baby clothes from turkey wholesale

Baby clothes from turkey wholesale…top4  children’s clothing factory in turkey

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Baby clothes from turkey wholesale

Turkey is one of the most famous fashion capitals in the whole world, as the clothes in Turkey are characterized by a very high taste, which makes the clothing trade in Turkey very popular in particular baby clothes from turkey wholesale. Traders and investors are looking for the best baby clothes factories in Turkey, whose goal is to get the best materials at the best prices.


Wholesale baby clothing turkey

Turkey has become one of the leading countries in the field of industry in general, so all importers of different nationalities seek to import from turkey and then trade in these goods in their countries, which are very popular with them, especially since Turkish products have become a distinctive mark in the markets because of their wonderful quality. And its distinctive prices, and one of the most famous of these products is the baby clothes garment trade in Turkey, as Turkey is specialized in the best types of clothes and their high-quality materials. Before you think about importing baby clothes from turkey online shop, you must know the method of importing through travel, which gives you the opportunity to visit many companies and markets, which helps you in a great way to compare prices, quality levels available to you, and designs suitable for the target market as well, which makes you finally able to buy better The products are at the lowest prices, so the sales will be easier as well as the higher profit.

baby clothes from turkey wholesale
baby clothes from turkey wholesale

Turkey baby clothes suppliers

There are several ways to reach reliable Turkish companies, such as importing from Turkey on the Internet is common and it is the most expensive, but you must be careful to buy from a company which sell turkish baby clothes with high ratings by buyers, for example there is buying clothes wholesale from Turkey Online that includes a number of Turkish companies specialized in selling different types of goods such as Turkishexportal, tradekey and Alibaba, which includes a large number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey, importing baby clothes made in turkey through an intermediary meaning that you appoint an import and export company to complete the import process without any interference from you, and in this way you will achieve rest and do not worry about the shipment if it arrived and how it was, but in return you will pay the amount of commission for that process, and of course this method is preferred only for those who do not have a license for an import and export company.

baby clothes from turkey wholesale
baby clothes from turkey wholesale

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Children’s clothing factory in turkey

The Turkish clothing industry has flourished, especially after the government decided to pay attention to economic reform, which led to a very significant improvement in industrial production and an increase in exports to many states. The most prominent baby clothes factories in Turkey where to buy turkish baby clothes are as follows:

  • Dino Kids Factory: It is a factory specializing in the manufacture of all turkish clothes for sale from the age of one year to the age of 14, including blouses, jeans, skirts and dresses with high quality and very reasonable prices. The headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul.
  • Elena Kids Factory: It is a factory that specializes in manufacturing all children’s clothing from blouses, jeans and dresses with high quality and very reasonable prices. This factory is located in Istanbul.
  • Mini Star Factory: It is a factory specializing in the manufacture of Turkish clothes for newborn baby clothes turkey at very reasonable prices, including jeans, boys’ and girls’ dresses of very high quality. This site is located in Istanbul in the Merter Textile area.
  • Banco: If you want to get the best wholesale children’s clothing in Turkey, this factory is one of the most famous brands of next baby clothes turkey and the best factory for manufacturing clothes for all ages from newborns to 12 years old. The factory has branches in almost all parts of Turkey, and you can refer to Their official website to get to know their branches specifically and communicate with them.

Baby clothes shops in turkey

Wholesale stores for children’s clothing are widespread in Turkey. Among the most important of these brands are the following:

  • LC Waikiki

It is one of the most important companies that produce inexpensive clothes in the Turkish market. This famous company was established in France, after that the company continued as a Turkish brand and is one of the inexpensive stores in Istanbul

  • Koton

This company was established in Istanbul, and it is one of the most important places for selling children’s clothes in Istanbul where sell turkish baby boy clothes, and it opened its first branch outside Turkey in Germany, and provides more than 293 branches in Turkey and 100 branches outside the country, as well as providing distinguished women’s and men’s clothing.

  • Mavi

Founded in Istanbul, it now has 427 branches in Turkey and abroad, and it is available for men and women clothes, but only for young people from 16 to 40 years old.

  • caramell baby clothes turkey

Shop online for a large selection of top brands، In conclusion, we recommend importing children’s clothing from Turkey, as Turkey is famous for many international brands of children’s clothing, which is famous for its excellent quality.

Baby clothes turkey companies

The clothing manufacturers in Turkey are distinguished by that they work in all types of high-quality raw materials and textiles such as cotton, polyester, jersey and twill fabrics that are comfortable for the skin of children and are not harmful to them. Therefore, Turkey is famous for the quality of its clothing industry, as baby clothes wholesale distributors in Turkey have many distinguished factories that can deal with him directly or If you are a wholesaler and seek to trade in children’s clothes, we will present to you in the following companies producing in Turkey from which you can take baby clothes in bulk Or through electronic stores for the wholesale sale of clothes, which are characterized by that they include many major brands, There are also many online stores that sell wholesale clothes that facilitate the process of importing from Turkey and ensure fast and safe delivery, and there are wholesale clothing sites that offer free shipping, You must be careful in choosing wholesale suppliers of children’s clothing that you deal with because you are the basis of success in the clothing trade. You can choose sites that provide facilities for baby clothes sale clearance to be done easily and quickly.


is a manufacturer / producer which operates in baby clothes and it also Operates in the wholesale children clothes, fabrics and materials and babies high fashion industries. It is based in Cekmekoy, Turkey.

  • NECLX’S:

is a manufacturer of baby clothes, they have a wide range of products that have high quality and competitive prices? 400,000 pieces are produced per month.


 0 – 18 Months baby clothes production and selling (wholesale & Retail) worldwide free express ship – ping on all order.


it is children’s clothing and accessories manufacturer who specializes in stylish boutique clothing, established in 1989, Monna Rose has extensive experience in kid’s fashion, and they manufacture their products in Turkey at their own of facilities.

  • ERENKA Textile:

 is a manufacturer and exporter company of 100% cotton and 100% polyester (well soft) Towels, bathrobes, promotional towels to all over world, it has established 1996 in Denali, Turkey and they offer good competitive prices, where you can find newborn baby clothes in good design and comfortable material.


it is established in 2014, located in Denizli, Turkey, as global suppliers. Atman is committed to achieve the highest standard of services in order to meet the needs of clients through competitive prices, quality and reliable delivery.


 They are a Turkish manufacturing company, socks, tights, legging, pantyhose, hosier products and underwear for kids from 0 to 14 years. The Company is present on the market since 2001 and is leading manufacturer in its field.


 their company located in Bursa, Turkey. They are producing baby wear products, wear products from new born to 18 months. Products: 100% cotton compact interlock romper, salobets, sleepers, sleeves, blankets and new born sets including cap, gloves.


they are producer of baby and kids wear and necessities in Turkey – Bursa. They provide service to some of European countries and looking for long term business with their partners. They are offering exceptional price with best quality at the same time.

Turkish baby clothes online shopping
Turkish baby clothes online shopping

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Turkish baby clothes online shopping

Many people around the world prefer to shop online and buy many brands that they cannot find or are not available in their countries of origin. E-commerce has made the purchase task very easy because of its importance in saving time and effort, whether for the buyer, retailer or importers of clothes there. There are many online shopping sites to buy clothes where you can easily buy turkey baby clothes online, through big sites in Turkey such as Ubuy website, it offers a wide range of kid’s clothes online with wonderful costumes that make your child look elegant and their clothes include many big brands such as Hanes, Halo, Wonder Nation, simple joys by carter’s, Gerber, Burt’s Bees baby, Hudson baby,  It is one of the best children’s clothing stores on the Internet, as they offer special offers every day for sale baby clothes, as well as discounts on special days and occasions. You can find blouses, dresses and pants made of high-quality fabrics that give your child comfort and happiness. There is also Next Turkey website offers the very latest fashion and cheap baby clothes online with free delivery and great service, there is also Zara website, it offers comfortable and stylish baby girl clothes updated weekly at Zara online, and many other sites.

Best Turkish baby clothes brands

Parents may be confused when they choose clothing for their first child in terms of choosing suitable materials that are comfortable for children’s skin in order not to cause them sensitivity and in terms of choosing the appropriate sizes, caring for your child to appear properly from a young age is important, so we offer you some of the most famous brands made in turkey baby clothes that have been quality tested.

  • Carter’s:

 One of the most famous brands of baby clothes in Turkey, the largest part of Carter’s clothes is manufactured in other countries such as China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. They have high quality materials that give the child comfort, safety and Baby clothes prices are reasonable.

  • Panko:

today, they have 80 stores with 250 corner points located all round turkey, for 34 years.

  • LC Waikiki:

 Founded in France in 1988 and was known to be among the best brands in Turkey in 1997, this brand is found in 45 countries around the world such as Iraq, Morocco, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. They have 992 stores and they have categories of clothing for children only, but for women and men as well, including jackets, shirts and skirts.

  • H&M:

it is located in Ankara since 1947, the H&M group has around 2000 stores in 37 markets, and it includes a wide range of women’s and men’s clothing, children’s clothing and also accessories.

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