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Stock clothes Turkey

Turkey is famous for the production of ready-made clothes, which are very popular around the world, but for information, it is also possible to buy from the markets stock clothes turkey . In the following we will explain to you how microfiber clothes can be imported from Turkey, and a statement of the most famous import and export companies There, interesting details you will find here with us in this article.


Stock clothes in turkey

First we must know what is the meaning of Stoke clothes from Turkey:

Istok from Turkey means goods offered by a factory that has goods and sells them much less than their cost, and a large part of their price has been waived for many reasons, including:

  • He wants stock clothes for sale`s place to be filled because the goods are in excess of it and because the store with them has high rent. If he discards the extra merchandise often, it will remain cheaper than putting it in a store.
  • Or he made an order for a customer, and the customer didn’t return to receiving it, so he sells it minus the value of the deposit that the customer paid.
  • The customer asks for some reason and this surplus is sold by him for the collection of any money that comes from him for benefit and salvation.
  • Or that the customer, for example, requested stock clothes per kilo for 100 thousand pieces and the falaqa 120 thousand pieces at the same cost, so he does the 120 and tries to dispose of the remaining 20 with any amount of money.
  • Or he wants to make a new model, and this model will not do it again and he is full of it, and your awareness has come as you wish. And this statement applies to all the original and Cuban factories.


Stock clothes turkey
Stock clothes turkey

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Stock market turkey

The wholesale clothing market in Istanbul is one of the most important markets in the world

  • Marter Market in Istanbul

Marter Market Istanbul is located in Merter district, next to Zeytinburnu district, it is one of the best places to sell turkish baby clothes. Marter stores in Istanbul include halls that sell children, women and men clothes as well, all wholesale.

  • Lalali Market

It is located near the Sultanahmet area along the tram line, and there are wholesale clothing stores in Turkey on the tram line and on the side streets of the main street.

  • Fatih Wholesale Market / Istanbul, Turkey

Fatih shops are one of the best stock clothes in Istanbul you can find there, especially for wedding clothes, and they are located in the Fatih area along Fatih Mosque Street, and include wholesale stores and the intersection.There are stores that sell imported clothes from microfibers at reasonable prices.

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Stock clothes turkey
Stock clothes turkey


Stock clothes shop

Many merchants do not want to travel to Turkey, so they import online, and below we will provide you with some websites and a program to buy clothes in Turkey in bulk.

Clothing import sites from Turkey

  • Torcopt

The main attraction of this site is its design, it is a well-organized site that facilitates the ordering process, and all the clothes are classified under different headings, which makes it easy for you to navigate through the different styles, and it is one of the best wholesale sites in Turkey.

  • Fimka store

On this site, you can get Istanbul wholesale online clothes at reasonable prices, as it is one of the names of the famous Turkish clothing sites that can be trusted to get the best products.

Clothing wholesalers in Turkey

It is natural to find many wholesale clothing dealers in Turkey and many companies operating in importing clothes in Turkey, in light of the great growth that Turkey is witnessing in the clothing trade market, and from these companies.

  • PEBS Group Corporation

You can get easily available stock turkey clothes, because it is one of the largest companies specialized in this field, and it is one of the most important original Belgian companies and it is one of the largest suppliers of clothes in the world because it transports goods via trains, ships and trucks with many branches in various countries of the world and easy to deal with.


clothes stock companies

The Turkish clothing industry has boomed significantly, especially after the Turkish government decided to exercise caution and pay attention to economic reform. The Turkish industry has become one of the largest global industries that are distinguished by its high quality.

Stock Turkish Women’s clothing is one of the basic products that cannot be dispensed with, and a large number of people are looking for high-end products in terms of materials and design and that their price is rising, so we can assure that you will not find it difficult to promote and distribute what you own products, but on the condition that these products are required In the market, it is distinguished in terms of quality, design and price in addition to being in the right place with reliance on some effective marketing methods, such as (promoting samples for the stores spread throughout the city, and here are the best wholesalers Turkish clothes online

Where to buy wholesale clothes in Turkey

if you are asking where to buy and how to do this here you are what should you do…….

One Line

With the opening of Turkish markets to global markets, it has become very easy to sell online from Turkey to other foreign markets such as Germany and even to Western markets such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Dubai, Algeria and many other Arab nations.

As for how to export from Turkey, the best result to complete at least the import process is to fly to that country and complete the direct job anywhere the nation you choose to import from either. We see that because of the many features, if you contrast it to other choices, it is the best choice for you, and these benefits are summarized in that you will have the ability to visit the highest number of firms and compare items in terms of quality and expense with best clothing cheap online.

And you should pick the one that fits the target market, but you can think about the cost of shipping in this case because this is the only drawback of importing this way, because if you choose a cheap way, it would definitely import via the Internet and importing from Turkey via the Internet has become a common practice these days, so you will have to be careful to choose a producer in Turkey.

If you are not happy with the first or second solution to deal with clothing wholesalers in Istanbul, you can take the third alternative, which is purchased by an intermediary, because in this case you have to appoint an import company from Turkey to purchase what you need from goods with the requirements you decide, and the company can clear all customs procedures, and so on, and as an importer, this is the most practical solution for you.

Clothes suppliers in Turkey

The range and diversity of Turkish products offers you the chance to pick the best product for the market in which you operate. By doing a simplistic feasibility report, there are many Turkish goods that you can import and benefit from them. You should understand that when importing such items from clothing companies in Istanbul industries, agricultural industries, textile industries, powders, cosmetics, heating industries, energy products, cables and school supplies, all viable products on the markets are profitable, particularly the Arab ones, so that all importers realise the value of buying, selling and this  exchanging which help you  to buy wholesale clothing and Turkish goods because of their certain benefit, but because of the courts’ profit.

  • Danışan:Danışan: Danışan:

This is one of the Turkish manufacturers that deals for all of Turkey’s finest children’s clothing mills, where you can find new baby brand clothing.

Each mother is always searching for the right clothes for her children to look more beautiful, but recently many children’s clothes of different kinds have spread, so we can try together to deal with children’s clothing factories in Turkey, particularly because Turkey is one of Europe’s most popular clothing manufacturing countries. Turkish fashion clothing wholesale shopping can be sold Turkey, particularly Istanbul, is one of the world’s most popular fashion capitals, owing to the novelty of high-taste Turkish apparel that has made Turkey’s clothing trade flourish. As a rule of thumb, Turkey’s apparel industry is one of the most important commercial and financial industries in which Turkey relies.

  • Around Panço:

If you want to market Turkish baby clothing, this is the best garment processing facility for all ages, from newborns to 12 years old. They have offices in nearly every part of Turkey, and on the official website you can specifically connect to their branches and contact them directly by posting a message to the website in the overall economy of this company’s children’s apparel size All countries have been sourcing through Turkey, you can work with this manufacturer if you are thinking of importing wholesale clothes from Turkey.

wholesale clothing Turkey
wholesale clothing Turkey

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  • Kayhan: -Kayhan:

It is also considered one of Izmir’s most significant textile factories. This factory, which was built by Mehmet Kayhan, is dedicated not only to clothing for girls, but also to clothing bulk vendors for women and men. From their official website, you can find out more about the contact system and its positions. That offers the bonus of changing the language to English in order to make it easier to reach your destination for those who do not know Turkish. Among them is one of the most popular pro players. At this factory, low-cost baby clothes

One of their most famous products is Turkish baby girls’ dresses The Turktik Turkish Clothing Trading Company of wholesale clothing Turkey

Kids Fashion Firm, a Turkish company specialized in the selling of clothes from 1 to 14 years of age, for the manufacture of costumes for girls. We ensure the presence of creative and exclusive models because we have a specialised manufacturing staff, and the products are first class and at competitive rates for high-quality Turkish products. All the people who imported Turkey from this warehouse.

  • Page Deno Kids

The Dino Kids network, with its rivals from international brands, is characterised by displaying very beautiful and excellent goods and has a good turnout in Turkey and all this at very low prices for clothes made in Turkey. The most significant aspect that distinguishes the Dino Kids site is the production process for such clothes as the design is exclusive and this is what makes us select the Dino site Kids ranked first in the 2018 list of the best wholesale sites for Turkish children’s and Turkish women’s apparel it is one of the best Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul.

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