towels shops in Istanbul

8 Towels shops in Istanbul to meet the luxury

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towels shops in Istanbul

Are you looking forward to import from Turkey ? Do you want to import towels from Turkey , do you need to be informed with prices in Turkish  towels markets? Do you want to know where and what is the best towels shops in Istanbul and other excellent places to buy and find what you need of towels in Turkey ? Through Importing-house platform we will inform you about what you need to know of towels shop in Turkey .


Turkish  towels in Istanbul

If you’re a real connoisseur, you’ll know what you mean when someone says that Turkish  towels are the best in luxury. Scrub warm in these incredibly soft and warm towels is really tempting, are Turkish  towels worth the money? The Turkish  towels are thick, heavy and intimate but the downside of them is that they are huge and therefore make them a really impossible task. If you put it in a bag, it is likely to occupy the whole place and may have to buy another carrying bag.

A Turkish  towel is more of a luxury than a benefit, and although it may seem unattainable, giving in to this extravagance often benefits you.

As Turkey  is one of the largest cotton producers and also the largest weavers of cotton cloth, which is used in towels. Now along with making cotton, his loops help you get that feeling after bathing. The latter helps to shed water easily and quickly so you can dry out easily and in less time.

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where to buy towels in Istanbul

Turkey  is now one of the best countries in the economy, with the best high-quality goods and products that attract the largest importers, but also provides them with a lot of money they used to pay while importing from European or Asian countries.

There are two steps you can start buying ready-made towels from Turkey  easily and the two methods are completely different.

The first way to deal with a Turkish  towel company that imports towels from Turkey  and pay it without any effort or hardship and you get it in your place and this for money which is the most widespread method

The second way is to travel to Turkey  and get the towels you want and ship them to your country and return for receipt, but the cost will be less and it is one of the many unused routes and here we offer the best import sites from Turkey :

Turkopt: The main attraction of this site is its design; it is a well-organized site which makes ordering easier

Alibaba: The site has a good customer service and care and offer their products in 190 countries.

Starting to import from Turkey  requires you to select the company that you can deal with so that you are not exposed to fraud or get inflated prices so be careful to make sure you get the best price, and we offer you the names of companies importing Turkish  towels from Turkey :


They have best towels Collection, which is a specialist Textile brand, produces Cotton Pestemal, Trow, Jacquard pique, Buldan Cloth, and produces authentic men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, and tries to develop and renew itself continuously in line with the demands of the day.

They have been exporting and also it’s consider as a Turkey  wholesale website to all over the world by marketing its products domestically and internationally. the company, which produces wholesale peshtemal ,Turkish  towel and wholesale authentic clothing, protects its products and new models in production with its Design and Registration Certificate.

Also, the company, which has adopted a rigorous study as a principle by considering the demands from consumers, is open to all kinds of criticism. thier specialist textile and Afil Collection are registered trademarks.



This one of best towels shops in Istanbul, which has a wide range of products, has become a reliable manufacturer day by day with its high-quality produce understanding. Which always focused to serve with a principled, honest, visionary point of view and has always helped and aimed to be among the trusted producers of the industry that cares about quality management.

They can meet any home textile requests. In addition to their own normal production lines, they also, can customize any request to your specifications. they can create and make exclusive designs or customized unique patterns too.


Berrak Towel is specialized in towel manufacturer in Turkey  for more than 11 years’ experience. It’s famous and well-known terry towel supplier in Turkish  market with “Berrak Towel” Brand. They have also their own weaving, embroidery and sewing machines in thier plant.

Berrak Towel can fulfil all of your requirement and needs with quick response and always offer reasonable price with a high quality in a very short delivery time. Berrak Towel’s offer a unique service send your design and they will turn it into beautiful embroidery, they know how to make customer happy with their unique services.


They produce home textiles, knitting and weaving, fabrics and
products. Also, they produce their products as cotton-cotton polyester and satin in every quality and every weight.
And in their product groups; Linen Set, Linen Fabric Towel, Turkish  towel robe, Bathrobe Polar, Blanket Plush, Blanket Jersey Fitted Sheet, Thlier Rubber Sheet, Welsoft Polar Fabric is located.

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Turkish  towel market

The city of Istanbul is the center and capital of trade in all different fields, it is an ancient city with a lot of factories, markets, and import companies, if you want a certain product Turkey  and buying towels in Istanbul

You will find in Istanbul that city especially and in its markets the most famous Turkish  products for example Turkish  textiles have a great demand, so you find in Istanbul more than a market for towels and textiles of all kinds in general to import towels from Turkey  for example:

Friday Market in Istanbul

Located in an area called Fendakzada on Fatih Street, the Friday Bazaar, Cuma Pazari, located in Istanbul’s towel and textile shops just opposite the tram stop, this market contains vegetables and fruits, children’s clothing, bags, shoes, towels and textiles, this market starts on Friday at 9am to 8pm.

Marter Market in Istanbul

Merter Market Istanbul is located in merter, next to an area called Zeytinburnu, and shops include showrooms selling clothes for children, women and young people as well, and also selling wholesale towels in Turkey , most wholesale products, this market operates daily except Sunday, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Towel and textile shops are very many in Turkey , and the prices of Turkish  towels in these stores are not expensive but in the average income of everyone, there are a lot of shops and places that sell towels at wholesale price and sell first class towels in quality, prices and embroidered shapes and are represented in several places and shops including:

Grand bazaar Istanbul towels

Roofed Market

Mahmoud Pasha Market

On the stock exchange there is a dedicated market for towels close to the silk market and its prices are excellent obtained from the most famous and largest towel factories in Turkey .

Turkish towels from Turkey
Turkish towels from Turkey

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Turkish  towels – Istanbul price

If you are looking for the prices of the towels in Istanbul markets, Here are some prices if you want to buy Turkish  towels online in amazon Turkish  region you can compare it to other markets prices in Istanbul stores which we know that Turkish  markets in Istanbul streets they are cheaper than other places, wholesale Turkish  towels and it textile are approximately start from 200 to 4000 Turkey  lira for each different brand and quality.

-Cacala Cotton Pestemal Turkish  Towel at Amazon (24$)

-Parachute Fouta Stripe Towels at Parachute (9$)

-BOSPHORUS Diamond Weave Turkish  Towels at Amazon (49$)

– Brooklinen Hammam Towel at Brooklinen for (65$)

-Bersuse Peshtemal Turkish  Towel 6-Piece Set (109$)

– Classic Turkish  Cotton Oversized Bath Towels (60$)

– Bagno Milano Turkish  Cotton Spa Towels 6-Piece Set 64$

– Chakir Turkish  Linens Luxury Hotel And Spa Towel Set (45$)

-Lunasidus Basket Weave Turkish  Cotton Towel Set (40$)

– Superior Luxury Long-Staple Combed Cotton Towel Set (54$)

-Murphy Plush Bamboo Ribbed Bath Towel (40$)

– Robert Matthew Egyptian Cotton 3-Piece Towel Set (79$)

– Utopia Cotton Extra-Large Bath Sheet (14$)

– eLuxury Supply Egyptian Cotton 8 Piece Towel Set (90$)

– Ralph Lauren Pierce 6-Piece Designer Towel Set (150$)

– High Quality Turkish  Cotton Towel Bath Beach Towel Peshtemal Handloomed Colorful Low Price Elegant Customized Towel at

25 – 249 Pieces $9.28

250 – 499 Pieces $8.36

>=500 Pieces $7.43

– Micro cotton Bath Hand Towel 100% Cotton High Quality Best Price

 $0.50 – $6.00 / Piece

– High Quality Best Price Turkish  Towel, Bath Towel, Beach Towel, Fouta $3.20 – $3.50 / Piece

Don’t forget to get the latest prices after you deal with many suppliers and towels sellers in Turkey  as the prices differs from place to place as well as wholesale Turkish  towels option which has much more chance to get best price for your quantities and your requirements.

If you able to study the market well and carefully, determined the products you need as for towels from Turkey  carefully and complete importing process from Istanbul, Turkey  at the best offer and prices from the choosing Turkish  towel shop or store you have chosen, then you are going to have save a lot on yourself from expensive other options.

And after that time you can sell in all local and regional markets at prices at much more lower than other merchants and sellers in your current place of your country, which gurantee you of selling and distributing Turkish  towels, other whatever Turkish  products and gaining permanent customers and their trust on you.

In the end, we hope that you have benefited from a lot of information about towels shops in Istanbul, with our wishes for the success of your own project.


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