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5 markets that sell Turkey clothes wholesale

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Turkey clothes wholesale

Turkey and the city of Istanbul in particular have many attractive Turkey clothes wholesale markets with varying prices. Every day, these markets attract thousands of visitors from different parts of the world, due to the availability of many different commercial goods, and in this article we present to you the most important markets in Turkey.

best clothes markets in turkey

Let’s get to know the wholesale markets in Istanbul, Turkey, through this article written by an Algerian merchant who is an expert in Istanbul’s markets.

  1. Osman Bey Street markets

Osman Bey Street is one of the famous streets in Istanbul, which includes many shops that buying clothes in turkey and sell wholesale, and the street includes many varied shops such as ready-made clothes, cosmetic products, decorations, accessories, and many more. In these markets, you will also find the finest types of veiled women’s clothing and men’s clothing of various brands.

  1. Marter Market

Marter Wholesale Market is considered one of the best markets in Istanbul, Turkey, because this market is a suitable market in terms of prices for merchants. The market also includes many shops offering clothes for newborn and the latest Turkish fashion, which suits all tastes and ages.

The Marter Market also includes many shipping companies, in addition to customs clearance companies, which make it easy for merchants to transport their things quickly and easily. The Marter Market includes many veiled clothes as well, and shops that sell wholesale children’s clothing, as well as shops specializing in men’s clothing.

  1. Lali Market

Lali Market is also one of the most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul, where the market is located in the old city, and the most important characteristic of Lali Market is that it includes many shops that do wholesale for clothes for summer, as well as retail sales according to the buyer’s desire. Lali Market has many products and high-quality clothing, such as bags and shoes, at reasonable prices.

There are also many shops selling wedding dresses, which is one of the most important activities that the market has been famous for since ancient times. Also in the market there are children’s, women’s and men’s clothing, which is suitable for all tastes and ages.

 clothes for summer
clothes for summer

  1. Fatih Market

There is also a large group of shops in the famous Fatih district in Istanbul, as it is also among the famous wholesale markets in Istanbul for clothes to order, which includes women’s clothing, wedding and evening clothes at very reasonable prices.

  1. Grand Bazaar Market

Istanbul also includes the Grand Bazaar, in which the visitor can find many turkish shipping line and wholesale clothing stores, gold and silver shops, and wonderful Turkish furnishings.

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clothes suppliers in turkey

The ready-to-wear sector of all kinds, whether men, women or children, is considered one of the largest manufacturing industries in Turkey, and this industry is concentrated in Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Adana and Kayseri, and the garment industry has flourished in Turkey after the union By dispensing with its shares of textiles and clothing imports, the Turkish Republic joined the European Customs Union in 1996, and after that, Turkish fashion and designs became one of the most famous fashion around the world;

Especially the one that enjoys modesty and sophistication, which has led to a remarkable turnout of Arab countries to import Turkish clothes, and Turkey ranks eighth in the world in exporting textiles, and fourth in exporting ready-made garments of all kinds, and it is one of the most famous Turkish clothing brands that have met with demand in the countries.

Dominic Factory best designer clothes in turkey.

Jean Camelot Factory.

Stylist Fashion Factory.

Chemex Trading Factory.

Mono Amo Factory.

Artanch Workwear Foundation.

Mohamed Latif Kogosh Factory for Clothes.

Co Sodha Factory for Hijabs and Women’s Fashion.

 designer clothes in turkey.
designer clothes in turkey.

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clothes in turkey prices

An effective dress business is reliant on the provider you picked in light of the fact that a provider can furnish you with top notch items or bad quality items. It is your merchant who will decide the kind of client support you will convey to your apparel customers and the satisfaction methodologies. In the event that you are going to begin your apparel business or need to discover garments processing plants in Turkey, at that point you are in the perfect spot. Best and Top Rated Clothing Manufacturers With Low MOQ in Turkey.

  • Konsey Textile

Konsey is a material wear provider that is situated in Izmir, Turkey. They offer turkish products wholesale, assortments of woven and weaved wear in all sizes for all sexes, youthful and old. Right now, their dress things are chiefly sweatshirts, shirts, running sets, socks, nightwear, and polo piquet shirts. Konsey material is reasonable first off who can’t bear the cost of high MOQ.

Key highlights

  • Located in Izmir, Turkey
  • Low creation costs
  • Independent material garments wholesaler

You can now go to those markets or factories and search for the best deal for you  to buy clothes from turkey.


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