Wholesale clothing market turkey

The Best 3 Wholesale Clothing Market Turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing Wholesale clothing from turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Wholesale clothing market turkey

In this article, we will show you the places of wholesale clothing market turkey, especially in Istanbul, as Istanbul is one of the areas where there are markets, in addition to its distinctive features.

Wholesale clothing made in turkey

In Turkey there are many wholesale markets and are very famous in the whole world, and in this paragraph we will get to know the most important wholesale markets in Turkey, especially the markets in Istanbul.

  1. Osman Bey Street:

One of the most famous streets in which there are wholesale clothes shops in Istanbul, on Osman Street there are many companies and many wholesale clothing vendors, textile and garment stores. In the alleys of the street there are also shops selling clothes for children for all ages, from newborns to the age of 7 years, and Othman Bey Street includes many large and small companies working in the field of textiles.

Most of those who visit Turkey want to get acquainted with the most famous wholesale stores in Turkey because it is possible that their project may start selling clothes after returning to their homeland, and among the most famous stores that sell clothes, Turkey wholesale shoes and accessories, among other things

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  1. Fatih Street:

One of the most famous wholesale stores in Turkey, as there are clothes for all ages of all kinds. The Fatih region includes the largest and most important wholesale market in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. These stores include cotton clothes from many materials, and the prices are very cheap and suitable for all groups.There are shops called Al-Fateh located in the heart of Al-Fateh Street, you can import clothes from turkey from them, they sell clothes of large quantities at wholesale prices to everyone who wants to open a business that sells clothes. There are many wholesale stores in the area, and the area is also characterized as a place for women’s shopping, with special stores for women’s clothes and evening dresses.

Wholesale clothing market turkey
Wholesale clothing market turkey
  1. Marter Market:

The Marter Market in Istanbul is one of the wholesale markets that sell all products and commodities at wholesale prices, and it is a global market that people from all countries flock to, such as the Arab countries, the Balkan countries, and Russia, and all Asian residents flock to the market.

The Marter Market for selling wholesale clothing fair trade located in the Marter area, and the area includes many stores that sell products at the wholesale price, as well as shoes, bags, accessories and other distinctive products at low prices and very distinctive.

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Wholesale clothing manufacturers in turkey

There is a huge number of clothing factories in Turkey, including:

  • Dominic Factory:

It is a factory specializing in wholesale clothing turkey online and women’s ready-to-wear clothes, pajamas and cotton clothes. The headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul in the Zeytinburnu area.

  • Jean Camelot Factory:

Jan Camelot Factory is a factory specializing in the manufacture of men’s ready-to-wear clothes, and the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul, in the Lalali district.

  • Stylist Fashion Factory:

It is a factory specializing in fashion products made of wool coats for women and men, in addition to summer coats as well, they are the most famous clothing traders. The headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul in the Sariyar region.

Wholesale clothing market turkey
Wholesale clothing market turkey
  • Chemex Trade Factory:

It is a factory specializing in women’s clothing, men’s clothing, underwear and swimwear for the latest modern fashions in the fashion world, and the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul in the Kabatas region.


Turkey clothing factories

There are many factories that specialize in the clothing industry in Turkey, and the most famous and best of these factories are as follows:

  • Mono Amo Factory:

It is a factory specializing in the manufacture of modern clothes and all kinds of men’s suits and jackets, and the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul in the Osman Pasha district.

  • Artanch Turkey office wear:

It is an institution specializing in the manufacture of uniform clothes that are used in most Turkish companies as well as medical laboratory clothes, and the headquarters of this institution is in Konya, in Selçuklu region.

  • Mohamed Latif Kogosh Garments Factory:

It is a factory specializing in the manufacture of textiles in all its forms and types, and sell clothes to wholesale clothing marketplace  and the headquarters of this factory is in the city of Usak in the industrial zone.

  • Kuo Fashion Factory for hijab and women’s fashion:

It is a factory specializing in veiled fashion products such as hijabs, abayas, galabiyas and coats, and the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul in the Fatih region.

In this article, we presented to you the most important parties through which you can import from turkey.


Clothes suppliers from Turkey

Are you looking for the best suppliers in Turkey? Do you need to know clothes suppliers from Turkey?

The increasing demand for Turkish clothes has made merchants search everywhere for clothing suppliers from Turkey to obtain the most sought-after product in the Arab world, so that they can achieve the highest possible profits, and to get to know these suppliers and the import methods and conditions importing from Turkey, follow with us the following article.

Apparel supplier from Turkey

Getting Turkish clothes and selling them at reasonable prices is one of the most successful projects that you can implement because of the income they generate for you, Wholesale clothing market Turkey and if you are a small business owner, we offer you the best suppliers:

1_ Olley

Olley is among the low-priced clothing suppliers from Turkey bulk wholesale clothing suppliers the company is located in Istanbul, Turkey Their aim is to make different products, size combinations and timely delivery, every business transaction is done with official document thus security is guaranteed The initial created the amount of middle and low orders so that they could solve the problem of quality and delivery.

They produce samples keeping in mind of the clothing samples they receive from their customers.  This company is recommended for the beginners in importing veiled clothes from Turkey who do not have enough capital to purchase high quality products.

2_ Sunman for export

It is the best import company from Turkey located in Istanbul, Turkey. Sunman produces clothing items with a low order quantity of around 50 pieces per style.  They supply their clothes to Instaboutiques and are beginners in importing baby clothes from Turkey who have a large model archive.

3_ Konsi

Konsi works as a woven wholesale clothing suppliers, and Konsi is located in the Turkish city of Izmir. It also provides many types of woven and knitted clothes in all sizes for all groups (both genders, young and old). (Konsi) clothes mainly include blouses, jogging shirts, socks and nightwear and pique polo shirts.

4_ Oasis Shirts

Oasis Shirts operates as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality shirts for children, men and women, providing the best prices for wholesale deals in most parts of the world buy clothes in bulk for resale, and the Oasis Shirts Company manufactures shirts for private brands, which means that the company logo can be used in order. Wholesale clothing market Turkey for small businesses, they can order small quantities of each item as the minimum order quantity is around 200 pieces.

5_ AM Clothing

AM Clothing works among the best Turkish clothing manufacturers in Turkey, and the company’s products include knitted and woven clothes, blouses, shirts, nightwear, sportswear, polo shirts, pique, including skirts, shorts, blouses and shirts, and the company manufactures clothes and brands Allocated in Turkey.

Apparel supplier from Turkey
Apparel supplier from Turkey

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Turkish clothing online store

Turkish clothing sites are considered one of the best sites for selling clothes in the world, not just Turkey, because most of these sites that you will see now contain international brands, and at the same time the price of these brands is much lower than their price in the local and global market best wholesale clothing websites , and then if you are  You want to buy Turkish clothes online for trade or to wear them, this topic will be very important to you, because we will explain in detail the best Turkish clothing sites, and some important information that most of you are looking for, such as how to buy Turkish veiled clothes online and other aspects.

1_Patirti site

The clothing prices offered on this site are very low for the competitors cheap clothes Istanbul. There are all brands of original clothing and accessories on this site. It provides you with clothes for both men and women, and also features clothes of suitable sizes for heavy weights. This site has a professional support team, and surprisingly enough, it is easy to communicate with them in Arabic.  As for shipping, this site provides shipping Turkish clothes to all countries of the world.

2_ Modanisa

This site specializes in many women’s clothing Turkey designer clothes, especially veiled women. This site provides buyers with the advantage of paying on delivery. This site also provides more than one method of payment, the most popular of which are PayPal and credit card payments.

3_ Taksim Pazar

It is considered one of the best sites for selling Turkish bags, accessories and clothes as well.  This site contains a home furniture section such as home furnishings and others.  This site offers special size clothes and shoes for children. The prices for this site are significantly lower than other competitive sites prices of clothes in Turkey.  You can order Turkish clothes from this site no matter what you live in, because it provides the advantage of shipping to all countries of the world.

4_ VIP Brands website

This site ships Turkish clothes to all countries contracting with the Gulf Cooperation Council, such as Dubai, Egypt, Oman and other well-known Arab countries.  This site offers a 30% discount when you pay with your credit card Those sites that you got acquainted with above are really the sites that we advise everyone to deal with, because they are characterized by low prices are clothes cheap in Turkey, quality, speed of shipping and many other advantages, and despite this there are other Turkish clothing sites, but they are as follows:

  • Trend Voll
  • LC Waikiki.
  • Cotton website specialized in selling the famous Turkish clothes.
  • Modo site.
  • Ikaby website

If you focus a little in the previous paragraphs, you will find that we have set up many sites for you specialized in selling veiled clothes only clothes made in Turkey, but let’s get to know them through this paragraph, and then if you want to buy Turkish veiled clothes online, we recommend that you deal with one of these sites:

  • Modanisa site.
  • Roman site.
  • Adwait clothes for veiled women site only.
  • Shein website.
  • Shukr site.
  • Haute Elan website.
  • INAYAH site.
  • Namshi, knowing that it is not a site specialized in veiled clothes, but it contains a large assortment of veiled clothes.

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