where to buy the best Turkish towels in Istanbul      

Where to buy the best Turkish towels in Istanbul …Top 4 places 

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in the best Turkish towels in Istanbul ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

where to buy the best Turkish towels in Istanbul      

Where to buy the best Turkish towels in Istanbul ? Are you trying to find the best places in Istanbul to buy towels? We’re going to show you the best turkey towel factory to buy from, and you’re going to know how to import the towels and how to get them… You’re right here right here.

In our houses, we all use towels, but We’re going to show you the best where to buy Turkish towels in Istanbul. You want to import towels from Turkey and you are curious about the simplest and most popular way to import them from Turkey through an importing house ?

We will pick the most suitable towel factories or Turkish towel producers in Turkey for sale via this article and via our import page.

We will pick the most suitable towel factories or Turkish towel producers in Turkey for sale via this article and via our import page and We’ll classify the best towel wholesale Turkey


Where to buy Turkish towels in Istanbul:

Attempting to look for a towel shop in Turkish? Would you like to buy Turkey’s best towels at the lowest rate and are you looking for the most successful wholesale towel market? If you want to sell towels at the lowest prices and are trying to buy and import towels from them in the highest markets? Are you interested in learning where to buy low-cost Turkish towels?

Don’t worry, at the lowest rates, we plan to show you the largest and most popular towel market. if you searching for towel suppliers Turkey Here are all the particulars of the:

1Kocal kagit ltd company:

The company is one of the biggest Turkish towel companies in Turkey. It operates in the field of toilet paper. It wants to propagate at the end, too. Based in Istanbul, Turkey.

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2_ Aten bashak company

This business is one of the most significant Turkish towel companies in Turkey. It gets up to 50 percent of its production on the international market and 50 percent on the domestic market with marketing, often offering the top brands the values of their quality and confidence without apprehending them. Here you will know where to buy Turkish towels in Istanbul

3_IBahcekapili tekstil company

This company is one of Turkey’s biggest Turkish towel businesses. This business is one of the most significant companies that produce and supply vast quantities of oads. To make these items of good quality, this business is one of the most important and best companies in Turkey.

4_Toptan nevresim bahcekapili tekstil company

The company is one of the biggest Turkish towel companies in Turkey. And this business offers, at fantastic prices, high-value high-quality towels, outstanding and decent materials. There is Istanbul in office, turkey.


Towel price in Turkey

Turkish towels are typically used in traditional Turkish and African baths, from flat woven fabric of Turkish towel fabric and usually striped pattern. Made of 100 percent cotton with extra-long fibers, the price of extremely versatile Turkish towels from Turkish towels Istanbul – most of today. Your kitchen, the ocean, or even your table in your dining room.

If you’re happy to move to your home’s Turkish towels or looking for a better beachfront alternative, or you looking for towel suppliers Turkey

We collected the best Istanbul Turkish towels at the best price for each occasion.

Best overall: Kakala Cotton Turkish Towel Pestemal

Cacala Turkish Towel is our top pick, whether this is your initial into Turkish towels or you want to stock up on them. Cacala is available in 22 different striped colours, from soft grey to bright orange. Each is 37″x 70″ wide enough for a picnic or beach day. Observers claim they absorb water better than most cotton towels, although the material is extremely thin. They dry quickly when hanging, making it hard for mould or bacteria to grow. To build a trendy bathroom sensation in any bathroom, replace your worn-out bathroom towels with Cacala Turkish towels. Cacala is our overall best choice due to its high quality and low price, whether you are looking for the beach towel or bath towel best price turkish towel Cacala is our overall best choice due to its high quality and low price.

Yougalo beach towel:

While most Turkish towels are made of cotton and are among the best prices for Turkish towels, bamboo is also a common option. It looks like a bold version of a conventional Turkish towel, but the Yogalo Beach Towel is made of 50 percent bamboo and 50 percent cotton. Like cotton, bamboo is very soft and absorbent, but also very environmentally friendly, as the bamboo stalk grows rapidly and acts as a natural source of regeneratio the more you close them, the smoother they are. Proprietors love yoghulos because they repel scent and damp smell, and they look great as a clothing accessory or beach wear. The company also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.With so many utilizations and many options, Turkish towels are a great addition to any linen wardrobe.

3_ Best for travel: Riviera Towels Ombre Print Turkish Towel

One of the best things about it is how light and airy it is, making it easy to hold it in a tote bag and take it on the go. The Riviera Omel Towel has all the advantages of a great Turkish towel that is comfortable enough to use on a regular basis. When you run out in the day, whether you use it to stay warm on a cold aeroplane or wear it as a blanket, the bold ombre

design looks great with every outfit.

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towel suppliers Turkey
towel suppliers Turkey

4- BEST SET: Bosphorus Diamonds Woven Turkish Towels

It is an easy way to refresh and give your bathroom an elegant look without much effort, one of the best Turkish towels Istanbul price matching package of elegant Turkish towels what is a Turkish towel used for. We love the Bosphorus Diamond Weave Package, which is dense, absorbent and appealing. Four matching 30 x 70″ towels sewn with a distinctive diamond pattern are included in each package. They come in seven different shades, ranging from soft grey to a vivid pastel mixed palette. We love these rolled up in a basket woven in the bathroom or stacked on an exposed shelf, pretty enough to show off. Owners love the Bosphorus Towel because it is thicker than a regular Turkish towel, making it a better choice for home use.


Turkish towel distributors:

Turkish towel company sales are engaged in turkey production and export operations, towel suppliers Turkey export productions with best price and optimum quality to many countries around the world, supplying made in turkey products.

:1)MERPA TEKSTIL .and mportant

It is engaged in development and export activities in turkey, it is among the major supplier companies in turkey, and it is a member of Turkish exporter, it supplies made in turkey products, leading a Turkish business that can give you the best price and optimal quality.


Founded in 2014 under the name of MOY HAVLU, it provides services with the MOY brand name, has 600 tons of manufacturing capacity with towel and bathrobe production groups, with a wide range of different designs and woven collections.


It operates in the textile industries of home and hotel, with a wide range of items from comforters to bathrobe, the business still aims to meet all kinds of consumer needs in this sector.


According to the price of fine quality items, it provides bathrobes and towels that need some kind of cost.


It manufactures accessories for toilets, hotel items and people with disabilities.

Turkish towels brands

where to buy the best Turkish towels in Istanbul?

The Turkish towel, or Fouta, has a long history going back to the 18th century, although you may know it as a fashionable bath and beach piece. Traditionally used in Turkish and African hammans, the flat woven fabric and traditionally striped style of a Turkish towel is noted.

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are you looking for the best towel production Turkey?

Turkish towels are unbelievably flexible, never more so than now, made from 100% Turkish cotton with extra-long fibers. Since they’re light, thin, absorbent, and beautiful (of course), they’re the ideal decoration for your shower, your pool, or even your dining room table.

we’re going to show you the best and finest Turkish towels brands:

Best Overall: Cacala Cotton Pestemal Turkish Towel at Amazon

Best Hybrid: Parachute Fouta Stripe Towels at Parachute

Runner-Up, Best Hybrid: Serena & Lily Fouta Bath Towel at Serena And Lily

Best Set: BOSPHOR Best Bath Towels: Brooklinen Hammam Towel at Brooklinen US Diamond Weave Turkish Towels at Amazon

Best for the Beach: Batini Bay Bahari Bay Turkish Beach Towel at Amazon

Best Blanket: Nature Is Gift Queen Turkey towel size at Amazon

“It’s large enough for picnics, beaches, and even guest bedrooms.”

Best Splurge: Coyuchi Mediterranean Towels at Wayfair

“Customers love their luxurious-feeling softness and durability

Finally, you can import by intermediary: it is often considered a good way to import and one of the best ways import from Turkey is known to be Since you select a company to Turkey to purchase the items you want such as cotton towels, and it can also help you get rid of operations, tariffs and distribution and all of this for cash, it is considered to be one of the easiest ways to import cotton.

We have provided you with the largest and most popular Turkish towel manufacturers, or where to buy the best Turkish towels in Istanbul, and we have also offered the largest Turkish towel manufacturers to buy from them, and how to import towels from Turkey we have also offered the largest Turkish towel wholesale market and turkey towel manufacturers so that you can import from turkey conveniently.


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