websites certainly provide us with a unique set of clothes. But it is well known that Turkish fashion has a special flavor. Second, we Arabs turn to Turkish shopping sites for several reasons. First, the price of Turkish clothes is not expensive, or cheap. Another reason is design. Electronic commerce is a tool to bring Turkish garments to the world. The Internet has been instrumental in bringing these Turkish clothes online to us.

 He has helped us with this. He has made the concept of trade, and shopping more comprehensive, and compatible with the trend towards globalization of trade as a result of this, several electronic stores, and shopping sites in Turkey serve both domestic, and international arenas. In this article, we review the most important, and most useful ones through a list of clothing shopping sites in Turkey, that provide international shipping, and others, that provide shipping only within Turkey. Some of them are available on pay-on-receipt, and support for the store, and receive support in both Arabic, and English.

LC Waikiki is a Turkish shopping site for the fashion of men, women, children, and teenagers. The store is simple when browsing, in terms of prices, we can really find, that prices are very cheap compared to other stores, where the price of one dress is 40 AED, in terms of payment methods, it offers a variety of methods of payment via PayPal, PayPal, and LC Waikiki, offering payment methods.

Turkey wholesale market online:

 Modanessa is a Turkish women’s website for the sale of veil garments, as well as a range of accessories, and other shoes. The store has several sections, including a section on veil dresses, which is the main Turkish clothing online store, as well as a section on clothes, that are large, and suitable for large bodies. The store offers several payment methods, including credit cards, and PayPal, which are two payment methods, that can be used to shop in all countries, as well as other local payment methods used within Turkey only.

Vee Aibe Brands is a special Arabic supporter: If you’re looking for a fashion shops in Istanbul, that offers many essential advantages like shopping in Turkey, and paying for deliveries next to shipping to GCC countries with full Arabic support, and the right price, then you’re in the right place with a Turkish iBrands site you’ll be able to access the most famous Turkish clothes brands like Gant, Nautica, Oksite. Avva, and others, which provides you with an exquisite list of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for women, and men, as well as a variety of other products, such as elegant Turkish lasers, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, and some other  Turkish clothes wholesale at an appropriate price, and of their original quality, with shipment through 7 to 10 days, and a maximum of approximately 15 days for free for applications valued at more than 300 riyals or the equivalent in your country currency, with the possibility to pay through a credit card, and benefit from a 25% discount.

Where to buy wholesale clothing in Istanbul
Where to buy wholesale clothing in Istanbul

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