Turkey shoe factories

Turkey shoe factories.. A big list of the best

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Turkey shoe factories

Turkey is famous for its interest in all kinds of fashion, whether clothes or shoes, so it has the most famous Turkey shoe factories  for women, and you will get to know us by importing house platform  the best home shoes made in Turkey. We have to read this article.

Turkish  shoe factories

The strong position of the Turkish  footwear industry among exporters of fashio goods quality shoes The rise in foreign investment in this sector is another indicator of positive growth. shoes industry In Turkey, which has a prominent role in the Turkish  economy, it continues to grow day by day by integrating modern technology with its historical history. The industry produces according to international standards and is engaged more and more.

 Become more sensitive to health, environment and international standards. About 90% of manufacturing focuses on health and environmental standards. More than 315 million pairs of Turkish  shoes were manufactured, including shoe companies list sports shoes, boots, plastic shoes and women’s shoe factories in Turkey. Powerful companies represent about 50 percent of the total number of companies operating in Istanbul. Other important footwear production centers in Turkey (Konya, Gaziantep, Izmir, Ankara, Manisa and Hatay). For men’s shoes, men’s accessories and formal shoes, there are a group of factories and companies in Turkey, which are as follows:

  1. ACFORM: A producer of men’s slippers and men’s shoes
  1. Oggi: Manufacturer of men’s shoes and accessories in Turkey In Basaksehir, Istanbul, where men’s formal shoes, men’s casual shoes, and shoe factories are produced.
  1. Baydanshoes: a manufacturer of men’s shoes in Turkey
  1. Boyuzatanayakkabi’s business: Footwear production in Turkey (formal shoes for men). Footwear factories in Turkey and type of shoes differ from sports shoes, women’s shoes, children’s shoes, men’s shoes, and authentic Turkish  leather shoes, which are as follows:
  1. Freefoot: Turkish  manufacturer of men’s and men’s shoes.
  1. Arow: Turkey shoe factories and bags, men shoes, formal men shoes, and men casual shoes.
  1. Sayinerayakkabi: Development of Kandir for Men in Turkey.

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Turkey shoe shops

Turkey shoe shops
Turkey shoe shops

Are you looking for shoe stores in Istanbul? Do you want to buy shoes and are looking for shoe stores in Istanbul?Are you looking for the best wholesale shoes vendors stores in Istanbul? Do not worry, we will now show you the best and most famous shoe stores in Istanbul. Follow us:

  1. Peller Ayakapi:

This store is one of the most famous and best shoe stores in Istanbul, and it is characterized by its very reasonable prices in addition to the excellent quality shoes material products, so it is considered the best shoe store in Istanbul.

  1. Turquoise shoes:

 This store is considered one of the best shoe stores in Istanbul and is characterized by the high quality of products, as there are Turkish  shoe brands in addition to the great and appropriate prices.

  1. Flower Shoes:

This shop is considered one of the most famous and best stores in Istanbul to sell wholesale shoes in Turkey , as it is characterized by its high materials, reasonable prices, and high-class staff, as well as the best Turkish  shoes for men.

  1. Boleto shoes:

This store is considered one of the most beautiful and best shoe stores in Istanbul, as it is characterized by the quality and beauty of the products, its prices are very impressive and suitable for everyone, and it also offers the best women’s shoes import from Turkey 2019.

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Turkey shoe market

Turkey shoe market
Turkey shoe market

Are you looking for footwear wholesale markets in Istanbul? Do you want to know the most famous wholesale market for shoes in Istanbul? Are you looking for shoe stores in Istanbul? Do you want to know the best shoe suppliers wholesale in Istanbul? Are you looking for wholesale shoe prices in Istanbul?

Through this article we will show you the best cheap shoe market wholesale follow us:

  1. Marter Market in Istanbul:

The Marter Market is one of the most famous wholesale market in Turkey and wholesale products among the Arabs, and you can buy shoes wholesale in Istanbul, as it offers various products from shoes, veiled clothes, men’s clothes, children’s clothes, bags and others with high quality and the cheapest prices, and this market is distinguished by the presence of companies specialized in Customs, which helps many merchants to purchase products at cheap prices and facilitate the process of transportation, shipping, and so on.

Fatih Market in Istanbul:

The Fatih Market is one of the most famous and most distinguished markets in Istanbul. It is also known as the Wednesday Market because it is held every Wednesday, and it sells products at wholesale prices, including shoes and wholesale in Turkey clothes and accessories in addition to fruits, vegetables and others. It is located on Fatih Street, as it has become a historical tourist attraction in Istanbul due to its proximity to the Fatih Mosque and the Grand Bazaar

  1. Osmanbey Market in Istanbul:

 Osmanbey Market is one of the most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul and specializes in women’s supplies with a greater proportion as it contains all women’s supplies, and it is also famous shoe distributors for retailers to sell wholesale shoes, clothes, bags, dresses, cosmetics, accessories, and others. Close to Taksim Square, which is one of the most famous tourist areas in Istanbul.

3.Lalali Market in Istanbul:

Lalali Market is one of the most famous and best local and popular markets importing from Turkey for sale at wholesale prices and products with high quality.

 There are many shops that sell wholesale shoes, clothes, bags, accessories and others, so it is considered the best shoe market in Istanbul, and there is a great demand for this market, especially Of tourists and locals because the market is located in a very lively area, in addition to its excellent prices and commensurate with everyone.

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Turkey shoe companies


Turkey shoe companies
Turkey shoe companies

Many people seek to import from the Turkish  product, Turkey shoes wholesale companies especially fashion and fashion products such as clothes and shoes, but because these products are very sensitive and need care in transporting them, they are looking for the best shipping and import companies in order to ensure that the product arrives safely, including:

  1. Ozil Ayacbem:

Recently, making special shoes has become a very favourite place in recent times, as a quicker and more active lifestyle makes people stand for longer hours and get more tired, of course they bear the burden of standing all the time while keeping perfectly track of the different and active days with each other.

  1. Yavuzlar Shoes:

 Yavuzlar Shoes is part of the Yavuzlar Group of Companies with 34 years of business experience. Irfan Yavuz, the owner of Yavuzlar Group companies started his footwear business as a grandfather at the age of seven in the Yemeni market in Malatya.  Yavuzlar company produces original Turkish  leather shoes that meet all kinds of needs for men, women, children and sports and is one factory that meets the needs of all types of shops in Turkey at work and in the past two years.

  1. Shahenturk Marketing Company:

Most Popular Turkish  Footwear Brands Since 1986, the company has been active in Eastern Anatolia and the Aegean region. It is a company that has a voice in shoe retail sales in the East Anatolia region.

  1. VHS shoes:

It is a business that runs with relentless curiosity and a willingness to make something different. Since it has been here for 3 decades, this business has been kept in the same family for 3 generations. As a result of curiosity and a desire to create something, it always has strong proof of work and protection. In Turkey in this industry

  1. Agoo Shoes Company:

 This company is one of the most famous excellent stores for shoes in Turkey, and it is a brand of shoes, clothes and accessories, and it has different branches all over Turkey including the United States of America, and we find that the most famous products of AGO are sheepskin shoes with a classic style , But the group has expanded to include shoes, sandals, sneakers, slippers, gloves, hats, jackets and other products.

  1. Polaris:

Under the slogan that says (Good shoes for everyone), Polaris sells its own items, like various shoes for adults and young people, with a range of tastes and specifications as well as according to the financial situation, which is the best brand that can be purchased in Turkey in terms of the price of wholesale shoes. Similarly, these items are found in more than 43 countries outside Turkey, and this is one of the branches of the store chain Shops (Flo), and it is one of the most popular Turkish  brands, specialising in the sale of shoes, as well as in the manufacture of medical shoes for Turkish  men

  1. Babutsi Shoes Company :

Through the development of expertise, this company proudly progresses, due to its wonderful and attractive designs and models, so it is one of the most famous manufacturers of shoes, whether it is men, women or children, as this company offers you comfortable and retail products in an elegant and high-quality appearance, so if Search the directory of footwear companies in Turkey and you will find that Babutsi is at the forefront of the search.

  1. Botunassi Shoes Company:

 Through continuous growth and development in the fields in which it operates, this company carries its global identity to higher ranks with the value it places in the global market and participates in the same field with the leaders, as it offers the best international products and high-end models specialized in all shoe products Which includes shoes for schools.

At the end of the topic, we presented to you through the above the best shoe factories in Turkey, in addition to the best bags and shoes in Istanbul, in addition to the shoe markets in Turkey, so we have finished our article and we hope that we have helped you. Through the above, we showed you the largest markets for bags and shoes in Turkey, in addition to the most famous Turkey shoe factories, in addition to showing the easiest ways to import from Turkey, so we have finished our article and we hope that we have helped you.

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